The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection By Penelope Sotheby


A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery Collection

Volume No. 1

The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection
The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection









A collection of three Diane Dimbleby Murder books, I choose to review Murder On The Village Green. 



Diane Dimbleby, a retired school teacher, has a talent for solving crime.  She carries her own set of booties and gloves because you never know when a crime will occur.  Diane sees a man sitting on the village green which appears to be reading.  On closer inspection, she discovers he’s dead.  Although Inspector Darrell Crothers is on the case, Diane immediately starts her investigation.  After all, she has helped him in the past, and she is ready, willing, and able, to help with this investigation.  Diane will come face to face with evil and a crime organization willing to do anything to safeguard its enterprise.  However, they did not count on Diane’s smarts and Inspector Crothers’ determination. My book reviews of The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection:  Murder On The Village Green follows.


As everyone who subscribes to my blog or reads my book reviews is aware, I love the cozy mystery genre.  If you have never read a cozy mystery, you are missing out on fantastic entertainment.  Cozies have main characters who are usually strong independent women.  Also, a cozy mystery does not contain the graphic nature of a full-blown mystery.  Without a doubt, Murder On The Village Green is a true representative of this genre.

Murder On The Village Green features retired teacher Diane Dimbleby.  After retirement, Diane discovered she has a talent for solving crime.  I love Diane’s character.  Far from a retired little old lady, Sotheby developed Diane into an aspiring novelist and crime fighter.   Although living in a small country village of Apple Mews, Diane finds murder outside her door;  or more correctly, across the road on the village green.


Written In Blood By Layton Green


Written In Blood
Written In Blood










In Written In Blood, Detective Joe “Preach” Everson, is back in his hometown of Creekville, N. C.  After several breakdowns and the trauma of his last investigation in Atlanta, Preach needs to refuel and recoup.  Preach never suspected the bohemian town of Creekville would be the sitting for several brutal murders with literary connections.  Beginning with the killing of the local bookstore owner in a scene taken from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Preach is in for a roller coaster ride.

Ariana Hale, an employee of the bookstore, law student, and bibliophile, helps Preach with the literary connections.  As the murders continue, time is running for Preach to solve these deaths, as well as, his and Ariana’s life.  My book reviews of Written In Blood follows.



Layton Green created a police procedural which will knock your socks off.  With characters which are full-bodied, believable, and well-developed, Layton Green packed this book with a whirlwind of action, people, and relationships.  I found the premise intriguing, and the action nonstop as Green led me through this investigation.  Green created the typical small town which could be located anywhere in America.  Under the humble town facade, the reader finds greed, corruption, crime, deviance, and murder.  To all appearances, Creedville is the perfect community until you dig under the surface and the scum floats to the top.

Detective Joe “Preach” Everson’s character will fascinate the reader.  From preacher to prison chaplain to detective, Joe “Preach” Everson’s life has been one of turmoil and pain;  he thought he had seen the worse man could offer.  Hoping to recoup and restore in Creekville, Preach finds himself in the middle of multi-faceted murders.   He’s a man torn by guilt, mental breakdowns, and the need to protect, serve, and provide justice;   with his mental stability in question, he’s ordered to see a therapist.  His therapist of choice is his Aunt Jane.  She takes his case with a caveat;  he will be referred to someone else if she finds he has a problem.


Waking Lazarus By D. J. Williams


Waking Lazarus by D. J. Williams
Waking Lazarus, Cover


Author D. J. Williamsmystery crime novel, Waking Lazarus, an action-packed thriller, enmeshes the reader into a many-layered story-line.  Jake Harris’s commissioned by Doc Warren to write his memoir;  Doc’s an old friend of Jake’s estranged father.  Warren begins his narrative with his knowledge of Sister Evelyn, 1920’s evangelist.  When Jake finds Warren murdered the next day, his life takes on a full-tilt drive of a lifetime.  Jake received just enough information on Evelyn Shaw to whet his appetite.  What started as a memoir quickly morphed into a something much more;   the criminal elements of the world realize what has happened.  Jake Harris, down and out addict, finds himself involved in a fight for his life.

Deaths, shootouts, conspiracies, murders, and criminals galore, pepper this deeply involved story.   From the highest levels of government to an organization formed to protect the criminal underground and silence 1920’s Evangelist/revolutionary Sister Evelyn Harris, to present day arch criminals.  Come along and follow Jake and company as they ferret out the secrets of Sister Evelyn and the impact on the world today.  Who or what is Lazarus?  That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question, and only by reading Waking Lazarus can you find out!  Grab a comfortable seat, my mystery suspense novel/book reviews of Waking Lazarus follows.


