Love’s Cure By Emily Murdoch


First Street Church Romances: Love’s Cure

Love's Cure
Love’s Cure










Love’s Cure is the fourth book in the Sweet Grove Beginnings series.  Featuring Doctor Gerald Anderson and Mariana Bryant, Emily Murdoch enlarges the town with a doctor and explores Mariana’s blindness.  Geralds run from or driven out of every town he set up practice since losing a patient in a terrible mill accident.  Sweet Grove could be the place of solitude, peace, and new beginnings he needs.

Mariana Bryant blinded by an incompetent doctor at the age of four has no love for doctors.  Upon meeting Doctor Gerald Anderson, her opinion does not change.  Determined to ignore him, she gives him the cold shoulder.  However, God has other plans for these two as they struggle with secrets and inadequacy.  My romance book reviews of Love’s Cure follows.


Sweet Grove, Texas, a small community populated by Bryants, features in each story in this series .  However, adding a doctor, to the population is the beginning of growth.  Each of the Bryant’s are building a life in Sweet Grove. The brother’s stories are in earlier books in this series, and each is a standalone read.  However, to increase your enjoyment, I would suggest reading the entire series.

Mariana, twin to Pastor Thomas Bryant, craves independence, as well as, wishing everyone would not hover over her.  She is fiercely independent, strong, and her ability to move in her surrounding impressive.  With her hatred and slanted view of doctors, Gerald Anderson has a long road ahead to change her mind.  Two souls destined to come together, they have faith in God.  However, they can not understand the workings of God in their individual situations;  they have suffered much in life.  Mariana wants a family but sees no way that will happen.  Gerald wants only peace in Sweet Grove until he sees Mariana and realizes he wants it all;   Mariana, a family, and his practice.


Any Way You Want It By Monique McDonell



An Upper Crust Series Novel (The Upper Crust Series Book 5)

Any Way You Want It by Monique McDonell
Any Way You Want It, Cover











Author Monique McDonell created a sweet heartwarming romance in Any Way You Want It.  It is an entertaining light read which will hold your attention. Grab a comfortable seat because you will read this book straight through. Chloe ran from her former life, a member of a strict religious cult, straight into the arms of an unprincipled man.  Shy, introverted, naïve, and unworldly, Chloe ran when she realized what he was.  Finally finding a home with her Uncle in a small, close-knit town, Chloe runs the local ice cream parlor after his retirement.

Moose, AKA Tom, knew Chloe’s special from their first meeting.  Unsure how to get Chloe’s attention, Moose shows up just as the nightmare from her former life appears.  She has a stalker, who is ugly and vindictive, with plans to make her life miserable. Chloe’s terrified and thinks she’s all alone in her fight; she finds Moose, and the town has her back. Will shy introverted Chloe find happiness with outgoing, extroverted Moose?  Can Chloe overcome her insecurities to grab life with both hands?

Come along with Chloe, Moose, and the community as they fight evil, bring justice to Chloe, as well as, find happiness and love along the way.  My romance book reviews of Any Way You Want It, follows.


Although a well-crafted romance novel, McDonell filled this story with emotion and life lessons.  McDonell enables the


The Whispering Room By Dean Koontz


The Whispering Room
The Whispering Room










In The Whispering Room, Jane Hawke is on the run. Not only is she running for her and her son’s life, but Jayne is also trying to stop a conspiracy which could end life in America as we know it.   A group of powerful and influential men have plans for the American people.  Jane is determined to find and destroy as many of them as she can.  As well as, unravel the real purpose of the conspiracy.

Jayne’s husband supposedly committed suicide.  However, when other suspicious suicides occur, Jayne follows the trail to a place no one would suspect of harboring a nightmare.  Jayne becomes a predator as she finds clue after clue.  Jayne is hunting the hunters and kicking butt.  Will Jayne become as bad as the men she is hunting or will they find her first?  My mystery suspense book reviews of The Whispering Room follows.


The second book in the Jane Hawke novel’s is a roller coaster ride of action and suspense, as well as, thought-provoking and chilling. When technology is in the hands of a few greedy demented people, evil easily occurs.  Dean Koontz explores the avenues open to the greedy few in high places and the results.  While nothing is as it


Exception To The Rule By Charlotte Symonds



Exception To The Exception To The Rule by Charlotte Symonds
Exception To The Rule, Cover










Exception To The Rule, a fast-paced, funny romance filled with emotion and drama, will captivate the reader from the first paragraphs to the last sentence.  Delilah ghostwrites for a famous romance writer creating love scenes which scorch her computer screen;  she has complete control of the men in her stories.  She’s a voyeur watching her very hunky neighbor through her window and hides in the apartment, living her sex life thru her characters.  Delilah refuses to become involved in romantic relationships or dating; she uses men for one night stands before they can use her.

Sharing living arrangements with her best friend Rhen, Delilah’s safe from real romantic relationships as she’s sequestered away from men in her make-believe world. Delilah is Rhen’s cover for family and business functions as he’s still in the closet;  safely tucked away from exposure with the beautiful Delilah on his arm.  Delilah’s safe from emotional entanglements and relationships as Rhen’s make-believe girlfriend. Both are hiding from issues which have followed them from childhood as they cover for each other.

Delilah lives by a strict set of rules.  However, she finds that rules are made to be broken.  As fate steps in, Delilah discovers there’s an


Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce


A Lee Truelove Novel

Kiss Of Death By Robert Skuce
Kiss Of Death, Cover










In Kiss Of Death, Detective Bruno Norcross, once again, faces his nemesis.  A horrible murder occurred five years ago, and Bruno had the killer in the palm of his hand.  Unfortunately, he got away.  Then after five years, he’s back again with another reign of terror.  The latest victim Rosie had a stalker, Lee Truelove;  Lee would never harm the woman he loved.  Will Lee Truelove, be the link to finally catching this serial killer?  Who is the mysterious character going by the name, Mr. Brown?  How does he relate to the killings?

Grab a beverage, set back and enjoy my review of Kiss Of Death.


Firstly, I must tell the reader Kiss Of Death needs editing; I found numerous errors which interrupted the flow of the book. That said, I must also state the premise of the story was very good. Secondly, the mystery and suspense were kept at high peak as the reader follows this investigation.  With an ending which is surprising and unexpected, this story would receive four stars if not for the editing.


