All The Beautiful Brides by Rita Herron

Book Review

Thirty years ago three young girls were murder at what is now called Graveyard Falls. Thirty years ago, Johnny Pike was convicted of the murders. Thirty years to the day, another murder has occurred with the same m.o., and now Johnny is due for parole.


Mona, psychologist, amateur profiler, and the widow of a FBI agent now lives in Graveyard Falls, but she is there for a reason. She was given up for adoption from this town and she is determined to find her birth mother. She has an advice radio show and believes the evil psychotic killer may be calling her using the name Will.


Special Agent Cal Coulter was the best friend and partner of Mona’s husband, Brent; his boss sends him to Graveyard Falls to investigate and solve this new murder. Cal has always had a thing for Mona and Mona is returning his attentions.


Cal is holding back secrets from Mona, deep secrets. Meanwhile the Bride Killer, as the newspaper has name him, has killed another woman; both dressed as Brides and left at the falls. The town is scared, Mona is dealing with her attraction to Cal, Johnny has always said he was innocence but was he really, the former Sheriff who is very ill has lost his grip on reality or has he, and the killer is slipping deeper and deeper into his warped world.


There is a lot going in this small town; it is full of secrets, so many secrets, and mysteries that will come out in the end as secrets have a way of becoming revealed. This book has several plots, twist and turns that will keep the reader interested, the book does not lag in any way.


I found the action and suspense addictive. The characters, the story line, the plotting, and the pacing were just right. I thought several times I knew the answers to most of the secrets and mysteries, but I was wrong. Do not cheat and the read ending first, it will spoil the book. Be ready to be surprised.


This one is a spine tingling read. I recommend this book to anyone that likes a good solid criminal mystery story with lots of romance thrown in for good measure; this book keeps the suspense in high gear from the beginning to the end. I hope there are more books to come in this same vein.


I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.


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