Island Secrets (The Island Escape Series Book 1) By R. T. Wolfe

Island Secrets



Peaceful Island Life

Treasure, Love,

Abuse And Murder

This Novel Has It All!



Zoe Clearwater lives in a small gulf community on beautiful Ibis Island off Florida’s coast; she had a perfect life.  A family that was loving and close; 2 sisters, Raine and Willow, a brother Seth, a thriving diving business and a gift shop.  Then her brother, Seth, diving alone disappears.  Her world changed.  She held herself responsible.  She sold her business to Dane Corbin;  childhood friend, playboy, and treasure hunter.


As with most small communities everyone knows everyone’s business, at least they thought they did.  But secrets abound in this small community.  Secrets that were the reason for murder.


Zoe has searched the gulf waters for Seth since his disappearance; she suddenly finds a skull with a knife through the eye in a small cavern.


From this point, the story rushes forward.  ls this Seth, was it murder, if so, why?  All will be answered as secrets are revealed.



Zoe’s character was developed skillfully by Author R. T. Wolfe.  Zoe grows throughout the novel as she comes to terms with the death of her brother and to realize Dane is a rock she can lean upon. I enjoyed watching Zoe’s growth from an insecure grieving young woman to a secure confident woman who knew her worth and accepted she was responsible for her life choices and Seth was responsible for his life choices. As Dane stated:

you’re different, he said……Confident. Calm. Collected.  And sexy as hell.


Dane’s character has hidden depths.  As his depths were revealed, he is not seen as a playboy and fortune hunter but a good man with principles and a giving loving nature.  The relationship between Zoe and Dane was skillfully developed by Ms. Wolfe from adversary to love.  The love scenes were steamy and intense.

With her, he was a man.  He was whole.  He would ask her and, if needed drag her off to the nearest desert island and make her say yes.


The interaction with Zoe’s family was wonderful.  I loved their closeness, yet they were allowed to be individuals by Zoe’s parents.  Ms. Wolfe’s portrayal of this family made my heart sing.  Ms. Wolfe’s portrayal of Zoe’s mother, Harmony, was a hoot.  What a woman; I loved her!  At times I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Ms. Wolfe will keep you guessing in this tale of mystery, treasure, secrets, and murder.  The revelation of the secrets was skillfully done by the author.  The plots, twists and turns, and pacing in this novel will keep you reading.  You will not want to stop until the last page.


Ms. Wolfe has many threads in this story and she did a wonderful job bringing them all together to form a cohesive tale of love, family, treasure, abuse, and murder.  When the villain was revealed, I was very surprised along with why the murder occurred.  The suspense level was high and kept me glued to the pages.


The information Ms. Wolfe included about the endangered turtle conservation program and the descriptions of the sea life, the island along with Florida’s beauty, and the diving in those waters were vivid.  I could see the color of sea, the turtles, and flowers from her descriptions.



I recommend this book for young adult to adult due to sexual content; it is not graphic sex but love between an emotionally involved couple.  This is a good book that was easy to read, had an intriguing plot, and kept my interest. I look forward to book number two in this series.


I received this book from the Author and eBook Discovery Read & Review Club in return for an honest review.


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r t wolfe


Ms Wolfe was born and raised in the Midwest.  She has 3 boys, does a lot of traveling to sports events, and loves to watch eagles .  She also assist several nonprofit groups that support her work in literature.

Ms. Wolfe’s first book, Black Creek Burning, was a best seller overall on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in 2013.  She is currently working on the fourth installment of the Nickie Savage Series which will be released later this year.

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