Bright by Mary Paddock












In Bright, Hannah Whitfield’s a married woman having an affair.  It was not planned but happened slowly from friendship and flirtation.  From the loneliness of her marriage, she needs reaffirmation she’s someone with thoughts, desires, and worth.  It was to be a light affair with the terms of “when it’s over it’s over,” agreed by Hanna and Clint.

As a Christian, she knows its wrong and finds it harder and harder to live with herself.  She decides to break off the affair, confess to her husband Jeff, and concentrate on her marriage.  Although Clint appears to accept her decision, he is far from ready to give up Hanna.

Jeff although devastated by Hanna’s revelation, admits she was not alone in her transgressions;  his inattentiveness led to her seeking love and affirmation from another man.  Deciding to work on their marriage, they are making progress and plan a camping trip to renew their closeness.

However, Clint appears at their campsite with plans of his own.  Clint’s plans change the course of Jeff, Hanna, and their children’s lives forever.  No one will ever be the same again.  My book reviews of Bright follows.


Author Mary Paddock has the rare talent of storytelling at its best in Bright.  I found myself engrossed in the characters and the storyline immediately as she led me through the “why” of Clint and Hanna’s affair.  Why did a thirty-something woman with a successful career, a husband, and three children risk everything?  This question had many layers which Paddock skillfully revealed.  As humans, we have a tenancy to become self-absorbed, uncommunicative, and blind to everyday issues and relationships;  we tend to bury our heads in the sand.  Mary Paddock skillfully wove these characteristics into Jeff’s personality.  In turn, revealing the effect upon Hanna and their marriage.  Hanna was ripe for the plucking when Clint entered her life.  However, nothing turned out as she thought.  As a result, disaster waited just ahead for Hanna and her family as Clint revealed his real personality. 


My Daddy The Serial Killer By Cindy Kovacik












In My Daddy The Serial Killer, Katelyn thought her Daddy a normal loving father until the age of six.  She discovers her Daddy’s something evil, something she’s too young to understand fully.  As time goes on, Katelyn’s understanding deepens and her fright increases.  She sees and hears unimaginable things in the cellar of her home.  While withstanding psychological and physical abuse, Katelyn’s alone in her traumatic world.  While everyone else sees what they want to see, Katelyn knows her daddy’s a serial killer.

Follow Katelyn as she grows up in an environment we can only imagine.  What are the results of living a life of abuse and mental torture?  Will Katelyn survive her Daddy’s pathological need to torment and kill?  My review of My Daddy, The Serial Killer, follows.



First, I must say this is one of the most horrendously traumatic books I have ever read.  I don’t know where to start with my review.  So here goes, author Cindy Kovacik created a story filled with drama, abuse, murder, and much more;  seen through the eyes of a child.  Katelyn suffered mental abuse from childhood as her father played games with her mind and practiced his evil trade.  Kovacik gave the reader a look at the world of the serial killer and his psychotic, manipulative world.  A psychopath without conscience or remorse, he made Katelyn’s life a living hell.  While appearing to the world as a typical father, he was the worst of demons.


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Two Hearts One Stone By Josephine Blake



A Valentine’s Novella












Josephine Blake‘s, novella Two Hearts One Stone, is a fast-paced romance during the Valentine Season in Churchgrove.  Henry Moscow’s the town grouch, never a smile’s seen on his face;  he’s always seen with a frown of disapproval.  Churchgrove’s decorated for Valentines Day.  With pink everywhere, Henry feels sick to stomach; what an absolute waste of time!  After all, Henry doesn’t believe in love or Valentine’s Day romance.  Even his beautiful daughter, Giselle cannot change his mind about Valentines Day.

When the annual courtship auction begins, Giselle enters the festivities.  Henry sees a line of young women, waiting for the men to bid.  All are young except for the last woman in line, Miss Hadisham.  A middle-aged conservatively dressed widow, Emily Hadisham, owner of the only dress shop in town.  She stands in the mist of the town beauties.  When no one bids for her, Henry can not allow her the humiliation; he immediately offered $50.00 for the pleasure of her company at dinner.

As a result, an adventure begins for Henry and Miss Hadisham.  Come with them, as Miss Hadisham melts Henry’s hard heart and his outlook on life.  My romance book reviews of Two Hearts One Stone follows.


Although a short novella of 62 pages, Josephine Blake included everything needed to entertain the reader.  A light, quick relaxing read, I enjoyed watching Henry and Miss Havisham’s romance unfold.  Novellas by their nature do not give the author time to develop the characters or plot as their parent, the novel.  However, Blake did an excellent job of constructing the romance and bringing it to a successful conclusion.

With characters which were believable, plotting in line with the length of the book and a credible premise, I read Two Hearts, One Stone straight through.  The pace of the story, consistent throughout the book, did not bog down or lag.


Inspired Heart by Caroline Johnson


Clean Mail Order Bride Western Romance




A short light read Inspired Heart’s a sweet western romance by author Carolina Johnson.  Rebecca’s a young widow left with nothing except two gold twenty dollars pieces, a watch, and her wedding band.  Left to rely on her landlady’s kind heart, Rebecca can’t find work.  Placing an ad in the Matrimony Times as a mail order bride, Rebecca receives a proposal from Ryan Wilder in Texas.  After an attack from her landlady’s nephew, Rebecca takes the little she owns and heads to Ryan in Texas.

When bandits attach the stage-coach outside Ryan’s hometown, Rebecca loses her memory.  What follows is an adventure of a lifetime for Rebecca. What will happen to Rebecca with this newest disaster?


Eden’s Gate By Charles Roberts


Eden's Gate
Eden’s Gate










Married to southern tobacco plantation and slave owner Lionel Hawthorne, Lavinia Williams comes to love her slave family. Left by her husband to run the tobacco plantation Lavinia cares for her slave family and farms. When Lavinia discovers blue-eyed slave Henny, she sees Lionel’s betrayal.

Born into an abolitionist family, Lavinia slowly realizes the cruelty and injustice of slavery. The line between love and hate’s small as Lionel’s betrayals mount through the years. However, can she betray the man she loves to give her slave family their greatest wish? My book reviews of Eden’s Gate follows.



Where do I start with this book review?  I hope my less than skillful reviews of Eden’s Gate create a desire to know more. Eden’s Gate is an epic drama of life in 1853 Southern Virginia, the industry which drove the economy, and the infancy of the abolition movement. Following Lionel Hawthorne and his wife Lavinia, author Charles Roberts skillfully shows the life of slavery. Far from the romantic notion of balls, gentle manners, and soft days of plenty, Roberts digs under the false idealism.  As a result, Charles Roberts shows the reality of slavery and the desire for freedom.


