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Bless me Father


  Insidious Evil

Murder and Pedophilia

Three People Determined To Find The Truth

A Roller Coaster Ride From Start To Finish




First I must say, Author Georgette Symonds, crafted a tale which grabs you from the first page.   Ms. Symonds wove a story which could be taken from today’s headlines.  Bless Me Father is an intriguing emotional novel of good and evil;  one Priest the ultimate evil, the other grief-stricken by the crime revealed to him.  As well as, the ultimate evil which has intruded into the very place of faith and sanctuary.

Father Eugene O’Reilly, a fiscal manager, travels where needed when accusations against a priest or parish occur;  he does his best to keep the parishes from financial destruction and solvent.  Consequently, on this day, Father O’Reilly receives a visit from an unknown priest who states:

“Bless me father for I have sinned.  Father do you believe in him whom no one knows? Yes, my son, Father O’Reilly said, I do.  Oh, thank god.  Father, I have the body of a boy in my trunk and I need your help in disposing of it.”

So begins our journey through the harrowing tale of psychopath, pedophile, murderer, cultist, and Priest, Father Nick Ragucci.  He is charming, handsome, and trusted by the community;  he’s secretly involved with evil worship and a cult buried deep in the fortress of faith.  In comparison, on the side of good we have Police Detectives Lawson and Washington, who realize early on something is off with Father Ragucci, causing them to take a long hard look at this charismatic Priest.  Likewise we have Father Reilly who is wrestling with his faith, duty, and vows.

Can Police Detectives Jamie Lawson and Fred Washington ferret out the truth, find the murderer and bring justice to the murdered boy and his family?  Will Father Eugene O’Reilly remain silent or damn his own soul?

Come and find out in Bless Me Father by Georgette Symonds.



Bless Me Father grabbed me immediately and did not let go until I read the last page.  As a result, I wanted to read about the next case falling on Lawson and Washington’s desk.  The story-line’s emotionally charged, powerful, and relevant to today.  As a result, I sat on pin and needles at times.

In addition, I found Ms. Symonds’ character development was thorough and skillful;  resulting in characters which are believable and real.  Duty, conscience, truth, and justice wrestle against the vows of Father O’Reilly;  subsequently I could almost feel his anguish as he wrestles with his faith and duty.  Ms. Symonds’ masterfully depicted Father Ragucci’s moral character;  hence, he is a character you will love to hate.

Detectives Lawson and Washington depicted as normal people with problems and faults, nevertheless, dedicated to their jobs as law enforcement officers.  Furthermore, Ms. Symonds law enforcement background was evident in her crafting of Bless Me Father.  The inter-workings of the police department and investigative style of the officers were believable and informative.

What’s more, author Georgette Symonds plotting and story-line development were in top form with a plot that is harrowing and intriguing as she reveals an evil underbelly in our most sacred place.   As a result, this story captured my imagination. The plot rolled along without lagging or slowing as she carries the reader from one scene to another seamlessly.  Hence, her portrayal of the toll tragedy takes on the family, as well as the officers and community, was heart-felt and real; her descriptions of the Catholic Church were insightful.

In conclusion, I found Bless Me Father a well-written solid crime novel.  The author’s story-telling skills are evident throughout the book and her writing style was clear, fresh and easy to follow.  As a result, Bless Me Father is not filled with fluff.



In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bless Me Father.  Therefore, I recommend this book without hesitation to anyone that enjoys a solid well-written and developed story.  However, due to subject, I feel this book best suited for young adult and adult.  I look forward to many more hours of entertainment from Georgette Symonds’ pen.

A Final Note:  I received Bless Me Father from the author in return for honest book review.  Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  consequently, book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.



Bio and Photo Provided By Author

Georgette Symonds was born and raised in an Irish Catholic family in Brooklyn, New York. She spent the first twelve years of her education in the parochial school system. After a career in nursing, Ms. Symonds Georgette Symondsvolunteered for the police department in their criminal investigations unit.  She went on to utilize her knowledge of spiritual and emotional conflict to become a published author with her first novel Look Not Upon Our Sins.

She is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild and Sisters in Crime and is a GoodReads Author.  Ms. Symonds was featured on the TV show For the Record. She has also been on radio shows, Tony Jackson’s Irish Country and New York’s KJOY 98.3 FM Jim& Kim’s Morning Show.

She currently resides in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida and may be reached via:



or on twitter @AuthorGSymonds

In addition, Ms. Symonds books are available on Kindle or in paper back at Amazon & Barnes & Noble.






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