Silver City Seductions By Laura Fletcher



A Western Cowboy Mail Order Bride Romance; Book 1

Silver City Seductions by Laura Fletcher
Silver City Seductions, Cover











Silver City Seductions is a sweet romance straight out of the old west.  Victoria Nolan is alone in the world since the death of her parents.  Working as a waitress, barely making ends meet, Victoria’s rooked into an unsavory situation by an evil man.  Upon realizing the hotel he has brought her to is a brothel, Victoria runs hard and long.  Her last stop is Silver City.

Silver City is a small town and Sam Flynn’s home.  Sam and his three ranch hands have run through a multitude of housekeepers.  Victoria seems the answer to his prayers. Not only is Victoria an excellent housekeeper and cook, but the attraction between Sam and Victoria also grows daily.

But evil is still stalking Victoria?  Will Sam be able to protect Victoria?  When Sam learns the truth, will he forgive Victoria?  Come along and have a seat, my western romance book reviews of Silver City Seduction follows.



Firstly, let me say Silver City Seductions is a relaxing easy read for a lazy afternoon.  A short novella, the author, could not explore the depth and character development of the novella’s parent, the novel, due to the short length of novellas.   However, Fletcher did a good job of including everything needed to craft a solid story.  Secondly, Fletcher created a strong woman in Victoria.  Women, of necessity, had to be strong in the west to survive, Victoria is such a woman.

Furthermore, in Sam, Fletcher created a knight in shining armor.  Yes, he has his issues. However, he is ever ready to protect and care for Victoria.  I found the plot progressed smoothly without starts and stops; it did not lag or bog down.  Containing one love scene, which takes place after marriage, I found the scene inoffensive; it was not erotica or graphic sex, but a loving scene between two people in love.


At The Stroke Of Midnight By Kate Palmer


(A Fairly Western Tale Book 1)

At The Stroke Of Midnight
At The Stroke Of Midnight, Cover


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.



At The Stroke of Midnight, by author Kate Palmer‘s a sweet clean romance with a happy ever after ending and a fairy tale quality.

Ella Fairfax father’s will stipulated she must complete her master’s degree before her 25th birthday or lose her inheritance of Diamond Hallow Ranch.  Ella Fairfax is running out time.  Step-mother Lucinda seems to always place stumbling blocks in front of Ella’s college degree.  Also, Lucinda has leased Diamond Hallow with an option to buy to the Woodland Homes Foundation and head COO Jonas Stone Duke, Jr.

Ella always believes the best of everyone;  including scheming Lucinda.  Head of the Woodland Homes Foundation, Jonas, seeking refuge from his notoriety has taken resident at Diamond Hallow.  He and Ella have a bang-up beginning, neither telling the other who they are.  Ella must keep her presence secret from step-mother Lucinda to finish her degree without interference;  Stone is seeking relief from his notoriety


Long Journey Home By Caroline Johnson


Rocky Brook Cowboys Book 1

Long Journey Home
Long Journey Home










In Long Journey Home, Holly raised on the Rocky Brook Ranch, finds herself headed back home; without a job and little money left in the bank.  Never wanting the ranch life of dirt, manure, and hard work, she made her mark in the big city.  When her company merges with another, she lost her job.  Looking for work for six months, Holly has no choice except return to Rocky Brook and her family.

Upon her arrival, Spence, a nuisance from her childhood, meets her at the car. However, he’s matured and turned into a handsome man she does not recognize. Her sister reveals his identity to Holly.  From here Holly’s thrown into further disarray; for she feels immediate attraction.  However, Holly does not want to live on a ranch, the city life’s for her.

Holly finds she can not tell her father why she’s back; although she does tell her sisters and mother.  She’s afraid he will consider her a failure and she’ll see disappointment on his face.  How will Holly tell her father about her situation?  Will love bloom between Spence and Holly?  Will Spence convince Holly he will give her the life she wants on the ranch along with his love?  My romance book review of Long Journey Home follows


Long Journey Home’s a sweet contemporary romance filled with angst and family dynamics.  None us want to let down our parent, Johnson shows how unnecessary our worries.  As Holly found in Long Journey Home, parents love unconditionally even when we think they’re disappointed.


Promises Kept by Scarlett Dunn

promises kept

Big Strong Cowboy

Needy Woman

Victoria works in a boarding house in St Louis, Missouri as the cook.   She arrived with two small boys in tow claiming they were her brothers. That was not exactly the truth; she took the boys with her when she left a saloon in Abilene two years ago to save them from the orphanage.


She needs a husband to help her care for the boys, provide a home, and a father figure. The boys keep asking for a Pa. She won’t consider a cowboy, as one had almost raped her; she had nothing but bad trouble with cowboys.


She advertises for a husband out west and travels to Promise, Wyoming to farmer Chet Barlow; he was the only that did not make reference to her wifely duties. The writers were very explicit in what they expected whether they married her or not.


Before leaving St Louis for Promise she served dinner to huge handsome cowboy, Colt McBride, from Wyoming in town checking on an inheritance left from his uncle.


High Country Spring Las Morenas #3 by Genevieve Turner

high country spring


Hunky Cowboy

Independent Woman

A Mercantile Marriage



Story Line:

Franny Morena is one of the heirs to the Morena Ranch; her father has spoiled her by allowing her to work by his side in total disregard to societies rules of the day.  Her brother Juan, will take over the leadership role once their father retires.


Franny knows no fear and will not fit into the mold that her family and the ranch foreman Felipe desire.  Felipe has set himself as Franny’s protector, watching over her in secret to keep her from harm of her own obstinate ways.


She wants to work the ranch; to use her abilities, Franny can run the ranch as well as any man.

From the first few page author, Genevieve Turner, created a character in Felipe that has a big problem he would deny if confronted.   He’s attracted to Franny and he knows he can never fit into her life.


He is on the outside looking in, sitting at the table but never sleeping in the big house, always the hired hand never the son.  Ms. Turner gave us a look at class distinction in 1903, but this was overcome by Ms. Turner as the story progressed.  Neither will he admit that he is close to loving Franny.


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