20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories By Dan Salerno



20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories by Dan Salerno
20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories, Cover











20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories, filled with stories of hope, redemption, and in some cases forgiveness, the reader finds a relaxing and inspirational read.  Each story’s short, however, all are complete.  Exploring human relationships and the human heart, Salerno crafted a glimpse of romance and friendship.

My Christian fiction book reviews of 20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories follows.


In 20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories, the reader finds 20 stories which are short in length and long in content.  Filled with hope and expectations of good things to come, 20 Short Ones: 20 Short Stories a feel-good read.  Each story is complete unto its self.  This book does not focus on one religious group but features several from Catholic to Jewish and ones in-between.  Salerno is an equal opportunity author.


A Bark In The Night By M. K. Scott

The Talking Dog Detective Agency Book 1

A Bark In The Night
A Bark In The Night










Nala, preschool teacher, decided to try her hand at discreet private investigations during summer break. After all, P. I. work has to be better than demanding parents and whining children. However, Nala did not know she would have a partner; one with four legs and the ability to talk, known as, Max part German Shepard and part “who knows.”

With a mother demanding grandchildren, a father who protects and serves, talking dog Max, and a love interest in the newest addition to the police force, Nala’s life is far from dull. Come along as Nala begins an adventurous career in discreet private investigations. My cozy mystery book reviews of A Bark In The Night follow.


A Bark In The Night by author M. K. Scott is the hilariously funny tale of the trials of Max and amateur P.I. Nala. I laughed and laughed reading this book. Without a doubt, Max is the star of the story. Full of opinions, odd doggy attitudes, smart-aleck insights, and transparent, manipulative maneuvers, Max will grab your heart just as he did Nala’s. Every good P. I. needs a Max, especially if you are new to the game and the dog has been around a time or two.

Although the cases take a back seat to Max and Nala, I found myself enthralled with the storyline and the characters.  The authors filled this story with good feelings; a tight family who has its quirks, a woman determined to find her niche and succeed, and a dog in need of a loving master and permanent home with a job to perform.  Giving the reader all of these and more, you will love this sweet, feel-good story.


At Bobby Trivette’s Grave By Donna D. Vitucci


At Bobby Trivette's Grave
At Bobby Trivette’s Grave










A profound, intense novel, At Bobby Trivette’s Grave, follows two families through guilt and grief.  Teenage Dru’s in love with Bobby Trivette.  Both from families with issues, they follow the usual pattern of teenagers growing up and falling in love in a small town.  However, their story takes a massive detour of grief and guilt when Bobby’s killed in an auto accident.   Dru’s grief will cause both families to take a look at their lives and the reason for how they lived, as well as, face their despair and guilt.

My contemporary fiction book reviews of At Bobby Trivette’s Grave follows.


I am not sure where to start with this review.  Firstly, let me say, author Donna D. Vitucci‘s, a talented author, however, At Bobby Trivette’s Grave was not the book for me.  That said, I must also commend the author for a well-written and well-developed bookVitucci created a deeply emotional story-line as she dove into the life of two families in small-town Paris, Kentucky.  Secrets abound, along with regrets, and lives wasted.  One action by each changed the entire structure of their lives.

In At Bobby Trivette’s Grave, Donna Vitucci demonstrated the futilely of carrying guilt and the destruction it causes.  For me, the pace was a little slow for the first half of the book.  However, it picked up in the middle.  Vitucci gave detailed emotional background on the characters and developed them skillfully.  Even though this book was not for me, I much appreciate the skillful refreshing writing, creative original story-line, an in-depth look into small-town Paris’ families.  For the right audience, this book will be a winner.


The Opposition By Alicia Bryant



The Opposition by Alicia Bryant
The Opposition, cover











The Opposition is an intense legal drama in civil court, but also an excellent romance.  Sophia Grant, up and coming lawyer with a large Chicago firm, finds herself presenting her best friend Michael in a five million dollar lawsuit.  Michael, a talented engineer, accused of selling trade secrets, is beside himself.  Brilliant, yet nerdy, Michael and Sam set out to prove his innocence.

Opposing counsel in the case, Sam Hayes, is handsome, quiet, smart, sincere, and just plain yummy.  Sophia and Sam have an instant attraction which grows as they each work for their clients in this suit.  Ethically they cannot be more than friends, yet, the lure steams in the background.

Grab a comfortable seat, my contemporary women’s fiction book reviews of The Opposition follows.


Firstly, let me say, I enjoyed this legal romance story.  Following the case from start to finish was enlightening as the reader gets a close up look at the civil legal system.  Character driven, the story’s unique and will appeal to anyone who enjoys a romance with substance.

Secondly, author Alicia Bryant included twists and turns in the plotting.  I was not expecting the final unexpected twist and revelation.  The pacing of the story was in line with the length of the story and did not lag or bog down.


Lions And The Living Dead By Ruby Loren


Madigan Amos Zoo Mysteries Book 4

Lions And The Living Dead
Lions And The Living Dead










Madi is back in the thick of things In Lions And The Living Dead.  Called to the Pendalay Zoo by the new owners, she finds animals in pressing need of unique habitats and long-term rehabilitation.  Working with a PR team is not her idea of helping the animals, but the new owners need a brand new image for Pendalay.  Things go from bad to worse in Ruby Loren‘s latest Madison Amos cozy mystery.  The animals are in serious condition, threats of animal confiscation from the authorities, and hostile employees are just the beginning of Madi’s troubles.  My mystery book reviews of Lions And The Living Dead follows.


Will Madi ever have a peaceful straightforward rehabilitation for zoo animals?  If so, it’s not happening in Lions And The Living Dead.  Madi and Lowell arrive to find a zoo in desperate need.  The animals are listless, bored, and entirely uninspired.  Also, Madi must work with the PR team;  which she considers a waste of her time as the animal behavioral expert.  However, things heat-up quickly in Loren’s multi-plot tale as Madi’s drawn into another murder mystery.

