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Behind The Scenes by Jen Turano
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Behind The Scenes set in New York high society, is filled with laughter, fun, and mystery.  Permilia Griswold, wall flower of the society set, hides on the fringes of the ballrooms.   Born to a miner who stroke it rich, part of the new wealthy of New York, Permilia is a step out of time with the high society’s gentility.   Thrifty, smart, and awkward, Permilia and her step-mother are ever at odds as Permilia stumbles and humbles her way through society.

During one of her escapades, she hears a murder plot against Asher Rutherford.  Permilia’s determined to save him from himself when he does not take her warning seriously.  While behind the scenes, much more’s going on.  Come along with Permilia, Asher, and company as they ferret out the latest secrets and plots.  My reviews of romance novel, Behind The Scenes, follows.


Not only is Behind The Scenes a fine romance, it has a lot of humor; I laughed repeatedly at the antics of Permilia Griswold.  Seeing high society from her perspective was refreshing.  Permilia’s awkward, uncoordinated, and let’s face it, walks to the beat of a different drummer.  As a result, she and others like her, the ones not as pretty or poised, or like Permilia hear a different drummer, find themselves the wall flowers of the balls.  How hurtful this must have been for the girls who did not have Permilia’s fortitude.  Does this bother Permilia?   Not in the least as she has other dreams and ambitions.

Furthermore, I loved the characteristics Turan instilled in Permilia’s character; I knew I would love to have her as a friend.  Not only smart, she’s definitely not a shrinking violet;  she would be a woman’s activist in today’s world. Permilia has a secret which no one is aware.  If revealed it could lead to disaster. Born before her time, Permilia is a shaker and mover.  I could imagine her commanding a board room with her personality alone.

The funniest thing I have ever read was Permilia’s gallop through the ball room during the Go-As-You-Please Quadrille.  I laughed until I cried.  How proud Permilia was of herself when the dance finished!  Asher was amazed, or was it appalled?  Either way Asher was the perfect gentleman; a true knight in shining armor.

Asher’s character is a product of his time;  women had a place and should not divert from their appointed place.  However Permilia has a decided effect on Asher’s attitudes as his character grew throughout the story-line.  To say he’s bemused by Permilia’s an understatement.  I could almost see Asher’s head spinning around as Permilia ran circles around him.  What starts as “what in the world” turns into “she is my world” as Permilia’s outlook on life permeates every corner of Ashe’s life.  What a wonderful romance novel!

In concluding my reviews of romance novel, Behind The Scenes, I found the plotting skillfully;  and the pace fast, smooth, and steady as Permilia turns New York society and Asher underside down.  I hope Turan turns this book into a series as I thoroughly enjoyed my visit with Permilia, Asher, and friends.   Won’t you love to read about Gertrude and Hamilton’s relationship; I just know there is romance on the horizon.  I see the chance for several books in the secondary characters of Behind The Scenes.



I would not hesitate to buy this book for my self or a friend.  Behind The Scenes will give hours of relaxing entertainment.


Additionally, I received this book from Netgalley and chose to voluntarily review the book/novel with an honest reviews for romance novel, Behind The Scenes. Furthermore, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book/novel review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book/novel reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  Furthermore, no one influenced my voluntary reviews for romance novel, Behind The Scenes.




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