Waterkill By Mark J. Donovan












Author Mark J. Donovan’s Waterkill will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Starting in a small Yemeni village, the villagers sudden and unexplained horrific deaths opens this fast paced novel.  Almost everyone died in this new and unknown epidemic;  suddenly and horribly.

When a small plane crashes in Alaska with a mysterious passenger and brief case on board, CEO Dr. Dave Henson and Ron Blackwell of NSurv Inc., are given the task of finding the crashed plane.  As well as, the cause of the deaths in Yemen.  Chatter in the underground networks link the events. They must determine how all the pieces fit together.

Dave’s wife, internationally journalist Dana Cogswell kidnapped in Germany after a strange epidemic in Eberswalde, sets more events in motion;  Germany mirrors the events in Yemen.  Is this the feared pandemic?  Why kidnap Dana?  Who if


Stalingrad The Loneliest Death By Christoph Fromm



Stalingrad The Loniest Death by Christoph Fromm
Stalingrad The Loneliest Death, cover




Author Christoph Fromm created an intense emotional novel in Stalingrad The Loneliest Death.  Set in 1942, German Leutnant von Wetzland will face his own mortality;  as well as the vile nature of himself and his comrades.  Von Wetland begins his journey as an idealist, believing in rules and proper conduct in war.  He will face not only his but his fellow-man’s basest nature.  For the baseness of man’s morality is ugly; he will find war is vile and ugly without rules or morals.

Stalingrad is a place of pain, blood, and death. It will bring Von Wetland face to face with the darkness of man’s nature.  He finds he can not control the ultimate evil in man’s heart as he spirals into the abyss.  My contemporary military war novel review of Stalingrad The Loneliest Death follows.



Author Christoph Fromm created an intense character driven novel of war.  This is not a pretty novel for war is ugly.  In a time period in which movies glorify war, Fromm presents war at its ugliest without frills or pretty words.  As man achieves the ultimate evil against his fellow-man, Fromm’s characters fall further into the blackness.


Written In Blood by Nathan Bush



Written In Blood By Nathan Bush, Cover
Written In Blood, Cover









Horrendous Crimes…

Two Detectives Determined To Solve Them…

And the Stalker/Murderer Determined To Destroy One Of Them!

“Life is like a vapor, here for just a little while then it’s gone”




Author Nathan Bush created an intensely driven and emotional story in his mystery crime novel, Written In Blood.  Ken Collin’s rookie probationary period has ended.  Now a full pledged Detective with the Foley PD and still partnered with seasoned Detective John Filcher, he should have life by the tail.  However, fate will step in and change everything for Ken.   His father’s cancer has returned with a vengeance and Ken seems to be developing some issues of his own, mentally and physically.  Also, Ken has acquired a stalker bent on revenge.  Eddie, evil personified, determined to destroy Ken and all he holds dear, blames Ken for all the wrongs in his life.  Eddie, locked away for many years, sees Ken as the reason for all his problems.  Upon release, Eddie seeks revenge.

Can John, a Godly man, presents the Lord’s plan to Ken and bring him peace and salvation?  Can he help Ken with his black outs, persist mental issues, and his father’s illness?  Will Eddie succeed in his quest for vengeance and destroy Ken?  Will John and Ken solve the latest murders?  Finally, will they stop Eddie before it is too late?


Resurface By Tony Batton




Resurface by Tony Batton
Resurface, cover



Book 2

The Interface Series








Batton’s, techno-thriller story-line continues in Resurface, A Techno-Thriller, (The Interface Series, Book 2).  Tom has a featuring role alone with a varied cast of characters from scientists, MI 5, CIA, friends, and evil antagonists.  William Bern’s company, Cerus Biotech, is still in biotech research and production in a secret facility.  Tom’s trying to adapt to his changed biotech body, and his friends are trying to save the world from the evil to come.  Will man become more machine than human?  Can Tom and friends stop this technology and evil genius’ behind its production before its is too late?  Will the greed of men and governments win this show down?

Grab a comfortable seat, and read my techno-thriller novel review of Resurface.  Then run out and buy this book for hours of entertainment.