With plots ranging from a stalker, murder, hostile employees, and questionable law enforcement, Madi will not find this job easy.  As a result, Madi grows and matures in this book as she learns to stand up for herself in her career and with Lowell.  As usual, Loren included humor which had me laughing at the Madi snarks and snips.  Loren developed Madi and Lowell’s relationship to a higher degree in Lions And The Living Dead.  Lowell hits Madi with a bombshell which rocks her world, security, and their relationship.


The Madigan Amos books keep getting better and better as Ruby Loren develops the storylines and characters to higher degrees.  Loren‘s characters are believable and realistic, as well as, likable.  I found the secondary characters added depth and enhanced the storyline.  With multi-plotting, exciting characters, Lowell’s bombshell, and a “who done it” storyline, I could not put this book down.  Surprises and secrets are in store for Madi, as well as, a murder to solve and a stalker to reveal.  I found the pace of the book fast, and Loren‘s prose flowed smoothly.


Silver City Seductions By Laura Fletcher



A Western Cowboy Mail Order Bride Romance; Book 1

Silver City Seductions by Laura Fletcher
Silver City Seductions, Cover











Silver City Seductions is a sweet romance straight out of the old west.  Victoria Nolan is alone in the world since the death of her parents.  Working as a waitress, barely making ends meet, Victoria’s rooked into an unsavory situation by an evil man.  Upon realizing the hotel he has brought her to is a brothel, Victoria runs hard and long.  Her last stop is Silver City.

Silver City is a small town and Sam Flynn’s home.  Sam and his three ranch hands have run through a multitude of housekeepers.  Victoria seems the answer to his prayers. Not only is Victoria an excellent housekeeper and cook, but the attraction between Sam and Victoria also grows daily.

But evil is still stalking Victoria?  Will Sam be able to protect Victoria?  When Sam learns the truth, will he forgive Victoria?  Come along and have a seat, my western romance book reviews of Silver City Seduction follows.



Firstly, let me say Silver City Seductions is a relaxing easy read for a lazy afternoon.  A short novella, the author, could not explore the depth and character development of the novella’s parent, the novel, due to the short length of novellas.   However, Fletcher did a good job of including everything needed to craft a solid story.  Secondly, Fletcher created a strong woman in Victoria.  Women, of necessity, had to be strong in the west to survive, Victoria is such a woman.

Furthermore, in Sam, Fletcher created a knight in shining armor.  Yes, he has his issues. However, he is ever ready to protect and care for Victoria.  I found the plot progressed smoothly without starts and stops; it did not lag or bog down.  Containing one love scene, which takes place after marriage, I found the scene inoffensive; it was not erotica or graphic sex, but a loving scene between two people in love.


Power Struggle By Carolyn Arnold


Detective Madison Knight Series Book 8

Power Struggle
Power Struggle










Constantine Romanov almost killed Detective Madison Knight, ten months ago.  Romanov fled to Russia and his Russian Mafia partners after his arrest.  In Power Struggle, Madison’s in therapy to deal with the aftermath of the trauma Romanov inflicted.  Madison’s called to the murder scene of Jimmy Bates; he’s the man who killed her grandfather. Released from prison and working as an accountant, Bates murder‘s gruesome.  He’s stabbed twenty-seven times.  Madison remembers the death of Lillian Norton; murdered in almost the same fashion.  A crime committed by Constantine Romanov.

Even though Madison’s watching her every move, Romanov leaves a note on her car threatening her and the ones she loves.  Will Madison win this war with Romanov or will he succeed in killing her?  My book reviews of Power Struggle follows.


Author Carolyn Arnold created an intense crime drama in Power Struggle.  Giving Madison many issues to overcome, her character’s realistic and believable.  After all, who wouldn’t have problems with flashbacks and emotional trauma after her ordeal she experienced.  Not only did the trauma affect her mentally, but she’s also suffering physical problems.  A strong, smart, and determined woman, Madison’s frighted of Romanov’s capacity for cruelty.  Madison has found love with Troy and worries for his and her friend’s safety;  however, will their love survive this case?   Does she believe in their love will last the long haul?


The Bodyguards’s Catch By Robyn Rychards


The Bodyguard's Catch
The Bodyguard’s Catch










In The Bodyguards’s Catch we find, Jordyn Souliere, who needs money desperately; then fate dropped an opportunity of a lifetime into her lap.  Unfortunately, she will have to go against her principles to cash in on the photo’s, and video of famous singing artist Maximillian Chanteur’s broke up with his girlfriend.

To make matters worse, her first love, Remo Vashenko is Chanteur’s bodyguard.  Remo left her without a word and never returned.  Now, he is standing in front of her, grabbing her phone and hauling her out of the bathroom stall where she hid.

Can Remo and Jordy resolve this situation peacefully?   Will Remo and Jordyn resolve old hurts and forge a new relationship?  My romance book review of Second Time’s The Charm, The Bodyguards Catch follows.


Although a sweet clean romance, The Bodyguard’s Catch, also has a mystery.  Remo, the poor kid from the other side of the tracks, fell in love with Jordyn in high school. But a crisis forced him to make a choice which left Jordyn still hurting years later.


Secrets Come Home By Samantha Price


(Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Book 1)

Secrets Come Home
Secrets Come Home










Ettie Smith inherited a house when her friend Agatha died.  During repairs, a body’s discovered under the house.  A body which has been there many years.  When identified, the man is Agatha’s ex-fiance.  The police name Agatha as the murderer.  Ettie’s determined to clear her friend’s name.  Her old friend, Detective Crowley, has retired and the new detective doesn’t care for Ettie nosing into his investigation.  What Ettie finds surprises the Amish Community;  to everyone’s dismay secrets and crimes come to light.  My mystery book reviews of Secrets Come Home follows.


In Secrets Come Home, Samantha Price created an Amish mystery filled with secrets, lies, and crime.  Secrets never stay hidden, and the lies needed to sustain the secrets have a way of coming undone;  as Ettie stated:  secrets come home.

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”

The plot filled with twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat as Price took me on a journey of discovery, pain, murder, and grief.  The twists and turns just kept coming in this book.  I would think Ettie had found the murderer and Price would introduce another plot twist.  Samantha Price brought the multi-plots threads together skillfully.  As a result, creating an intriguing mystery.

