The Accident By Glen Ebisch


The Accident
The Accident










Karen Walker, a former homicide detective, is alive yet not living life.  After a terrible auto accident, the death of her husband in the crash, and numerous surgeries, she lived in limbo.  A call from her friend, Clarissa Hammett begging for help changes things for Karen.  Clarissa’s sister, Justine, is missing and the police are no help.  Karen leaves her hermit-like existence to find Justine.

Moving into the house Justine occupied before her disappearance, taking a job at the same restaurant, and nosing around, Karen knows she has hard work ahead.  With a variety of characters from the antagonistic Audrey to the handsome Sam and many more, Karen interviews and questions each one.  Then Paul, her husband’s brother and Justine’s estranged husband, Jimmy, show up to cause even more problems.

Has Justine been kidnapped?  Is she alive or dead?  Who keeps trying to kill Karen?  Has Karen gotten too close to the truth?  Come along with Karen as she ferrets out the facts and deals with side issues.  My mystery book reviews of The Accident follow.


I found The Accident an intriguing mystery story.  Author Glen Ebisch created first-class suspense in The Accident.   Filled with twists and turns, many suspects, and an unexpected action-packed, mouth dropping finale, Ebisch created a tale which will rivet the reader.  I found myself unable to close my E-reader until I read the last sentence.  Ebisch‘ plotting is excellent as he added element upon element to this story.  His scenes transition well and his writing flow smoothly.  As a result, I could see the scenes and feel the characters emotions.  I became enmeshed in the lives of the characters immediately.  Karen’ character portrays an intelligent, savvy woman who faced the worse life could throw.  Karen lived in isolated limbo for months; breathing but not living life.  As a result, it was terrific to watch Ebisch develop her character.


Stormy Weather By Glen Ebisch



Stormy Weather by Glen Ebisch
Stormy Weather, Cover











Author Glen Ebisch’s mystery suspense crime novel, Stormy Weather is a first-rate thriller.  Stormy McCloud, resident meteorologist, finds herself involved in murder, mayhem, theft, and possibly romance.  Stormy as the new junior weather girl, has acquired a lot of fans and received fan mail due her popularity.  However head meteorologist, Travis Lambert, finds her fame threatening.  Rude, self-centered, and vain, Travis threatens Stormy with dismissal.  Things are not happy at the local television station.  A place full of personalities, back biting, stabbing, and lies.

When a contractor discovers Travis body buried on Stormy’s property, she’s in big trouble of the legal kind.  Murder, mayhem, and suspicion ensue.  Enter stage right, our hero, Chance Malone, Bible verse quoting Private Detective.  Hired by the station manager to look into the murder, Chance and Stormy embark on an


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