Power Struggle By Carolyn Arnold


Detective Madison Knight Series Book 8

Power Struggle
Power Struggle










Constantine Romanov almost killed Detective Madison Knight, ten months ago.  Romanov fled to Russia and his Russian Mafia partners after his arrest.  In Power Struggle, Madison’s in therapy to deal with the aftermath of the trauma Romanov inflicted.  Madison’s called to the murder scene of Jimmy Bates; he’s the man who killed her grandfather. Released from prison and working as an accountant, Bates murder‘s gruesome.  He’s stabbed twenty-seven times.  Madison remembers the death of Lillian Norton; murdered in almost the same fashion.  A crime committed by Constantine Romanov.

Even though Madison’s watching her every move, Romanov leaves a note on her car threatening her and the ones she loves.  Will Madison win this war with Romanov or will he succeed in killing her?  My book reviews of Power Struggle follows.


Author Carolyn Arnold created an intense crime drama in Power Struggle.  Giving Madison many issues to overcome, her character’s realistic and believable.  After all, who wouldn’t have problems with flashbacks and emotional trauma after her ordeal she experienced.  Not only did the trauma affect her mentally, but she’s also suffering physical problems.  A strong, smart, and determined woman, Madison’s frighted of Romanov’s capacity for cruelty.  Madison has found love with Troy and worries for his and her friend’s safety;  however, will their love survive this case?   Does she believe in their love will last the long haul?


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