With a cast of suspects and reasons to kill Horace, Price held the who, what, why, and when, close to her chest.  As a result, Price crafted a tantalizing mystery.  I found the pacing perfect and Price‘s prose descriptive.  I love reading Amish stories as they give me insight into the Amish way of life.  Also, I have found Amish stories are clean without swear words or sex. That said, Price faced head-on a part of life which affects a lot of teens.  As well as, the consequences which result.   In Secrets Come Home, I discovered Amish communities have crime the same as the rest of us.  I also thought the Amish community in this book did not seem as strict as some Amish;  this enabled me to better relate to the characters.


In The Beginning By Celesta Thiessen


(Salt Eden Book 1)

In The Beginning
In The Beginning










Billed for those you liked Lost and Jericho, In The Beginning, is a new series by author Celesta Thiessen.  Siblings Abigail and Nathan Taylor live in New York where crime runs rampant.  When Saber Chad shows up at Abigail’s door with instructions from her father to go with him to Salt Eden, they begin a search for her brother, Nathan.  Nathan’s dealing drugs and owes money to the wrong people. Someone is trying to kill him, and he can’t afford for the police to become involved.  As they run for their lives, Salt Eden looks better and better.  My book reviews of In The Beginning follow.


In The Beginning Is a story filled with action and suspense.  Although a short read of 46 pages, Celesta Thiessen crafted an action-packed storyline.  I found the premise intriguing and the characters believable.  Nathan’s character portrays him as immature and selfish. Nathans a character I found hard to like.  Abigail is sweet and trying to save her brother from himself.  Adding in the father’s personality and his concept of recreating paradise in Salt Eden, I found he reminded me of a mad scientist as he intends to create a new world of love and peace.  Without giving spoilers, I can’t say more.


Two Tocks before Midnight By Clay Boutwell


A 19th Century Historical Murder Mystery

(The Agora Mystery Series)

Two Tocks before Midnight
Two Tocks Before Midnight










Forgery, mystery, and murder are found in Two Tocks Before Midnight.  Beginning on the night of October 24, 1889, Clay Boutwell crafts a mystery of suspense and murder.  When forgeries appear, the Agora society is on the case.  This society’s dedicated to the betterment of man, and as such, see this case as part of their creed.  However, the society finds a member’s involved in these crimes.  Who is the one helping the criminals and who is the mastermind behind the scene?  As the murders mount, Carl Brooke, a member of Agora, ferrets out the secrets and reasons.  My book reviews of Two Tocks Before Midnight follows.


Although a short tale of 51 pages, Clay Boutwell, created a story filled with forgery and murder.  Similar to Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, Carl Brookes is methodical, as well as, intuitive in his reasoning and investigative techniques.  Boutwell slowly revealed Carl’s investigative genius as he developed the storyline.

Authors can not develop characters or plot lines in a short story to the extent they can a novel.  However, Boutwell did a skillful job of developing the characters and plot lines in this short book.  Boutwell held the who, what, and why close;  revealing them at the last moment in the storyline.  Using observation and deduction, will Carl Brookes solve the crimes and reveals the culprits?  Sorry, you will have to read the book to decide if the night of October 24th, 1859, remains a mystery in the annals of time?  In addition, Boutwell added a surprise ending which I did not expect.


The Accident By Glen Ebisch


The Accident
The Accident










Karen Walker, a former homicide detective, is alive yet not living life.  After a terrible auto accident, the death of her husband in the crash, and numerous surgeries, she lived in limbo.  A call from her friend, Clarissa Hammett begging for help changes things for Karen.  Clarissa’s sister, Justine, is missing and the police are no help.  Karen leaves her hermit-like existence to find Justine.

Moving into the house Justine occupied before her disappearance, taking a job at the same restaurant, and nosing around, Karen knows she has hard work ahead.  With a variety of characters from the antagonistic Audrey to the handsome Sam and many more, Karen interviews and questions each one.  Then Paul, her husband’s brother and Justine’s estranged husband, Jimmy, show up to cause even more problems.

Has Justine been kidnapped?  Is she alive or dead?  Who keeps trying to kill Karen?  Has Karen gotten too close to the truth?  Come along with Karen as she ferrets out the facts and deals with side issues.  My mystery book reviews of The Accident follow.


I found The Accident an intriguing mystery story.  Author Glen Ebisch created first-class suspense in The Accident.   Filled with twists and turns, many suspects, and an unexpected action-packed, mouth dropping finale, Ebisch created a tale which will rivet the reader.  I found myself unable to close my E-reader until I read the last sentence.  Ebisch‘ plotting is excellent as he added element upon element to this story.  His scenes transition well and his writing flow smoothly.  As a result, I could see the scenes and feel the characters emotions.  I became enmeshed in the lives of the characters immediately.  Karen’ character portrays an intelligent, savvy woman who faced the worse life could throw.  Karen lived in isolated limbo for months; breathing but not living life.  As a result, it was terrific to watch Ebisch develop her character.


Reunited By Danger By Carol J. Post

Love Inspired Suspense

Reunited By Danger
Reunited By Danger










Police Officer Amber Kingston and Detective Caleb Lyons feature in author Carol J. Post new mystery, suspense, romance Reunited By Danger. Amber receives facebook posts from her old friend, Ramona, begging her to come to the ten-year class reunion. Ramona says she has cancer and wishes to connect with the former group of six at the reunion.

Amber, a girl headed for no good in high school, ran with a bad crowd. Six of them who grouped together for drinking and fun. When one of the six is murdered at the reunion, Amber finds a one-line message near him. Each of them has mysteriously received cryptic messages from someone seeking vengeance for a past deed they feel the six are responsible.

Detective Caleb Lyons ran with the good crowd in school; always top grades, helping others, and a Christian to boot. These two must now work together in this case. Amber and Caleb, find her friends murdered one by one, as they receive messages of retaliation for the past. Caleb with his own demons, tries to get Amber to open up to him and tell all she knows? Will they solve this mystery? Can a relationship, possibly love, bloom between Amber and Caleb as they come closer and closer? My mystery suspense romance book reviews of Reunited By Danger follows.


Reunited In Danger grabbed me from the beginning of the book and did not let go until the last page. A fast-paced tale of vengeance, murder, and secrets, author Carol J. Post, crafted a first class story filled with mystery and suspense. I could relate to their immature behavior, as we all were immature in our teen years of high school. Post highlights the repercussions of immature behavior with the resulting damage and repercussions which occur.