Firstly, I must say how enthralled I was with this book.  I could not put it down.  From one fast-paced scene to another, author D. J. Williams leads the reader through a maze of conspiracies, criminals, and deaths.  In the beginning, I was not sure this book would be my cup of tea.  It did not take long before I knew this was a powerhouse of a book.  A complicated conspiracy with many intensely driven characters and layers, Williams hooks the reader and does not let go as he leads you through his story.  What a story this is!


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan By Clabe Polk


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan
The Adventures Of Harry Morgan










Adventures of Harry Morgan has 3 stories, all with our main man Harry as the lead character; the stories are interconnecting. The first 2 blend together and the last story features Harry and friends.

Collegial Conspiracy Part 1

In Collegial Conspiracy, we find a retired Harry.  But Harry’s retirement is anything but quite.  When his old friend, Wiley Middleton contacts him with a request, Harry doesn’t know how to say no.  Wiley’s dying from an inoperable brain tumor.  He doesn’t want to leave his wife, Amanda, in debt nor watching him die.  Wiley left home, leaving Amanda a note, asking her not to look for him.

His one request of Harry; well it’s a dilly.  Wiley wants Harry to help him rob a bank.  Fascinated with Bonnie and Clyde, Wiley’s determined to go to jail for the medical care.  Harry reluctantly agrees.  However, when Amanda contacts Harry’s wife, Jean, for help finding Wiley, he’s in a pickle of lies and conspiracies.  Then when Wiley’s “never do well” son, Tony, shows up, things really get complicated.

Emilio Part 2

Amanda and Wiley’s son, Tony, left Oregon just ahead of the law.  Harry finds himself playing detective after Tony tells his tale of woe.  A campus police officer, Tony became involved with a two drug addicts who committed suicide.  Harry will find himself in another pickle as the suicide turns into much more and ends up smack dab next to the bank robbery case; you could say rubbing elbow with the robbery case.  Amanda ask Harry to help prove Tony’s innocent.  Simple you say; not so much.  Suddenly things ramp up as they discover the overdose and suicide may not be as simple as it seems.  Much more’s in play, and simple turns into complicated.

Pirates Of Cayo Pelau Part 3

Harry finally purchased his dream boat.  Hoping to treasure hunt just this side of legal, Harry and friends head out on a sail and treasure hunting.  You ask how can treasure hunting turn dangerous?  Harry and friends stumble upon a slave running ring with inside connections.  A night in jail, a court appearance, and release on bail, do not slow Harry down.  Harry’s determined to free the slaves and bring the criminals to justice.  Yes, he’s in a pickle again.



Hunting Hour By Margaret Mizushima


A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery

Hunting Hour
Hunting Hour










In Hunting Hour, author Margaret Mizushima, crafted an intriguing intense suspenseful mysteryDeputy Sheriff Mattie Cobb and Robo, her K9 partner, work in a small town Sheriff Department.  In earlier books in the series, Mattie formed a relationship with divorced local vet Cole Walker and his children. Cole does not understand why during the last few months, Mattie pulled away from him and his girls.  Unbeknownst to Cole, Mattie began working with a therapist as she tries to sort out her issues stemming from childhood abuse.  

When Candace Bank’s mother reports her missing, Robo and Mattie begin the search at the school which stretches out to Smoker’s Hill; a hang out for local teens;  where Maggie and Robo find Candace’s body.  Although only 13 years old and in junior high, Candace had several inappropriate relationships with male teens at the high school. Did one of them kill Candace?  When Cole’s younger daughter Sophie disappears, Mattie and Robo are back in search mode. Will Mattie and Robo find Sophie before it too late?  Who is stalking the children of this small town?  My book review of Hunting Hour follows.


While Hunting Hour is a crime thriller, it’s also a testament of the versatility of K9 partners, as well as highlighting mental health and family dynamics.  With many suspects, some with mental health issues, and an officer having mental health issues of her own, Mizushima created a solid suspense tale filled with emotion.  As well as, highlighting issues pertinent to today.


The Empathic Detective: A Mystery Thriller By Jaxon Reed



The Empathic Detective, A Mystery Thriller, Cover











Author Jaxon Reed set his mystery thriller novel, The Empathic Detective: A Mystery Thriller, in the future containing flying cars, floating buildings, and much more.  However, some things never change, such as crime.  Detective Gerald Bryce fights crime in Texas.  However, Gerald Bryce is different from his other officers.  Gerald is an empath.  Feared and shunned by fellow officers, his skills are unique and an advantage for law enforcement.  Called to the latest crime scene, Gerald finds something he never expected to find, another empath. However, this empath is very different!   Will Gerald’s skills enable him and the department to win the coming war with this criminal?  New in town, Parker is assigned as Gerald new partner.  Will Parker be able to deal with Gerald’s empath abilities?  Can they forge a working


Gone Without A Trace By Mary Torjussen




Gone Without A Trace by Mary Torjussen
Gone Without A Trace, Cover




In Gone Without A Trace, we find Hannah Monroe heading home from a successful conference; happy to soon be in the arms of her love, Matt.  What meets Hannah is out of a nightmare.  Every trace of Matt has disappeared, from text messages, photo’s, personal articles, and things they had purchased together.  It is as if Matt never existed. Then when Hannah did not think anything stranger could happen, odd things begin to occur.  Who is messing with Hannah and why?  Hannah, after days of crying, self-pity, and indecision, decides to find Matt and solve the mystery.

