Power Struggle By Carolyn Arnold


Detective Madison Knight Series Book 8

Power Struggle
Power Struggle










Constantine Romanov almost killed Detective Madison Knight, ten months ago.  Romanov fled to Russia and his Russian Mafia partners after his arrest.  In Power Struggle, Madison’s in therapy to deal with the aftermath of the trauma Romanov inflicted.  Madison’s called to the murder scene of Jimmy Bates; he’s the man who killed her grandfather. Released from prison and working as an accountant, Bates murder‘s gruesome.  He’s stabbed twenty-seven times.  Madison remembers the death of Lillian Norton; murdered in almost the same fashion.  A crime committed by Constantine Romanov.

Even though Madison’s watching her every move, Romanov leaves a note on her car threatening her and the ones she loves.  Will Madison win this war with Romanov or will he succeed in killing her?  My book reviews of Power Struggle follows.


Author Carolyn Arnold created an intense crime drama in Power Struggle.  Giving Madison many issues to overcome, her character’s realistic and believable.  After all, who wouldn’t have problems with flashbacks and emotional trauma after her ordeal she experienced.  Not only did the trauma affect her mentally, but she’s also suffering physical problems.  A strong, smart, and determined woman, Madison’s frighted of Romanov’s capacity for cruelty.  Madison has found love with Troy and worries for his and her friend’s safety;  however, will their love survive this case?   Does she believe in their love will last the long haul?


Written In Blood By Layton Green


Written In Blood
Written In Blood










In Written In Blood, Detective Joe “Preach” Everson, is back in his hometown of Creekville, N. C.  After several breakdowns and the trauma of his last investigation in Atlanta, Preach needs to refuel and recoup.  Preach never suspected the bohemian town of Creekville would be the sitting for several brutal murders with literary connections.  Beginning with the killing of the local bookstore owner in a scene taken from Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Preach is in for a roller coaster ride.

Ariana Hale, an employee of the bookstore, law student, and bibliophile, helps Preach with the literary connections.  As the murders continue, time is running for Preach to solve these deaths, as well as, his and Ariana’s life.  My book reviews of Written In Blood follows.



Layton Green created a police procedural which will knock your socks off.  With characters which are full-bodied, believable, and well-developed, Layton Green packed this book with a whirlwind of action, people, and relationships.  I found the premise intriguing, and the action nonstop as Green led me through this investigation.  Green created the typical small town which could be located anywhere in America.  Under the humble town facade, the reader finds greed, corruption, crime, deviance, and murder.  To all appearances, Creedville is the perfect community until you dig under the surface and the scum floats to the top.

Detective Joe “Preach” Everson’s character will fascinate the reader.  From preacher to prison chaplain to detective, Joe “Preach” Everson’s life has been one of turmoil and pain;  he thought he had seen the worse man could offer.  Hoping to recoup and restore in Creekville, Preach finds himself in the middle of multi-faceted murders.   He’s a man torn by guilt, mental breakdowns, and the need to protect, serve, and provide justice;   with his mental stability in question, he’s ordered to see a therapist.  His therapist of choice is his Aunt Jane.  She takes his case with a caveat;  he will be referred to someone else if she finds he has a problem.


Literally Murder By Eryn Scott


A Pepper Brooks Cozy Mystery Book 2

Literally Murder
Literally Murder










Pepper and Liv are in the last year of college;  each is looking forward to the future, but sad they will part.   Alec has been to law enforcement training and just returned.  Things are a little different between Pepper and Alec; they can’t seem to connect as they did before he left and frustration’s setting in.

When Pepper finds a student face down in the creek, Alec insists she stay out of the case.  Of course, Pepper does her best, but everyone keeps bringing her clues.  What’s she to do?  She fields the clues to Alex and his father.  However, when two more girls turn up dead, Pepper’s has a hard time setting on the sidelines.  Then when Liv’s life’s in harm’s way, Pepper is off and running.  My book review of Literally Murder follows.


Eryn Scott‘s writing keeps getting better and better.  Scott sank the hook in early and held me on the line until the final page.  Filling Literally Murder with intrigue, mystery, suspense, and quotes from Hemingway.  With a quick quote for any given situation, Pepper’s deep in classes on Hemingway with Professor Evensworth.