I found the suspense and mystery is addictive as I became involved in the story-line. Then, I found myself asking: who’s going to be next and what happened on that night long ago? Post kept the identity of the murderer and secrets close to her chest and did not reveal either until absolutely necessary to the story-line. What event set the murderer on the trail of vengeance? Wondering if Amber’s involved and praying not, I impatiently clicked my E-reader screen, reading this book straight through as I had to know the answers.


Music Of Her Heart By Sophie Dawson


Christian Historical Fiction

(Stones Creek Ladies of Sanctuary House) Book 2

Music Of Her Heart
Music Of Her Heart










In Music Of Her Heart, the reader finds Red Dickerson’s staying in a line-shack on Hawk’s Wing Ranch.  After the break up of his engagement to Laura, he needed to review his life and think.  The boss gave him orders to also look out for the King Gang.  An evil group terrorizing the countryside, kidnapping women, stealing, and killing, they live like animals.

When Red finds a frightened and soaked Gema Volkovichna running in the icy rain, she reveals her escape from of the King Gang.  As ice turns to snow, trapped in the line-shack for three days, Red takes care of Gema.  Even though he knows he has sealed their fate by caring for Gema alone, Red takes his responsibility seriously.  Marriage will be the only option open to Red and Gema.  Forced into marriage, will Gema and Red come to care for one another?   Will love grow and bloom? My romance book reviews of Music Of Her Heart follows.


Sophie Dawson, once again, created a lovely romance for her readers.  Continuing with the Sanctuary House series, Red Dickerson and Gema Volkovichna feature in Music Of Her Heart.  Of course, we meet all our old friends from earlier books, catching up on their lives along with possible romances for future books.

I did not like Red in the earlier books.  However, Dawson matured and broadened his character in Music Of Her Heart, creating a knight in shining armor I found Red dependable, capable, respectful, and striving to do the right thing.  He’s a good man who finally meets the woman God created for him.

Imagine marrying a man because you spent innocent days and nights in his care.  Gema found herself in this position and quickly married to Red.  Social rules of this time forced marriages if a man and woman spent time alone.  Even though married too beautiful young Gema, Red’s thinks he too old for her.  He felt she could not possibly want an “old zeezer” of thirty-four.  Dawson crafted a lovely woman in Gema who’s determined to get her man.  Limited English skills, do not stop Gemma from having her way with Red.  Dawson did not rush Red and Gemma into love.  Instead, she slowly developed their feelings for each other.  Also, Gema has hidden talents which Dawson revealed in a timely manner.  After you read the book, you will understand the meaning of the title.


The Shifter’s Nanny By T. S. Ryder


The Shifter's Nanny by T. S. Ryder
The Shifter’s Nanny, Cover










In The Shifter’s Nanny, we find Rose Doctor applying for a nanny position for the first time in five years.  After leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, Rose needs a job, and she has a degree in childcareArriving at Devon McGullicuddy’s for an interview, Rose finds the handsome panther shifter needs a nanny for his baby girl.  Neither of them is looking for a relationship or love.  However, fate has different ideas.

As their relationship builds, an old trauma in the form of a rabid stalker will appear on the scene to throw a monkey wrench into the works.  Come along with Rose and Devon as they fight their feelings, fight an evil stalker, and find a love which was worth waiting upon.  My shifter romance book reviews of The Shifter’s Nanny follows.


Firstly, let me say, how much I enjoyed this short, intense book.  Most shifter novels are full of explicit sex; I must commend T. S. Ryder for using prose rather than sex to sell this story.  Secondly, although a love scene does occur, it is tasteful and well-written without being offensive.

With twists and turns, Ryder kept my attention as she led me through Rose and Devon’s journey.   Setting a fast pace which remained smooth throughout, I became enmeshed in Ryder‘s shifter world.  With an original concept of humans and shifters living side by side, I found this refreshing as most novels have the shifters hidden from humans.


The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband By Helen Christian


(The Annville Mail Order Brides Book 1)

The Dowager's Mail Order Husband
The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband










The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband is a heart-wrenching emotional story.  Mary Hedgepeth’s life has been abuse, drudgery, pain, and want.  After the death of her abusive husband, Mary’s thrown out of the big house into a cabin. She is now a widower and a dowager.  Here Mary tries to forge a life for herself.  She has no idea how to farm or grow her food.  She is barely hanging on.

When her husband’s brother, Richard, comes home, she’s frightened but also attracted to this handsome, kind man.  Richard is the opposite of his contemptuous brother.  Richard is a kind godly man who finds in Mary everything he has ever wanted.

Will Richard and Mary be able to overcome the abuse she has suffered?  Can happy ever after exist for Mary?  What does God have in store for Mary and Richard?  Grab a comfortable seat, my Christian historical romance book reviews of The Dowager’s Mail Order Husband follows.


Although a short novella, I found this book satisfying.  Novellas are different from their parent the novel, as they can not explore the depth of emotion and story-line of the more extended novel.  However, Christian filled this book with feeling from the first pages.  I could feel Mary’s desperation and fear as she faced a long winter and then Richard, an unknown element added to her life.  I could feel her want as she came to know the goodness of Richard.


The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection By Penelope Sotheby


A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery Collection

Volume No. 1

The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection
The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection









A collection of three Diane Dimbleby Murder books, I choose to review Murder On The Village Green. 



Diane Dimbleby, a retired school teacher, has a talent for solving crime.  She carries her own set of booties and gloves because you never know when a crime will occur.  Diane sees a man sitting on the village green which appears to be reading.  On closer inspection, she discovers he’s dead.  Although Inspector Darrell Crothers is on the case, Diane immediately starts her investigation.  After all, she has helped him in the past, and she is ready, willing, and able, to help with this investigation.  Diane will come face to face with evil and a crime organization willing to do anything to safeguard its enterprise.  However, they did not count on Diane’s smarts and Inspector Crothers’ determination. My book reviews of The Diane Dimbleby Murder Collection:  Murder On The Village Green follows.


As everyone who subscribes to my blog or reads my book reviews is aware, I love the cozy mystery genre.  If you have never read a cozy mystery, you are missing out on fantastic entertainment.  Cozies have main characters who are usually strong independent women.  Also, a cozy mystery does not contain the graphic nature of a full-blown mystery.  Without a doubt, Murder On The Village Green is a true representative of this genre.

Murder On The Village Green features retired teacher Diane Dimbleby.  After retirement, Diane discovered she has a talent for solving crime.  I love Diane’s character.  Far from a retired little old lady, Sotheby developed Diane into an aspiring novelist and crime fighter.   Although living in a small country village of Apple Mews, Diane finds murder outside her door;  or more correctly, across the road on the village green.


