All-Butter ShortDead By H. Y. Hanna


Prequel: Oxford Tearoom Mysteries ~ Book 0

All-Butter ShortDead
All-Butter ShortDead










Gemma’s headed back home to England in All-Butter ShortDead.  Giving up a high paying job in Australia, Gemma’s decided to open a tearoom in Oxford.  Flying home, she meets Jenn Murray, a fellow passenger, on the 24 hour flight.  Jenn and Gemma strike up a conversation and become friendly during the flight;  Gemma finds Jenn’s scarf tucked in the arm of her seat.  Gemma contacts Jenn’s hotel to let her know she has her scarf.  Returning the scarf, Gemma decides to stay and have a drink with Jenn, leaving late;  she helped a slightly drunk Jenn to her room.

When Jenn’s found dead in her hotel bathroom, the CID’s looking into foul play and Gemma’s their prime suspect.  Gemma’s the last person to see Jenna alive.  With four noisy old ladies to help her, Gemma must find the real killer.  My cozy mystery book review of All-Butter ShortDead follows.


With writing so vivid and descriptive, I could clearly picture Jenn in my mind’s eye. The descriptions of Oxford were so vivid I could see each quaint building and the sorry state of the building where she planned to open, The Little Stables Tearoom.  However, there maybe a snag, as a second tempting offer came in from a Chinese corporation wanting to turn this 500-year-old building into a tacky tourist trap.  Then of course, after the awful expose′ in the newspaper, who in their right mind would give Gemma a loan; I could feel Gemma’s indignation at the turn of events.


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