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Driven To Death
Driven To Death










In Driven To Death, Bex Wynter’s life in New York had gone off the rails.  Losing her soul mate in an auto crash, almost destroyed her.  Needing to recoup and start in a new place, she accepts a position at the London Met.  Her first case will almost do her in when she finds herself heading up a new team investigating an auto crash.  Was it murder or an accident?  She and her team must ferret out the facts and determine the true cause of the death of two young people.  One an ordinary rebellious teenager, the other the son of a wealthy man in high places of government.  Evie Butterworth, watched as Bon’s car mowed down and killed her daughter, Clara.  Called a Saint because she immediately tried to save the driver, Evie’s seen by millions on YouTube.

Come along with Bex as she and her team learn there’s more to the story than first appeared.  My mystery suspense book review of Driven To Death follows


In Driven To Death, author Elleby Harper created a novel filled with mystery, suspense, and police proceduralHarper hooked me from the first pages of her book.  As she skillfully build the suspense and mystery, I could not read fast enough to satisfy my need to know.  With a multi-layered plot and well-developed characters of varying personalities, this book is a first- rate crime story.

Elleby Harper created differing outlooks, manner of dress, personalities, and investigative techniques, for Bex’s team members.  I found Quinn a riot;  I didn’t know whether to hate him or love him.  Jealous of the American placed in a position he thought he should have received, his snarks and snips at Bex will make you laugh and then, make you want to shake him.  I loved the nerdy personality of Reuben, a former real estate salesman, who suddenly finds himself a trainee DC on the Youth Crimes Team under command of Bex.  The wrinkled seasoned warrior Eli, and stylish Idris, round out the team.


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