The Opposition By Alicia Bryant



The Opposition by Alicia Bryant
The Opposition, cover











The Opposition is an intense legal drama in civil court, but also an excellent romance.  Sophia Grant, up and coming lawyer with a large Chicago firm, finds herself presenting her best friend Michael in a five million dollar lawsuit.  Michael, a talented engineer, accused of selling trade secrets, is beside himself.  Brilliant, yet nerdy, Michael and Sam set out to prove his innocence.

Opposing counsel in the case, Sam Hayes, is handsome, quiet, smart, sincere, and just plain yummy.  Sophia and Sam have an instant attraction which grows as they each work for their clients in this suit.  Ethically they cannot be more than friends, yet, the lure steams in the background.

Grab a comfortable seat, my contemporary women’s fiction book reviews of The Opposition follows.


Firstly, let me say, I enjoyed this legal romance story.  Following the case from start to finish was enlightening as the reader gets a close up look at the civil legal system.  Character driven, the story’s unique and will appeal to anyone who enjoys a romance with substance.

Secondly, author Alicia Bryant included twists and turns in the plotting.  I was not expecting the final unexpected twist and revelation.  The pacing of the story was in line with the length of the story and did not lag or bog down.


A Dog Called Hope By Jason Morgan With Damien Lewis



A Wounded Warrior and the Service Dog Who Saved Him

A Dog Called Hope
A Dog Called Hope



In A Dog Called Hope, authored by Jason Morgan with Damien Lewis, the reader will find an emotional charged true life story of Air Force wounded warrior, Jason Morgan. Jason served with honor in the famous Night Stalkers until the night it all went wrong in the Amazon jungle.

The following years filled with pain, surgeries, depression, and many set backs, begin to define Jason’s existence.  Jason’s life went from the highest highs to the lowest lows after his injury. A chance meeting puts Jason in touch with CCI, which provides companion and service dogs to veterans and others.  Confined to a wheelchair, racked with pain and depression, Jason will meet his fate when he receives Napal, his CCI service dog.

Napal, an extraordinaire dog, brings Jason back from the edge and helps heal a family, as well as, bringing the plight of wounded warriors to national attention. Able to reach the soul of Jason, these two communicate on a level as no other. My review for memoir novel, A Dog Called Hope, follows.


First, I must tell the reader, this is a 2 Kleenex box novelCharacter driven and emotionally charged from the first pages, the reader’s sucked into a world of endless pain as Jason holds on to hope by his finger nails.  If you can read the story of this


After The Fall By Liz Isaacson



Book 2 In the Gold Valley Romance Series

After The Fall, Inspirational Novel
After The Fall, Cover











In After The Fall, author Liz Isaacson, created an contemporary inspirational romance novel filled with emotion.  We find two people drawn together in an unconventional way and forced in close proximity. Norah recovered addict, works several jobs, cares for her ill mother, goes to night school, and took over responsibilities of raising her 3 half-brothers.   Working for the at risk teen center, Silver Creek Rehabilitation Center, Norah, guides and mothers troubled teen girls.  As part of her program, they spend time at  the Maughan’s Six Sons Cabin as a reward.  Norah’s also hired by the Maughan’s to clean the cabin.  Unbeknownst to Nora, famous snowboarder six son, Sterling Maughan’s at the cabin recovering from a life changing emotional and physical injury.

Nora, poor, former drug addict, and unending responsibilities is not from Sterling privileged world. Norah’s determined Sterling never know of her background, mentally ill mother, or poor living conditions.  However circumstances, and perhaps higher powers, bring together two deeply hurting people. Norah feels the need


Secret Father By Suz deMello




Secret Father B Suz deMello
Secret Father, COVER




Sweet romance oozes from the pages of Secret Father.  Written by award-winning author Suz deMello, the reader will find a clean romance filled with emotion and character driven.  Linda Travers has loved Dave Madsen since she was fourteen.  Seventeen year old Dave, rescued Linda from a deadly snow storm and won her immediate love.  However, the course of true love did not run smooth, as Dave left town never knowing of shy Linda’s feelings.  Meeting again at college, and after one night of love, Dave’s gone again;  this time to the Amazon jungles.   Unfortunately, he left a little something behind this time.  Nine months later, none the wiser, Dave is a father.

After a career changing injury, Dave’s back in town to recuperate and receive physical therapy, leaving Linda, his newly appointed physical therapist, no option except tell Dave about his son.  A son who looks exactly like Dave does not go unnoticed in the small gossipy town of Renegade Ridge, California.


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