Scott kept the mystery and suspense at high peak and did not reveal the killer until the last possible moment.  To say I was surprised would be an understatement.  I never considered this person.  Scott matured Pepper in this book;  she’s not as ready to accuse after what happened in book 1.  However, she has quite a cast of suspects to choose from until they each come up with an alibi.


Girl Of Great Price By Milo James Fowler


Girl of Great Price
Girl of Great Price










Private Investigator Charlie Madison’s, in the thick of things in Girl Of Great Price.  A crime noir set in the future, Madison’s hired to find a young kidnapped Japanese girl.  Knowing if he doesn’t find her within 48 hours, she’ll probably be dead, Madison takes the case.

What Madison finds defies imagination, even in a world run by Russian mobsters and mandroids. My book review of Girl of Great Price follows.


Milo James Fowler‘s short story, Girl of Great Price, reminds the reader of hard-boiled 1940’s television P.I. shows.  However, Madison has heart in a world which destroyed itself with global madness of war and environmental excess.  Milo James Fowler created a hero for a time which needed all the hero’s it could find.

Fowler held the mystery of the girl close to his chest and did not reveal the why, where, what, and when until necessary.  A short read of fifty-one pages, Fowler, packed the pages full of action and suspense.  Fowler’s scenes transitioned smoothly and his writing flowed well.  With fast paced action and an intriguing story-line, devotees of crime noir will love Milo James Fowler‘s Charlie Madison and the Girl of Great Price.  Although not my tea of cup, I can appreciate the skill with which Fowler crafted this story; giving it 4 stars for composition, structure, development, and pacing.


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan By Clabe Polk


The Adventures Of Harry Morgan
The Adventures Of Harry Morgan










Adventures of Harry Morgan has 3 stories, all with our main man Harry as the lead character; the stories are interconnecting. The first 2 blend together and the last story features Harry and friends.

Collegial Conspiracy Part 1

In Collegial Conspiracy, we find a retired Harry.  But Harry’s retirement is anything but quite.  When his old friend, Wiley Middleton contacts him with a request, Harry doesn’t know how to say no.  Wiley’s dying from an inoperable brain tumor.  He doesn’t want to leave his wife, Amanda, in debt nor watching him die.  Wiley left home, leaving Amanda a note, asking her not to look for him.

His one request of Harry; well it’s a dilly.  Wiley wants Harry to help him rob a bank.  Fascinated with Bonnie and Clyde, Wiley’s determined to go to jail for the medical care.  Harry reluctantly agrees.  However, when Amanda contacts Harry’s wife, Jean, for help finding Wiley, he’s in a pickle of lies and conspiracies.  Then when Wiley’s “never do well” son, Tony, shows up, things really get complicated.

Emilio Part 2

Amanda and Wiley’s son, Tony, left Oregon just ahead of the law.  Harry finds himself playing detective after Tony tells his tale of woe.  A campus police officer, Tony became involved with a two drug addicts who committed suicide.  Harry will find himself in another pickle as the suicide turns into much more and ends up smack dab next to the bank robbery case; you could say rubbing elbow with the robbery case.  Amanda ask Harry to help prove Tony’s innocent.  Simple you say; not so much.  Suddenly things ramp up as they discover the overdose and suicide may not be as simple as it seems.  Much more’s in play, and simple turns into complicated.

Pirates Of Cayo Pelau Part 3

Harry finally purchased his dream boat.  Hoping to treasure hunt just this side of legal, Harry and friends head out on a sail and treasure hunting.  You ask how can treasure hunting turn dangerous?  Harry and friends stumble upon a slave running ring with inside connections.  A night in jail, a court appearance, and release on bail, do not slow Harry down.  Harry’s determined to free the slaves and bring the criminals to justice.  Yes, he’s in a pickle again.


When I started this book, I thought I would not like the story.  Wow, was I wrong.  In a matter pages, I was hooked and could not read this book fast enough.  Reviews, at times, are hard to write, this book was easy to review.  At times funny, at times sad, and at times filled with snips, snarks, one liners, plenty of action, and the unstoppable Harry.  Harry’s character’s strong, intelligent, and he’s a steadfast friend, who’s loyal and willing to go the extra mile. Although a senior citizen, he’s far from old and feeble.