Loving You At Christmas By Kristen Wallace

Loving You At Christmas
Loving You At Christmas









Loving You At Christmas, unfortunately, is the last book in the Shellwater Key Tales series.  Former actress and Broadway star Annaliese Matheson feature in the finale of this excellent series.  Annaliese still grieves for her husband Matthew; Annaliese believes she will never love again. Her soul mate’s death left a hole in her soul and heart.  Noticing a handsome, sexy stranger on the beach, Annaliese begins to wake up from her three-year emotional sleep.

John-Luke “Duke” Evans, famous football star, finds himself raising his four nieces after his sister’s death.  Hot, sexy, and handsome, the women of Shellwater Key pant as he walks by; including the pregnant, married ones.  Meeting Annaliese, the attraction is immediate and intense.

Will Duke persuade Annaliese to give him a chance?  Or will Annaliese continue to grieve and mourn; living in the past.  My romance book reviews of Loving You At Christmas follows.


I am sad to say Loving You At Christmas, by author Kristen Wallace, ends our sojourn in Shellwater Key, Florida.  An excellent series of love and happily ever after, this book‘s a perfect ending for the series.  Kristen Wallace filled this story with intense emotion; grief, attraction, love, and romance.

Although a novella, Wallace, created a substantial tale which grabs the reader immediately.  With skillful plotting and well-developed characters, Wallace made this novella feel like a full-length novel.  I found the pace perfect for the length of the book and her writing flowed well;  making the book easy to read.  Her scenes transition from scene to scene smoothly and with vivid writing, I felt the character’s emotions.  My heart broke for Annaliese;  enduring a childhood, no child should and then the death of her anchor and soul mate, Matthew, brought tears to my eyes.  I could feel her resistance as she began to care for Duke and his nieces, as well as, Duke’s sorrow at the passing of his beloved sister.  Annaliese must face her fears of losing the ones she loves, but can she?


Written In Blood By Layton Green


Written In Blood
Written In Blood










In Written In Blood, Detective Joe “Preach” Everson, is back in his hometown of Creekville, N. C.  After several breakdowns and the trauma of his last investigation in Atlanta, Preach needs to refuel and recoup.  Preach never suspected the bohemian town of Creekville would be the sitting for several brutal murders with literary connections.  Beginning with the killing of the local bookstore owner in a scene taken from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Preach is in for a roller coaster ride.

Ariana Hale, an employee of the bookstore, law student, and bibliophile, helps Preach with the literary connections.  As the murders continue, time is running for Preach to solve these deaths, as well as, his and Ariana’s life.  My book reviews of Written In Blood follows.



Layton Green created a police procedural which will knock your socks off.  With characters which are full-bodied, believable, and well-developed, Layton Green packed this book with a whirlwind of action, people, and relationships.  I found the premise intriguing, and the action nonstop as Green led me through this investigation.  Green created the typical small town which could be located anywhere in America.  Under the humble town facade, the reader finds greed, corruption, crime, deviance, and murder.  To all appearances, Creedville is the perfect community until you dig under the surface and the scum floats to the top.

Detective Joe “Preach” Everson’s character will fascinate the reader.  From preacher to prison chaplain to detective, Joe “Preach” Everson’s life has been one of turmoil and pain;  he thought he had seen the worse man could offer.  Hoping to recoup and restore in Creekville, Preach finds himself in the middle of multi-faceted murders.   He’s a man torn by guilt, mental breakdowns, and the need to protect, serve, and provide justice;   with his mental stability in question, he’s ordered to see a therapist.  His therapist of choice is his Aunt Jane.  She takes his case with a caveat;  he will be referred to someone else if she finds he has a problem.


Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: by Stacey Alabaster


Boxed Set Includes Books 1-3

Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set by Stacey Alabaster
Bakery Detectives Cozy Mystery Boxed Set













Rachel, the owner of a new bakery shop, finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation in Baker Detectives Cozy Mystery, A Pie To Die For.  Death of the hated food critic at the food fair leads to failing baker Rachel’s door.  She is sure Bakermatic is behind all her woes including the murder.  Can Rachel and her friend Pippa ferret out the truth and prove Rachel Innocent?  Is romance in the air for Rachel and the local detective on the case?  Will Rachel and Pippa solve the murder and save the bakery in time?


The bakery‘s succeeding and Pippa’s assistant manager in Two Donuts, Antiques, and Murder Pippa thinks Rachel’s haunted/cursed;  people seem to die around Rachel.  Nevertheless, Rachel’s determined to expand into the antique store next door;  which Pippa declares haunted.  Of course, there are another murders or two and questions about the portrait of two children in the antique shop.  Is the portrait


Saved By Love By Emily Woods


Triple Range Ranch Western Romance Book 5

Saved By Love
Saved By Love










In Saved By Love, Georgina’s filled with grief, guilt, and regret.  Carrying a secret, no one knows at Triple Range, Georgina’s ready to end it all.  Saved by Wyatt, Georgina finds a new lease on life as she makes friends with old enemies and reconsiders her life.  However, she fears Wyatt will turn away if he learns of her terrible deeds.  Meanwhile, Wyatt has secrets of his own.  Will Georgina understand when she learns of his past and his deception?

Wyatt overhears Georgina secret and is determined to solve her problem.  With God‘s guidance, Wyatt and Georgina have a chance for happy ever after. My romance book reviews of Saved By Love follows.


Saved By Love‘s a sweet, clean, western, romance.  Book five in the Triple Range Western Romance series, we find Wyatt and Georgina’s story;  both characters appear in earlier editions.  Emily Woods faced issues head-on in this book considered taboo in this period.  With Wyatt and Georgina having secrets which they have not revealed, this story grabs the reader immediately.

Woods begins this book with a despondent Georgina at the end of her rope;  she has lost all hope. However, rescued by Wyatt from a watery grave gives her a second chance at life.  I loved watching Woods slowly mature Georgina in her relationships with Wyatt, Cole, Amanda and their neighbors.  However, watching Georgina come to faith and belief in the Lord as her Savior was the highlight of this story.


