No Cats Allowed By Miranda James

no cats allowed

What Do You Like?

If You Like Murder Mysteries, This One Is For You!

It Was Murder; Murder Most Foul!  But To A Richly Deserving Victim!

No Cats Allowed By Miranda James Opens The Office Doors!

Diesel, a beautiful Maine Coon cat, is back on the job at the university library with his owner Charlie, along with a cast of characters.  Author Miranda James infused this book with awesome characters and opens wide the door to the interoffice turmoil, accusations, crying, anger, friendship, and a violent murder.


What Follows Is A Character Assassination Of Ms. James Murder Victim! 🙂

Ms. James portrayal of the murder victim’s character was skillful, she made you want to stand up and cheer when he was found dead.  Ms. James really created an obnoxious character in Reilly. He was a character you love to hate. What a twerp!  What follows is an investigation that filled with suspects and emotions.


Suspects Created By Ms. James:

Ms. James filled the book with a variety of suspects, with various motives to kill the new library director, Oscar Reilly.   All the suspects are upstanding employees, who have crossed swords and words with the director, along with Reilly’s ex-brother-in-law that suddenly appears just before the murder.


Emotion Filled Characters

Miranda James created characters filled with rolling emotion; lots of crying on Charlie’s shoulders with lots of petting Diesel. Diesel is a wonderful character, as he almost seems human and adds an extra element to this tale.



Miranda James kept me guessing the identity of who committed the crime and why; she held my interest throughout the book as she skillfully wove this murder mystery with interesting suspects.  Her development of the characters was good and the pacing, though a little slow in the beginning of the book,  picked up speed quickly. I loved this story, and Diesel is such a wonderful character, you just might to run out and get your own Maine Coon.


I received this book from the Publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest opinion.

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