I laughed and laughed as Wiley told Harry the what, when and how of his plan; and the bumbling robbery was hilarious and sad at the same time. Polk included humor, sadness, intrigue, and serious issues in this book; a combination which made a highly entertaining read.

Selfish and self-centered, Tony blames everyone except the true culprit for his problems.  He has an attitude of entitlement.  Someone’s always out to get him and the world owes him something for all his troubles.  I wanted to give him a good old-fashioned spanking and tell him to grow up.  Clabe Polk crafted a totally unlikable person in Tony.  Just when I thought he might have a few redeeming qualities, he proved me wrong.  I found myself doing a high-five when Amanda stood up to him and gave him what for.

In the third story, the action, snips, and repartee never ends. Harry’s ready to have fun and adventure. Polk grabs the reader’s attention with a fast paced action story-line.  Between the women and men, I don’t know who’s the funniest.  However, the story covers the serious crime of human trafficking.  Some of the characters are despicable and truly unlikable.  Polk skillfully showed age is not a deciding factor in the pursuit of justice.  As well as, showing as long as humans have unsavory greedy characteristics, no occupation will be safe from corruption.

The Adventures of Harry Morgan, a fast paced book filled with emotion, action, intrigue, mystery, and criminal activity, will hold your attention from start to finish.  With well-developed realistic characters and plots which are believable, Polk created a fine mystery crime book.  You will love the “old farts” as one criminal termed them and the unsavory characters you will love to hate. Polk included a variety, from bigots and drug dealers to slave runners in these three stories.

I found Clabe Polk’s writing style flowed well with scenes which transition smoothly from scene to scene; making The Adventures of Harry Morgan easy to read and enjoyable.   Perfect for a lazy afternoon of reading in your favorite chair with a beverage by your side; sit back and enjoy The Adventure Of Harry Morgan.  I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.



Additionally, I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book with honest book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, no one influences my voluntary book reviews.





Lady Likes The Lord by Eleanor Meyers



Lady Likes The Lord
Lady Likes The Lord










Maria Kay takes starring role in Lady Likes The Lord.  Known as the good sister, Maria has secrets.  If only the Ton knew the real Maria.  Finally deciding to take a husband, Maria sets her sights on Cole Leverton, Lord Marion; Cole has loved Maria for years.  Now the time is right and she’s ready to break the Kay-Abbey curse.  She refuses to follow her sisters and marry an Abbey, especially Edmund.

Edmund does not want love and refuses to fall under its spell as his brothers did.  However, he will have Maria, she is his and he intents to make her his wife.  But fate has much in store for Maria and Edmund.  Adventure, action, romance, and secrets swirling around Regency London, awaits the reader in Lady Likes The Lord.  My Regency romance book reviews follows.


Set in 1832, Regency England, Meyers latest addition to the Abbey Brothers Series, Lady Likes The Lord, grabbed me immediately.  With Meyers vivid descriptions, I could see the fancy ballrooms and all the Ton dressed to impress. As well as, see the back street taverns including the low life and criminal elements, almost smell the horse-flesh, and felt Edmund’s frustration.  The criminal element Meyers crafted for Lady Likes The Lord, made my skin crawl.  A truly evil man without conscience or a sense of right and wrong.  Filling her tale with emotion, action, and secrets, I read this book straight through as I could not put it down. I was back with old friends from the earlier books, learning the latest in their lives, and loving every minute spent with them.  I love books with recurring characters;  the Kay sisters and the Abbey brothers never fail to entertain.


Last Word By Robin Mahle


(A Kate Reid Novel Book 7)

Last Word
Last Word










In Last Word, Book 7 of the Kate Reid series by author Robin Mahle, the reader finds Kate applying to the BAU.  She’s also involved in a high-profile murder case.  Women, murdered by an unknown assailant, are found with a cloth note in their mouth.  On the cloth written with lipstick, they see the word, Whore.  Kate finds Congressman Grant Copeland, the only link between the victims. Kate and the team must stop this killer before the bodies mount.  Dealing with a high-profile member of Congress, a cop in charge of the investigation who’s probably on the take and dirty, while waiting to hear from her application to the BAU, Kate has her hands full in this exciting book.  My book review of Last Word follows.


