Dangling By A Thread By Lea Wait



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The Maine Needlepointer’s are back on the case again in Lea Wait’s new novel, Dangling By A Thread.  Set in the beautiful and quaint small town of Haven Harbor, Maine, the wealthy are migrating to Haven Harbor and Kings Island.  Only time will tell if this is good or bad for small town life.

Angie spy’s a strange loner on her walk through town;  curiosity and her detective instincts win as she does her best to ferret out his identify.  Angie discovers Jesse, The Solitary, as he known around town, lives on uninhabitable Kings Island.   As a product of war, Jesse has PTSD, and the island helps Jesse cope.  In turn, Jesse does all he can to protect the nearly endangered Maine Great Cormorants.  Kings Island is one of the last habitats for the Cormorants.  Haven Harbor left in part ownership between Jesse and his brother, Simon, becomes a hot bed of controversy.

Things in Haven Harbor heat up as Jesse, finds his brother wants to sell the Island to wealthy Gerry Bentley.  Needless to say, Gerry, Uncle to Patrick West and wealthy beyond imagination, can buy Kings Island twice over.  Patrick West and his famous wealthy actress mother Sky West’s story appeared in Threads of Evidence.  All books in this series are standalone.  However, knowing the back story gives the reader a more in-depth understanding of the characters.


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