A Brush With The Beast By Richard Sones


A Brush With The Beast
A Brush With The Beast










In A Brush With The Beast the world as we know it is about to end.  Three people will find their lives turned upside down as the Beast prepares the world for the final fight between good and evil.  Nick Gooseberry, ultra rich and in indescribable pain, finds a group called “The Order” has the answers to his health problems.  As he descends into evil, the world’s sent into chaos.  Fanak’s, a bitter youth, filled with hatred for Israel and America becomes the ultimate terrorist.  Sarah Johnson, poor and unattractive with a drug habit, finds herself framed by her boss.  While in jail she meets a Christian and develops a thirst for the Bible and God.  Survival in the coming world will be hard, and when the Beast finds she’s pregnant, she and her child are in jeopardy.  A new world’s coming and survival of body and soul are at stake.  My book reviews of A Brush With The Beast follows.


Richard Sones gives the reader views from three people, each important in the coming battle.  Nick’s character’s the ultimate rich man;  concerned only with himself, money, and power, power, power.  Fanak’s filled with evil, a need for vengeance, religious extremism, and hatred for the Great Satan.  Sarah’s a lost soul who finds salvation in Jesus.

Although interweaving three characters’ stories into a single plot, Sones scenes transition smoothly and his writing flows well.  The story-line flows naturally and fluidly as Sones takes the reader into a chaotic world ushering in the Antichrist.  Using Bible scripture, Sones highlights the salvation plan and the coming events.  Whether you are religious, believe in the “end of days” or are a non-believer, this book will grab you and not let go.  From each character’s backstory, pagan rituals, the Mark of Beast, the Tribulation, and world domination, I found myself glued to my E-reader. 




Diamonds For Christmas By Holly Blair


A Juniper Falls Holiday Romance

Diamonds For Christmas
Diamonds For Christmas










Ruby Parkers meddling Aunt Muriel and her sister are setting Ruby up with eligible bachelors.  However, each one has been a dud.  With Ruby alone after breaking her engagement to Declan Rossi a year ago, they have decided enough is enough;  they want her settled and married.

Little do they know, Declan is back in town and planning to stay.  He and Ruby decide to have a fake engagement to get Ruby’s family off her back and his family off his.  In steps fate, and things heat up for Declan and Ruby.  Will this fake engagement turn into the real thing?   My romance book reviews of Diamonds For Christmas follows.


Diamonds For Christmas is a second chance sweet romance.  A short read of seventy-seven pages, the reader finds a cute, sincere, abiding, love story.  Ruby has ghosts she must face and lay to rest before she can commit to Declan again.  However, fear has her in its grip.  Meanwhile, Declan is determined Ruby will not get away again.

Holly Blair created a light, cute, sweet, romance which can be read at any time of the year.  A second chance at love, with the same person, does not come often.  However, Ruby and Declan have a chance to grab love and happiness;  if Ruby can conquer her fears.  Bringing the story to an end with a crisis creates an opportunity for Ruby to face her fears head-on.  Set in the small town of Jupiter Falls, I liked the small town feel of the story, as well as, Aunt Muriel’s determination.  Blair’s scenes transitioned smoothly, and her writing flowed well.  As a result, Diamonds For Christmas is an easy book to read.


Buzzy and Thomas Move Into The President’s House by Vicki Tashman


Buzzy and Thomas Move into the President's House by Taahman
Buzzy and Thomas Move into the President’s House, COVER









Story-Line Buzzy And Thomas Move Into The President’s House by Vicki Tashman

In Buzzy and Thomas Move Into The President’s House, author Vicki Tashman, created an excellent story and teaching tool for young children.  Buzzy, a beautiful female dog, lives a glamorous life in the country.  Her master, Thomas Jefferson, newly elected President of the United States, is moving to the President’s house.  Buzzy is not sure about leaving her beloved country life and all her friends.

Come and follow Buzzy as she comes to terms with the move.  My children’s fiction book reviews of Buzzy and Thomas Move Into The President’s House follows.

Characters, Plotting, Development:

What an excellent teaching book for children.  In Buzzy And Thomas Move Into The President’s House, not only will the child learn history, but also how to handle a move.  Moving is always traumatic for a child;  Buzzy gives the child a different view of moving.  Reading this story several times before the move will give the child/children a reference to Buzzy’s experience. The child or children need not be in the progress of moving to enjoy this story. This book is geared for young children ages 4-8.  The pictures will hold the young child‘s interest, and the story is interesting. The story’s well-developed with a variety of interesting characters.

In concluding my children’s fiction book reviews of Buzzy And Thomas Move Into The President’s House, I found a solidly written story which will hold the child‘s attention.  An excellent teaching tool, the book‘s well constructed with well-thought-out characters. With the length of 42 pages, the child or children will not become bored. For younger children, the book need not be read in one


Waking Lazarus By D. J. Williams


Waking Lazarus by D. J. Williams
Waking Lazarus, Cover


Author D. J. Williamsmystery crime novel, Waking Lazarus, an action-packed thriller, enmeshes the reader into a many-layered story-line.  Jake Harris’s commissioned by Doc Warren to write his memoir;  Doc’s an old friend of Jake’s estranged father.  Warren begins his narrative with his knowledge of Sister Evelyn, 1920’s evangelist.  When Jake finds Warren murdered the next day, his life takes on a full-tilt drive of a lifetime.  Jake received just enough information on Evelyn Shaw to whet his appetite.  What started as a memoir quickly morphed into a something much more;   the criminal elements of the world realize what has happened.  Jake Harris, down and out addict, finds himself involved in a fight for his life.

Deaths, shootouts, conspiracies, murders, and criminals galore, pepper this deeply involved story.   From the highest levels of government to an organization formed to protect the criminal underground and silence 1920’s Evangelist/revolutionary Sister Evelyn Harris, to present day arch criminals.  Come along and follow Jake and company as they ferret out the secrets of Sister Evelyn and the impact on the world today.  Who or what is Lazarus?  That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question, and only by reading Waking Lazarus can you find out!  Grab a comfortable seat, my mystery suspense novel/book reviews of Waking Lazarus follows.


Firstly, I must say how enthralled I was with this book.  I could not put it down.  From one fast-paced scene to another, author D. J. Williams leads the reader through a maze of conspiracies, criminals, and deaths.  In the beginning, I was not sure this book would be my cup of tea.  It did not take long before I knew this was a powerhouse of a book.  A complicated conspiracy with many intensely driven characters and layers, Williams hooks the reader and does not let go as he leads you through his story.  What a story this is!


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