Firstly, let me say, wow, what an action packed thriller.  From page one to the last page, the reader’s


Death Unmasked By Rick Sulik



51e1xuqdrxl-_sx331_bo1204203200_, Death Unmasked
Death Unmasked











In Death Unmasked, a romance mystery novel, you will find an intense reincarnation crime story.   Author Rick Sulik grabs your attention with an action packed story-line.  In an earlier time period,  Emil and the love of his life cross paths with an evil that out lives time.  Reincarnated many times before, Emil is now Sean Jamison, detective with the Houston Police Department.  Sean has searched all his present life for his lost love, finally she’s within his grasp.  Meanwhile the evil has followed them to this life and will do its best to kill that love as it is killing many others.

Murders are happening, horrible murders.  The Homicide Division is on the case and activates The Think Tank.  Is this murderer a psychopath who is supernatural?   A coat from long ago, a framed creed, evil incarnate, and a love that withstands time; come along for the ride of a lifetime.  My romance mystery novel review follows below.



First I must say, as I started this book, I did not think it would be my cup of tea.  Filled with flowery prose


The Obsidian Chamber By Preston And Child


51et9yypzjl-_sx329_bo1204203200_ The Obsidian Chamber
The Obsidian Chamber, Cover










Once again, Preston and Child have crafted a first-rate suspense novel.  In The Obsidian Chamber, Pendergast presumably died in the last book and Constance has gone to ground in the chambers beneath the residence on River Dr.  Evil is stalking Constance in the underground chambers; the greatest evil from her nightmares.  When Constance disappears, Proctor, bodyguard, butler, and friend, vaults into action.  With Pendergast dead, her care and protection falls to him and he takes his responsibilities seriously.

Come along with Proctor and Constance on a roller coaster ride of mystery, suspense, and intrigue.  Follow them on a harrowing journey and conclusion.



First I must say, this book is a nonstop action ride filled with mystery, suspense, and emotion.  Preston and


Conjesero By Carl Alves

The Cover version 2 print size
Conjesero, Cover



A Monster is Loose

Can One Man Stop Him?





In Conjesero, Kevin Russell, homicide detective with the San Francisco Police Department, has caught the most infamous serial killer since Manson, the Hail Mary rapist. It was an arduous investigation but he gets his second wind when he receives a call from his best friend Paul Richardson.  Paul has a flat tire and needs Kevin to come to his aid.  Before Kevin can reach Paul, a monster out of deep and dark nightmares, almost kills him.  Rushed to the hospital and treated by Dr. Wendy Davis, his injuries will heal physically, however emotional healing will take time.  Telling Kevin what attacked him, leaves Kevin wondering about his


MICHAEL’S ANGEL, Book 2 of the Friendship Heirlooms Series by Karen Wiesner

Michael's Angel

They ran from evil, horror, and murder.  They ran until they reached Peaceful;  will evil stalk them again in this quaint little town?  Have they run far enough and fast enough to out run Sam Oligee, evil incarnate?  This book will keep you up long into the night reading!


Michael Fremont’s mother killed herself in front of him, forcing him into the foster care system.  Abused physically and emotionally, his only saving grace is meeting the shy,


Kiss Of The Virgin Queen By Sharon Buchbinder

kiss of the virgin queen

Author Sharon Buchbinder has continued her wonderful tale of werewolves and jinnis.  This one will take you back in history to King Solomon as she builds on her story-line in present time and incorporates history.  Intriguing and action packed, relax with a cold drink and enjoy this wonderful story.



Eliana Solomon, agent with Homeland Security, is back in the thick of things in this action packed book created by author Sharon Buchbinder.  Called to Summertown, West Virginia to investigate the disappearance of 3 werewolf boys and 3 eighteen year old sisters, Eliana finds she must once again face the jinni, their danger to humanity, and their evil natures. Calling her team together, she is forced to ask for the help from attractive Dr. Arta Shahani, Psychiatrist and jinni expert and the man who left her to die in the desert on their last mission together.


The Bloodmoon Curse Cove Spirits Series: Book 2 by Karen Wiesner

Blood moon Curse



Love, Romance, Faith

Gothic Style Suspense, Horror, And Mystery At Its Best




What a story!  You have everything in this book by Author Karen Wiesner from deep faith in God, mystery, murder, terror, horror, suspense, and evil.  It left me gasping for breath; good heavens, what an attention grabbing novel.  What an imagination Ms. Wiesner possesses.