Come along with Hannah on a journey of suspense and terror.  My reviews for crime suspense novel of Gone Without A Trace follows.



Author Mary Torjussen crafted an intriguing spine tingling, criminal suspense novel in her first offering to readers, Gone Without A Trace.  First I must say, I found the main character, Hannah Monroe, whiny and insecure.  I understand her stress, shock, and heart-break, however, most people would immediately call the cops.  That said, I enjoyed the suspense, and twist and turns as Hannah began her search for Matt;  it all made sense as the plot’s revealed.


Remnants By Carolyn Arnold



Brandon Fisher FBI Series Book 6




Readers will find in Remnants an action packed suspenseful crime novel.  Set in Georgia, the FBI‘s investigating a series of horrible murders.  A serial killer‘s handy work is appearing in the Little Ogeechee River.

Brandon, Zach, Jack, and Paige are back in action.  FBI agents and profilers with the BAU, they must build a profile on this killer.  With missing limbs, painted blue bodies, and missing hearts, they believe they have ferreted out the killers reasoning.  Or have they?

Come along with Zach, Jack, Brandon, and Paige has they match wits with ultimate evil in the form of a unsub.  My thriller suspense crime novel review of Remnants follows.



Filled with nonstop action, FBI and police procedures, Remnants will grab the reader immediately.  Setting


The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2 By Brian O’Hare




The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2
The 11.05 Murders The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2, Cover












Author Brian O’Hare created a spine tingling intriguing police crime mystery drama in The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2.  A horrendous rape 12 years earlier at Queen’s University, a photograph and article found on a victim’s computer, 3 murders, all at 11.05 p.m.; how does past and present fit together?

WDS Detective Sergeant Denise Stewart, newest addition to the Strandtown Police’s Serious Crimes Unit, and fellow officers must unravel the mysteries.  Stewart, fresh from a another station where she uncovered corruption and endured persecution and harassment, works under Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan to solve these murders. A close net unit, Stewart fits in after a few false starts.

Denise’s stalked by an unknown stalker, Tom Allen’s almost killed by an unknown assailant, and as the murders continue the suspects not only increase, but place the officers lives in peril.  Come along with Inspector Sheehan, and the unit as they solve the latest murders piecing together the past and present.  My police crime mystery novel review of The 11.05 Murders, The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries Volume 2 follows.


The Grand By Dennis D. Wilson




The Grand By Dennis Wilson
The Grand, Cover




Set in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming, author Dennis D. Wilson’s novel, The Grand is a masterpiece of mystery, thrills, and suspense.  Widowed Chicago cop Dean Wister’s, in the Grand Teton Mountains to reminisce and visit the valley his deceased wife loved, finds himself in the middle of a battle ground.  Murder, sex, power, and greed, are in play in quite Jackson Hole. With a visiting presidential candidate caught in flagrante, a hit man found dead, a murdered real estate agent, Russians mobsters around every corner, and a deceased wife who is very real and in the flesh to Dean, he has his hands full.

Ranging from Wyoming, Chicago, and the highest place of government, Washington, D.C., Dean’s investigation has huge ramifications for the lowly and high in the political and criminal arena.  With


When Death Draws Near By Carrie Stuart Parks



When Death Draws Nears, Cover











Gwen Marcey, forensic artist, is back in action in When Death Draws Near, book 3 of the Gwen Marcey stories.  Pikeville, Kentucky is the center of murder, accidents, and rapes; then, we have the Pentecostal Snake Handlers to add spice.  Gwen’s is in Pikeville to render a drawing the latest victim.  What starts as a simple case spirals out of control into much worse.  Gwen finds her cancer has returned, her ex-husband is still a controlling conniving jerk who loves to humiliate and demean her, and something is very off in Pikeville.

