Nine Buck’s Row by Jennifer Wilde writing as T. E. Huff

Nine Buck row


Jack The Ripper

Victorian London’s East Side

Evil, Mystery, Adventure, and Love


Author Jennifer Wilde has created this story in London’s east side which in the reign of Queen Victoria was a hell hole, during the day it was relatively safe.  At night evil reigned supreme, from young bucks looking for fun to the new evil of the murderer called the Ripper.


The Ripper kills silently, efficiently and very brutally.  Ms. Wilde’s descriptions of the east side were so vivid I could see each street and the activities taking place; I could see the trash and offal, I could almost smell the odors.


The heroine of the story is Susannah; she lives in the east side with her Aunt Marietta until her Aunt is violently killed.  Susannah moves in with Margaret, a distant cousin of Marietta’s; our hero Nicholas Craig, who is wealthy, sullen, cold, distant, and has a strange occupation of creating statistics lives temporarily with his Aunt Margaret until he completes his book of statistics.


Aunt Margaret also has a strange boarder, Mr. Lord, in her attic.  The stage is set for this murder mystery.  The Ripper is running a muck in London’s East Side and Susannah is trying to solve the mystery of her guardian, Ms. Margaret’s house on Nine Buck Row, and fighting her attraction to Nicholas; attraction which runs both ways.



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