With Good Intentions By Jo Huddleston

A Historical Romance Novella (Secret Identity Book 1)


With Good Intentions by Jo Huddleston
With Good Intentions, Cover



Author Jo Huddlestons latest novella set in 1959, With Good Intentions’, a clean sweet satisfying romance.  When big corporation meets small business owner, the sparks fly along with deception.   William Wainworth, son of CEO Oscar Wainworth, finds himself sent to Conroy, Alabama. Wainworth’s, in negotiations for a block of businesses, has one hold out.  William’s instructed to persuade the owners to sell the hole-in-the-wall ice cream parlor, regardless of how long it takes.

William has a plan to gain the confidence of the two women, mother and daughter owners.  He decides to use a false name and occupation, befriending them at the ice cream parlor.  Upon meeting Jean, the daughter and co-owner, William’s struck dumb.  Attraction flares on both side.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”.  How will William tell Jean his real name without loosing her trust?  Can their budding romance survive his deception?  Can the fact his intentions were


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