Cain and Amberlyn Lyons are at a cross roads in their life and marriage.  After several miscarriages and loosing a son just before birth, they are floundering in guilt, despair and grief.  Cain’s faith is


A Time Of Torment By John Connolly

A Time Of Torment

“There’s a kind of evil that isn’t even in opposition to good, because good is an irrelevance to it.  It’s a foulness that’s right at the heart of existence, born with the stuff of the universe.  It’s in the decay to which all things tend.  It is, and it always will be, but in dying we leave it behind.  And while we’re alive?  We set our souls against it, and our saints and angels, too. Especially the destroying ones”


Charlie Parker is back in action in this fast paced thriller.  Author John Connolly has once again created a novel of intrigue, suspense, and mystery with paranormal elements.

Charlie Parker fights evil; evil of the most insidious kind, evil that seeks to erode the soul and framework of man.  Charlie Parker is a man who died and came back.  He is different now; he has a fire in his soul as he seeks to destroy evil as he senses and see things others can not.  Charlie Parker and his friends Angel and Louis will fight the ultimate evil in this novel from the imagination of John Connolly.


Desert Heat By P. H. Turner

  BV   Desert Heat


The Desert Of The Nations

Ghost, Witches, and Human Trafficking

Action And Love In The Desert Heat

The Nation Book Two




This is the 2nd book in P. H. Turner’s Nation Series;  it is a stand alone read.  In this novel by author P. H. Turner, we find the deplorable business of Human Trafficking of juvenile girls from Mexico to the U.S. for the sex trade.   Ms. Turner showed this industry in all its low and dirty elements and the men that become rich from this crime.  The two main characters, CPS Investigator for the Navajo and licensed social worker


Crescent Vendetta By Desiree L. Scott

Crescent Vendetta



He Awoke Caged in Wolf Form


She Was Caged Near him In Wolf Form



This is an action packed shifter novel and author Desiree Scott’s take on that world.  This book transports


The Lassoed by Marriage Romance Collection by Bell, Breidenbach, Carter, Connealy, Jepson, Lillard, Welborn, Y’Barbo, Zedik

the lassoed by marrige romance collection


How did you marry?


Whether you married for love or other reasons, read on to find 9 stories of marriage before love.

This is a wonderful collection of romance.



Character, Plotting And Development:

This collection of nine stories are unique in that the romance does not start until after the marriage takes place.  Each is penned by a talented author and you will spend wonderful hours immersing  yourself in this clean romance collection.

Each is a unique story of love after marriage and the problems that each must solve to reach a solid firm foundation for their marriage. The authors had the plot, pacing and development of the characters spot on.  This book will leave you wanting more.



The Substitute Bride by Angela Bell

This story is a different take on the story book “The Ugly Duckling”, and


Mail-Order Marriage by Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills

Mail-order marriage


Would You Become Mail-Order Bride?

If you answered yes, this book is for you.  You will meet 5 different couples that were wedded as mail order brides.


Mail-Order Marriage by Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills Tracie Peterson, Mary Davis, Denise Hunter, Judith Miller, and DiAnn Mills is a treasure cove of reading enjoyment.


Characters, Plotting and Development:

This book has 5 novels of marriages contracted thru the mail to form solid, loving marriages.  To say all is


The Beast of Barcroft by Bill Schweigart


The beast of barcroft

Do Monsters Scare You? 

If you answer is yes, this book is for you.

Monsters are here, monsters of the worse kind!

 The Beast Of Barcroft has Monsters most foul.


The neighborhood near the seat of power for the U.S. should have been a fantasy come true; old stately homes, quite neighbors, the perfect place to live.

Do not be deceived, something is very wrong in Barcroft, Virginia.  It started with the neighbor from hell, Madeleine Roux; raccoon rehab, feral cats, rats, and an ecosystem altered inviting something evil to come, commune, and feast on the community.

Ben McKelvie’s life has been on a downward spiral for sometime, however the horror to come will forge him into the man he was meant to be.  Along with a small group of fellow believers, Ben will fight for his life and community.  Hero’s will emerge


Crimson Shore by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston

FBI, Monsters, Evil; What More Could You Want?


Crimson Shore Is Another Hit For Preston And Child


FBI Agent A.X.L. Pendergast is back in action; his classic ultra expensive black suit, austere expression, white skin and lighter than light hair, expensive taste, and genteel manners; do not mistake him for a sissy, to do so would be a mistake of enormous portions.


Idiot! by Christopher Klim

Idiot! by Christopher Klim

I Was Hooked On Page One



Idiot! by Christopher Klim is an emotion roller coaster ride from beginning to end.


