When Death Draws Near By Carrie Stuart Parks



When Death Draws Nears, Cover











Gwen Marcey, forensic artist, is back in action in When Death Draws Near, book 3 of the Gwen Marcey stories.  Pikeville, Kentucky is the center of murder, accidents, and rapes; then, we have the Pentecostal Snake Handlers to add spice.  Gwen’s is in Pikeville to render a drawing the latest victim.  What starts as a simple case spirals out of control into much worse.  Gwen finds her cancer has returned, her ex-husband is still a controlling conniving jerk who loves to humiliate and demean her, and something is very off in Pikeville.

The Hillbilly Rapist is active, bodies are found murdered, the Sheriff’s Dept seems ineffective, and the local underground snake handling Pentecostal Church is going strong.  Gwen finds herself hired to infiltrate the


The Milch Bride By Janet Biery/J. R. Biery

the milch bride


How To Love A Texas Cowboy?

Big, strong of back and character, Texas cowboys.

This is the first book in a wonderful series by Janet Biery, a very talented author.  She is one of my favorite authors.

The Milch Bride By Janet Biery is great!

This is the first book in the Western Wives Series by Author Janet Biery.  I found this an emotional roller coaster ride from sorrow to laughter and joy.  I don’t think I have ever felt so many emotions reading a book.  Ms. Biery’s talent is obvious to the reader as you journey through this story.

Story Line:


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