I must say, the Last Word by author Robin Mahle‘s an action-packed roller coaster ride of excitement.  I was on the edge of my sit from the first page to the last.  Filling this book with many twists and turns, intrigue, action, and suspense, Last Word’s a great addition to the Kate Reid series. Just when I thought I had it all worked out another plot line appeared.  Mahle had many threads to bring together in Last Word, which she did with skill while keeping the suspense at high peak and the story flowing smoothly.

With a variety of characters, Robin Mahle developed to their full potential;  you’ll not be disappointed in Last Word.  I found Mahle‘s detailing of the FBI, profilers, and agents exciting and informative.  A profile does not suddenly appear in thirty minutes as it does on television.  It takes time to create an accurate profile of the suspect, long hours, a lot of investigation, and hard work.  Mahle gave us a fascinating look inside the FBI;  as well as, the territorial disrupts between agencies.


Out Of the Shadows By Emma Carrie



The Tacket Secret Book 1

Out Of the Shadows
Out Of the Shadows










Detective Victoria Tacket, a driven detective in Golden City, New York and Emily Brelin, a teen on the run from a monster, feature in Out Of The Shadows. Emily’s running from the General, who trained her as an assassin.  When Victoria’s friend, Jen, dies she’s floored;  and to top it off, Jen ask her to take guardianship of Emily.   What does she know about raising and mentoring a kid?  After all, she has issues of her own she can’t face and resolve. She’s not mother material.

Victoria decides to let CPS take the care of her.  Unbeknownst to Victoria, Emily, over-hearing her decision, runs from the conference room where Victoria left her to wait.  The CPS agent, an incompetent piece of work, gives Victoria a letter from Jen;  asking Victoria to take guardianship or let Emily go as she’s safer on the streets where her unanimity’s protected.  Knowing she has already contacted missing persons to place Emily’s photo and information on the street, she races to erase all trace of Emily from the police system.

This begins the story of the relationship between Victoria and Emily. Victoria knows she must find Emily and keep her safe. From what or who, she doesn’t know;  after reading Jen’s letter she knows it must be bad .  The race is on to find Emily and persuade her she wants to take over guardianship, and protect her from the threats on the street of Golden City, New York. My review of Out Of The Shadows follows.



Reaching Kylee: Book 1 (A Kellam High Novel 0) By Tamara Hart Heiner




Reaching Kylee By Tamara Hart Heiner
Reaching Kylee, Cover




Author Tamara Hart Heiner crafted a great young adult mystery romance novel in Reaching Kylee.  When Pierce Hudson’s mother died, his world changed forever.  Left without a maternal anchor, Pierce has not resolved the issue of his mother’s death.  His life now seems superficial and inadequate. Hoping to give the family a new start, Pierce’s father moves them to a new area, new house, and new high school.

Pierce finds his next door neighbor scary.  Not just scary, they are crazy, the law comes around often, and their daughter has disappeared.  Solving the mystery of Kylee’s disappearance becomes an all-consuming obsession for Pierce.  Will Pierce ferret out the circumstances surrounding his next door neighbors?  Has Kylee run away or is she dead?


Engadine Aerie By Bluette Matthey


A Hardy Durkin Travel Mysteries series (Hardy Durkin Travel Mystery Book 5)

Engadine Aerie by Bluette Matthey
Engadine Aerie, cover



In Engadine Aerie, Hardy Durkin is in Switzerland helping his friend, Abbey, with a new skiing business adventure.  Everything seems normal until Hardy and Princess Maryam find a murdered body on the ski trail.  With attempts on his life, Isis, and terrorist on his trail, Hardy’s in for a rip-roaring time.  Add in the beautiful falcons and scenery, well you guessed it, Hardy’s solving another case.


From the start of Engadine Aerie, the reader’s enmeshed in the beauty and history of Europe, past and present.  With great attention to detail, Matthey, gives insight to the past and present politics, as well as, wonderful history lessons on the Knights Templar.  The action begins almost immediately and continues to roll to the end of the novel.  With twists and turns, plots and sub plots,


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