Handsome Widower’s Second Chance by Elliee Atkinson


Family of Love Series (A Western Romance Story)

Handsome Widower’s Second Chance
Handsome Widower’s Second Chance










Holly Anne and Adam Collins have the perfect marriage in Handsome Widower’s Second Chance.  That is, until Holly suddenly dies; Adam’s left with a broken heart and two children to raise.  However not only is Adam grieving, but his in-laws, Holly’s brother Nathan, and sister Alice, are deeply grieving.  However, Nathan’s grief takes a sad twisted turn as he blames Adam.  His grief causes him to do unspeakable things in revenge.  Alice, determined to protect the children and help Adam, aligns with him against her brother.

When Nathan kidnaps Alice and the children, she will do anything to save them.  Will Adam find Alice and the children in time?  Will Nathan’s insane grief led him on a path he can not return from?  Can love bloom between Alice and Adam?  My western romance book reviews of Handsome Widower’s Second Chance follows.


Although the feelings between Adam and Alice seem to happen quickly, the reader must realize in the pioneer west, short of women to help with the chores and the household, were scarce. This alone facilitated quick marriages. I loved the slow way Adam and Alice realized their attraction.  Of course, Adam is reluctant as Alice looks so much like Holly; he is still grieving her


Lake Of Dreams By Judith Hudson



Lake of Dreams, Cover, jpeg
Lake Of Dreams, Cover











Set in Fortune Bay, Washington State’s beautiful Olympic Mountains, Lake of Dreams is a story of second chances, overcoming grief, and acceptance.  A prequel to author Judith Hudson’s new series, Fortune Bay, the introduction to this new series is exciting.

Colleen Murphy left Seattle to find renewal in beautiful Fortune Bay, the summer home of her childhood.  Unhappy in her accounting job and with her artist boyfriend, Kyle, Colleen said goodbye to him and Seattle.  After four years, Colleen was ready for the next step in their relationship while Kyle was not.  The lake, the peace, and the beauty of the area had always been a save haven for Colleen.  Returning to the roots of her happiest times, Colleen plans to start her life over.

Alex Porter returned to Fortune Bay to find himself.  With no intention of returning to Seattle or his father’s law firm, Alex strives to deal with the death of wife and find his niche.

Acquaintances in their teenage years, Alex and Colleen strike up a friendship almost immediately.  Colleen


Wisdom Tree By Mary Manners

wisdom tree
Wisdom Tree, cover








Christian Romance Fiction At Its Finest

A Wonderful Book Relevant To Today


Author Mary Manners’ novel, Wisdom Tree, ask and answers many questions.  Does running from our problems ever work?  Can we out run the piper and must we face our problems alone?  Wisdom, when is it acquired, is there a certain age we suddenly become wise?  Author Mary Manners has penned a wonderful Christian romance novel in which each character will find the answers to these and other questions!



Pastor Jake Samuel’s plate is full to over flowing with a rebellious adolescent brother, a Church to pastor, and the many parishioners problems and programs to supervise.  Into his life walks a beautiful woman who is his brother teacher, Carin O’Malley.

Jake is striving to parent Corey to the best of his ability while they are dealing with the sudden death of their parents. Corey is a typical under-achieving, always in trouble, hormonal, rebellious, full of attitude adolescent.  Carin is dealing with the death of first her mother and shortly after, her brother.

As a result, each has wounds and issues that color their life and relationships.  Carin ran from Nashville to find peace;  what is she afraid of and why did she run?  Corey is failing in school and rebelling against everything.  Jake is hanging on with God’s help doing his best to be the parent Corey needs and the Pastor God wants.


Lily And The Octopus By Steven Rowley (Featured Book On BLog For June)

Lily and the octopus



Love In It’s Highest Form

Unconditional And Unending




What an emotional heart wrenching roller coaster story of love, grief, acceptance, and letting go!  I have read several books I felt I was not skilled enough in prose to do justice;  this is one of those books.  I hope this review will inspire you to run and buy this book.


In Lily And The Octopus, the reader finds Ted; gay, quirky, lonely, has issues.   He’s in therapy with a therapist that just doesn’t get him.  Lily, a dachshund, is Ted’s faithful companion, his friend, his rock, his sounding board, his greatest love


Healing Montana Sky by Debra Holland

Healing montana sky

Heart-Wrenching Story


Healing Montana Sky is an emotional roller coaster


This is the heart-wrenching story of two families from totally different backgrounds and social standings thrown into desperate circumstances by the death of their spouses. 

Through perseverance, patience, and love those families will form a new family unit made of love from forces beyond their control.


Emotions roll through this book from beginning to end. I felt sorrow, amazement at the resilience of the human spirit, and admiration. Ms. Holland’s talent as an author shines through. I could feel the sorrow


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