The Hillbilly Rapist is active, bodies are found murdered, the Sheriff’s Dept seems ineffective, and the local underground snake handling Pentecostal Church is going strong.  Gwen finds herself hired to infiltrate the


Savage Reckoning By C. Hoyt Caldwell

Savage Reckoning
Savage Reckoning



Author C. Hoyt Caldwell has crafted a first-rate crime thriller in Savage Reckoning.  Set in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, Mr. Hoyt reveals the most horrendous crime and acceptance of the mountain people of Baptist Falls.  Dani Savage, known as the little deputy due to her size, works for her Uncle in Baptist Falls enforcing the law.  By chance, Dani stumbles on a decade old crime and what she finds is horrifying.

Mountain people have their own code of honor, justice, and looking the other way.  The local crime boss, aka Boss, has many fingers in many pies including selling of young girls.  With law enforcement in his back pocket, Boss, has a lucrative operation of murder, kidnappings, and slavery using “closeout kings”, aka assassins, to control the area.   Meanwhile, Dani discovers two closeout kings, Step and Kenny, have a story to tell.  While they are, lowlifes and killers, even they have limits, and kidnapping and selling young girls is beyond the pale for them.  Dani will find these two killers will become trusted allies in the coming battle.


Saving Her Reputation By Annie Boone

Saving her Reputation



The Rich Girl Loses Everything

Western Adventure As A Mail Order Bride




Addison Haley is a privileged rich young woman in Baltimore.  At least she was until the police arrested her father for embezzlement.  Addison, her mother, and young brother Benjamin, are forced to move into her Grandmother’s home.  Her mother has retreated into her own world, Addison has lost everything including her reputation, and her Grandmother is going to send Benjamin to England for schooling.  Addison sees no alternative;  she must go west as a mail order bride.

What she finds waiting in Derby, Kansas is a nightmare; a disgusting foul bridegroom going by the


Big Bear (Rescue Bears) Book 3 By Scarlett Grove


Big Bear



The Big Gentle Grizzly Bear

Smart Curvy Accountant

Fated Mates on Fate Mountain



Wow!  This book is the best of series.  I hope I can inspire you to read about this gentle giant shifter.  Ms. Grove’s story-telling skills are evident in this book.  This book does not use sex to sale the story-line.


Author Scarlett Grove has given us the tale of Angus Grant, the big gentle giant.  Angus has a good heart and a very large body as a grizzly bear shifter;  he yearns for a mate but has not been matched on with his 100% fated mate.  Poppy Robins, accountant for Sound Import/Export, is curvy, wears glasses, a nonexistent romance life, and is


Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie ( A Jake Wolfe Novel) By Mark Nolan (My Featured Book for April)




dead lawyers don't lie by Mark Nolan




Action Packed Mystery/Crime Novel






Jake Wolfe, former marine, call sign Jukebox, now a photo journalist, along with his friend and cop, Terrell,  become embroiled in a murder conspiracy.  Jake inadvertently becomes the target of the most successful assassin in the world when he is at the right place at the right time.  This novel follows Jake and his pals as they ferret out the assassin, and try to solve the mystery.  There’s more involved in these murders than meets the eye.  Though a lengthy novel, it is well worth the read as you become enmeshed


A Song of Shadows A Charlie Parker Thriller by John Connolly

a song of shadows

A Thrill Drive

A Song of Shadows is a crime thriller at its best!

Throw in a little paranormal, and it’s unbeatable!


Charlie Parker is back, worn and torn, but in one piece. He has come to Boreas, Maine to recuperate from a near death attack in his last book. He just wants to heal, but life has something else in mind for Charlie. Charlie Parker is a very gifted detective in more ways than one; Charlie has insights that normal humans do not have into the spirit world.


Story Line:

Mysterious happenings abound in this small seaside town and the town’s people include Charlie in those mysteries even though they have taken him in as one of their own.

Charlie has a 6-year-old daughter, Sam; Sam communicates with her dead half-sister. His neighbor, Ruth Winters and her daughter Amanda are newly arrived in town, and Ruth has


The Offering by Desiree Bombenon

The Offering


The Offering is  a thrill ride with surprises.


Action Packed And Frightening


Jake and Amanda are the perfect couple, rich, intelligent, business savvy, and Amanda has a sixth sense that has helped them in the past solve crimes.  Amanda and Jake are strong, brave and strongly in love; they share everything.


They are in Hawaii relaxing when their neighbor in Canada. Bernie Wright, calls with a request for Amanda


The Vault by Karen Long

The Vault



Powerful, Suspense, Mystery, Murder


If you like all the above, this book has it all!



Story Line:

DI Eleanor Raven is back in action after a harrowing escape from a mad man in book 1 and the relationship with her new partner Detective Laurence Whitefoot is strained.


He knows a few things about Eleanor; Eleanor has secrets, deep dark secrets that she hides. Eleanor is also struggling to overcome the horror she went through six months ago.


A body is found in the dump after a fire and it’s a little strange, so strange Mackenzie Webber, a landfill


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