I am not sure I can do this book justice.  What a story.  The author, Christopher Klim is talented; he set the hook from the first page and reels you into the story.  The story was electric, emotional, and evoked thoughts


Occult Assassin #1: Damnation Code by William Massa

Book Review

What a roller coaster ride. This book is non-stop action from the first page to the last. Mr. Massa knows how to ramp up the action in no uncertain terms.

The story begins with the murder of Steve Delaney, a UBER driver. The murderer’s IPhone telecast Occult AssassinDelaney’s murder to a mysterious man wearing a robotic death mask and to two other phones. Strange sing-song chanting by the masked man is heard and the 3 others then committed suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Flash forward and Mark Talon, Delta Force Soldier and most decorated soldier in all the military branches, is on his way home to pop the question to his investigative reporter girlfriend, Michelle. After accepting his proposal, all hell breaks loose in her apartment after Talon goes to the aid of an old military friend; Michelle is murdered in a horrible way within a pentagram by a Satanic Cult before he returns. What was she investigating that could have led to her death? The villains do not realize the can of worms they have opened by killing Talon’s fiancée and he has the backing of Simon Casca, owner of a technology company, billionaire and occult expert. Casca has personal knowledge of the evil of this cult.

Enter the villain of this story, Robert Zagan, CEO Of Omicron Technologies and Satanic Cult Leader. His


The Arrival by J. W. Brazier

The Arrival


DNA Munipilation!

A Baby Born!


The premise for this book was set in stone thousands of years ago; if you believe the Bible it is all laid out in precise order. This is a take on the end times with America being in the center; in today’s advanced times of medicine, research, and science anything is possible.


This story begins in Palestine in 1948, Ian Taylor, archaeologist and Dr. Charles Wagner, scientist are hired to find a certain 2,000-year-old zealot Jewish body for Abram Solomon, CEO of Solomon Industries in the


The Rancher and the Renegade (The Three Goddesses Series Book 2) by Jackson D’Lynne

the rancher and the renegade


Time Travel Western Romance

Humorous, You Will Laugh And Laugh

Awful Evil Villains And A Hunky Cowboy

This is the second book in The Three Goddesses series. Perez Cantana, the incorporeal spirit imprisoned in a pocket watch by three sister Goddesses until he completes three missions, is back in action for mission number two.


It can be read as a stand-alone book.  I did feel I would have understood the circumstances a little better had I read the first book, which I plan to do. It did not take away from my enjoyment of the book.


Sergeant Marisol Sanchez is a DEA Agent under cover as things go wrong on her mission and she sent to


Wild Thunder by Cassie Edwards

Wild Thunder


Handsome, hunky, Potawatomis Indian

Freedom, Love And Evil


Story Line:

Hannah Kody is a fiercely independent 18-year-old tomboy that is tall and lanky.  Hannah does not consider herself a beauty.   She craves freedom and wants to control her own destiny without parental or sibling interference.


Trying to tame her nature, her parents placed her in a nunnery.  Plotting to return home, her parents arrive to send Hannah to her brother, Chuck.  Hannah needs to be his eyes, he is going blind on his ranch in the Kansas territory.



Night of the Living Demon Slayer by Angie Fox

Book Review

This is the 7th book of this series and the first one I have read. I did not feel I was lost by beginning with number 7.  I will be reading the earlier books now that I have had a taste of night of the living demon slayerAngie Fox work.

This is not your normal paranormal romance story.   Lizzie Brown is a demon slayer; she  has a talking Dog name Pirate, a toddler dragon she calls Flappy, a Granny that is a witch and part of a spell casting witch biker gang that recruits at the senior citizens home,  her husbands Dimitri is a (hot with a capital H) griffin, whom by the way, she has a thing for, a necromancer friend Carpenter that needs help in New Orléans, and a cast of assorted odd, quirky, and unconventional characters.   Carpenter had no idea what he’s getting into when he asked for Lizzie’s help, suddenly he has the witch senior citizen biker gang helping as well and traveling not only on their bikes but with a school bus full of witch stuff.  Off the entire band


Beauty and the Rake (The Rookery Rogues #3)by Erica Monroe


beauty and the rake

This is the third book of the Rookery Rogues, but can be read as a stand alone.

Beauty and The Rake is the first of this series I have read.  Author Erica Monroe has created a wonderful take on the old fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast.  This is a different type of Victorian novel as it does not involve nobles nor people of quality.  I found this very refreshing.


Abigail and Inspector Michael Strickland are definitely not from the noble class. Abigail Vautille lives in impoverishment in the poorest area of Whitechapel. Life is an exhausting business in the


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