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The Miracle Ship By Brian O’Hare


Conversations with John Gillespie


The Miracle Ship: Conversations with John Gillespie
The Miracle Ship: Conversations with John Gillespie



A wonderful book of courage and deep abiding faith, The Miracle Ship, is a must for Christian and non Christian alike.  The life of a deeply faithful man, John Gillespie, who endured pain unimaginable, and prayed unceasingly for healing.  He discovered we must believe the miracle will be manifested before God will show his power.

Gillespie believes praying and begging unending will not force God to manifest healing until we believe without a shadow of doubt and know the miracle has occurred; even if we have not seen it yet.  Gillespie’s understanding and faith grew as he’s tormented by pain; given no hope from doctors, the Great Physician perfected Gillespie’s miracle.  Gillespie believes Satan’s always ready to place doubt in our minds, he states must hold fast to God’s promise and never stop praying, fasting, and believing.

“ask in faith with no doubting: James 1:6”

Gillespie found God test and tries each of us.  In this testing, we become stronger and have a deeper abiding faith in God.  Resisting God’s call to a healing ministry, Gillespie found he could not ignore God’s plan for him.  He would receive gifts of the Holy Spirit and much more.  When his child’s deviled by Satan, he came to understand God was teaching him of demons. He also discovered he could not fight God’s will; he must surrender his life to God’s plans.  From this point his life was never the same; he must do the work God planned for him.

Gillespie performed many miracles through Jesus Our Savior, healing many immediately, others manifested later.  For it was not him performing these miracles, but God in his infinite power and mercy.   Regardless of what we are fervently asking him to heal, God decides what will be healed and when to manifest the healing. Gillespie believes we must remove all stumbling blocks which stop God’s healing such as unforgiveness, guilt, resentment, contempt, past hurts, grudges, or bitterness.


A Memoir A Testimony Volumes 1 and 2 By Beth Durkee


A Memoir A Testimony Volumes 1 and 2
A Memoir A Testimony Volumes 1 and 2











In Memoir A Testimony Volumes 1 and 2, Beth Durkee outlines her early life of trials and faith.  In Memory of Miracles, the reader meets a fascinating girl who grows into a strong faith based young woman facing crisis’ with courage.  From teen pregnancy to many strokes, brain surgeries, short-term memory loss, and double vision, Durkee retained a faith in the Lord few have.

Raised by a calm Catholic father and an exuberant religious mother, Beth knew church and God from an early age.  But not spiritually, this would come later as she realized God always has a plan, hears and answers our prayers when in line with his will, and sometimes his plans take years for completion.  The Lord had his hand on her life, orchestrating the events which could have killed her, without his intervention.

The crisis’ Durkee endured will make the reader cry and her faith in God uplifts the reader.  With God directing events, which a non believer will believe coincidence, Beth recognizes the work of God. This is an up lifting volume proving the handy work of God


A Dog Called Hope By Jason Morgan With Damien Lewis



A Wounded Warrior and the Service Dog Who Saved Him

A Dog Called Hope
A Dog Called Hope



In A Dog Called Hope, authored by Jason Morgan with Damien Lewis, the reader will find an emotional charged true life story of Air Force wounded warrior, Jason Morgan. Jason served with honor in the famous Night Stalkers until the night it all went wrong in the Amazon jungle.

The following years filled with pain, surgeries, depression, and many set backs, begin to define Jason’s existence.  Jason’s life went from the highest highs to the lowest lows after his injury. A chance meeting puts Jason in touch with CCI, which provides companion and service dogs to veterans and others.  Confined to a wheelchair, racked with pain and depression, Jason will meet his fate when he receives Napal, his CCI service dog.

Napal, an extraordinaire dog, brings Jason back from the edge and helps heal a family, as well as, bringing the plight of wounded warriors to national attention. Able to reach the soul of Jason, these two communicate on a level as no other. My review for memoir novel, A Dog Called Hope, follows.


First, I must tell the reader, this is a 2 Kleenex box novelCharacter driven and emotionally charged from the first pages, the reader’s sucked into a world of endless pain as Jason holds on to hope by his finger nails.  If you can read the story of this


Around The World In 80 Tales By Dave Tomlinson



Around the world in 80 tales by tomlinson
Around The World In 80 Tales, Cover











Author Dave Tomlinson’s novel, Around The World In 80 Tales, is a look into traveling by bike, cycle, hiking, and riding buses and trains.  Taking place in over 5 continents and 25 countries;  all seen and experienced first hand by Tomlinson.

Filled with information, Tomlinson takes the reader on a journey through various historical sites;  as well as, temples, volcano’s, canyons, etc.  By using short chapters, the reader’s not overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

Furthermore, Tomlinson offers a look at the hazards of traveling in a foreign county, such as unfamiliarity with the language and customs. The risk of stomach and bowel problems seem prevalent;  Tomlinson


Rise: How A House Built A Family By Carla Brookins



Rise: How A House Built A Family
Rise: How a House Built A Family, Cover




The permit office seemed to have as much confidence in my ability to learn from YouTube videos as the bank, so I gave it everything I had.






In Rise, How A House Built A Family, you find an abused family, living day-to-day in terror and fear.  As a result of the abuse, after the cause is no longer in their environment, they live with the aftermath and insecurities.  Cara Brookins knows her family needs something to solidify them.  Deciding to build a house, with no experience or help other than YouTube videos, and friendly advice, Cara and family set out to build their home.  From pencil drawn plans on the back of old papers and no knowledge of construction, they begin an adventure of a life time.

The reader follows Cara and four children through this trial by fire, and in the end, find they have built much more than a house.  For Cara knew, if they could build a house they could rebuild their lives from the ground up.


Good Mourning by Elizabeth Meyer with Caitlin Moscatello

good mourning

Inside Look At Death

Good Mourning Is A Gem:  witty,  clever, humorous


When I opened this book I was not sure what I would find inside.  Was I going to cry for the next few days or was just sadness waiting in the pages?


I was wonderfully surprised at the content; witty, clever, humorous, yes, sad at times, eye-opening, irreverent, and tongue in check with quite a different formula for funerals that I found I quite liked.


In the Southern Bible Belt a funeral is almost a religious experience; Ms. Meyers ideas of the send off were so different from we have, I found myself saying, yes, why not!  What a wonderful idea to have all the things that person loved and valued placed at the funeral. I found this a wonderful idea.


The portrayals of the ultra rich as pampered, spoiled, selfish, royalty were educational as I did not realize the rich expected so much to be done for and given to them as a course of life, a product of their privileges. As Ms. Meyers says in this book, death is the one thing that unites all of us, rich or poor.


I enjoyed this book from the first paragraph to last sentence as Ms. Meyers and Ms Moscatello entertained and kept my interest as they documented Ms. Meyers travels from an ultra rich privileged spoiled party planning young woman grieving for her


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