Fishing For A Murderer By Meredith Potts


Hope Hadley Cozy Mystery Series Book 2

Fishing For A Murderer
Fishing For A Murderer










Hope Hadley, star of a Hollywood detective show, lost her television series and her boyfriend.  Returning to Hollywood, Florida she opens an animal rescue shelter.  When her best friend and employee, Paige, accused of murdering her cheating boyfriend, this former Hollywood screen detective turns real detective to prove her innocent.  To make matters worse, Hope’s brother, the real detective on the case, believes Paige guilty.  Following lead after lead, will Hope find the killer and prove Paige innocent?  My cozy mystery book review follows.


Fishing For A Murderer by author Meredith Potts, a light airy fun cozy mystery, will delight and entertain the reader.  As everyone knows, I love cozy mysteries and Fishing For Murderer hit the spot.  With Hope’s character, full of snips and funny quips, this tale of murder‘s fun to read.  Potts, crafted a relaxing, light, entertaining, short mystery to fill a few hours.  I loved Hope’s character.  Loyal, fiercely protesting her friends guilt, and ready to jump in to the fray, Hope will win your heart.

Meredith Potts included several likely suspects for Hope to interrogate, snoop into their lives, and question.  Potts also added a touch of romance for Hope in this tale of murder.  With a victim worthy of murder and an innocent suspect, Fishing For A Murderer, will keep your interest.   Potts plotted the story well and included characters with a variety of personalities. Hope had her work cut out for her.  I loved this zany former television detectivePotts scenes transition well from scene to scene and her writing style is clear and easy to follow.  Including family dynamics with her detective brother, added an extra element to the book.

Fishing For A Murdered is not a deep dark murder mystery with gory details, rather the reader finds a story which is light and relaxing with a lovable main character.  A good book to spend an hour or so in the afternoon of lazy relaxing reading.



Additionally, I borrowed this book from kindle unlimited and received this book from the author.  I chose to voluntarily review the book with honest cozy mystery book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, no one influences my voluntary cozy mystery book reviews.








Wined, Dined, And Dead By Stacey Alabaster



A Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery; Book 9

Wined, Dined, And Dead by Stacey Alabaster
Wined, Dined, And Dead, Cover












Rachael, Pippa and company are back in Wined, Dined, And Dead, Book 9 of the Bakery Detectives Cozy Mysteries Series. Both are in happy relationships and out for a per-Valentine supper.  Back in town, Pippa’s husband Marcello, is at his best bumbling, stumbling, klutzy self causing havoc turning over the wine bottle.  As things calm down, Pippa makes a horrifying discovery;  their waiter is dead in the back of restaurant.  Who killed him and why?

Rachel and Pippa hired by the owner/Chef, Scott, to the solve the murder, find a twist added to the case.  Scott requires she solve the case within 24 hours to earn her fee.  Needless to say, Rachel, Pippa, and


Downton Tabby by Sparkle Abbey

Book Review

Caro Lamont, transplanted Texan and pet therapist is back in action. Cash, Jake, and Caro share office space in the same building. After Cash ask Caro to watch his cat while he runs home on an errand; he Downton Tabbynever returns.  Caro finds Jake dead in Cash’s pool and she thinks Cash has been kidnapped. From there the action, mystery and suspense is on a roll in this cozy mystery. Caro just can’t help herself; she gets involved in the investigation much to the dismay of Detective Malone.

There is a lot going on in this book. Cash and Jake are techies that own a technology company which developed the Woofwalker app for healthy dogs, one is dead the other has disappeared, Caro is trying unsuccessfully to dodge her ex-husband and a noisy reporter, she is followed by a black SUV, she is still fighting with her cousin over Grannie’s


Gone But Knot Forgotten by Mary Marks

Book Review

Author Mary Marks, has Martha Rose and her two best friends back in the thick of things again. This is the first of her books I have had the pleasure of reading; I found it delightful as only cozy mysteries can entertain.
gone but knot forgottenMartha is Jewish, her two friends, Lucy and Birdie, are not; this does not stop the intrepid trio from being fast and loyal friends, who respect each other, quilt together, and get in scrapes together. I loved the fact that Ms. Marks explained a lot of the Jewish traditions especially in regard to the Sabbath and funerals. This added to the book and I loved the information she included, it was educational and interesting as well as adding to the depth of the story.
In this book, Ms. Marks has Martha named as the executor of her old high school friend, Harriet Oliver’s estate. Martha hasn’t been in touch with Harriet for years. Harriet’s estate is worth millions and something seems fishy to Martha about the scene of her death. She was not found for 10 months after she died; it seems that Harriet led a sad and solitary life, her son drowned at five, her husband disappeared, he was eventually declared dead, and she had few friends. To make things even more interesting, Birdie is a walking talking CSI expert from watching television; she is up on all the latest “speak” in regard to criminal investigation.

What follows are plot twists and turns, mysteries, murders, an entire list of suspects, antiques, a priceless quilt and other extremely valuable items are missing, greedy family


Threads of Evidence by Lea Wait

Book Review

Picture a cozy small seaside town on the coast of Maine filled with colorful characters and we have the setting of this suspenseful cozy murder mystery book.   This is the second book in the Mainely Needlepointers Series and I must say I greatly enjoyed the book. This can be read as a stand-alone.

threads of evidenceAuthor Lea Wait has our main character, Angie Curtis investigating the forty-five year old death of Jasmine Gardener. Jasmine was the daughter of the town’s rich family who owned the estate, Aurora.   Each summer the family hosted an end of season party for the entire town prior to their return to New York, however at this last party tragedy occurred. Jasmine died and her mother insists she was murdered, and continued to insist until she died, which left Aurora empty and falling into disrepair. Suddenly the house is sold to an actress from California and things really begin to happen as the actress, Skye West and her son, Patrick, are in town to solve the mystery of Jasmine’s death and restore Aurora. The author, Lea Wait did a wonderful job of filling this book with colorful characters; a murder mystery that someone does not want solved, attempted murder, arson, and secrets, long-held secrets.

A part-time investigator, Angie is managing her grandmother’s Mainely Needlepointers,


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