Fairly Safe By Deborah Ann Davis

Fairly Safe

Deborah Ann Davis’ latest romance mystery novel, Fairly Safe, is based on a legend:  Once upon a time a magical tree existed.  To keep the magic safe, the tree was cut into boards and used to build a Gypsy Kissing Booth.  On your birth date if kissed on these boards, your fate is sealed.  Birthday Kisses Married By Christmas!


First, I must say, Author Deborah Ann Davis’, romance mystery Fairly Safe, is a wonderful romance with mystery and intrigue.  Jacob has never known security or love of family.  A product of the uncaring foster system he has always longed for a family, love, unity, and security.

Through extraordinary circumstances, he acquires a mentor in wealthy William Randall Hatch, III.  William has secrets only a trusted few are privy.   William met his only love at a fair and kissed her on the boards of the Gypsy Kissing Booth.  For reasons unknown to Jacob,  William has an uncommon fascination in attending fairs all over the country.   Jacob acts as chauffeur and William’s butler, Hanson, along as a some times companion.

Cassie, Sam, and Robin have known the love and security of family.  However, their lives have taken a 360 degree turn after placement in the Witness Protection Program and the loss of their parents.  As fate would have it, Jake and William are attending a fair when Jake sees Cassie and his heart goes pitter-patter.  Yes, you guessed it, Cassie and Jake kiss on the boards.  Cassie flits in and out of Jake’s life;  Jake looks for Cassie at every fair he and William attend.  Cassie turns up time and again at the same fair.

Circumstances will bring the three siblings into Jacob’s world.  Jacob will battle his own insecurities to keep the siblings safe.  Family, security, and safety are synonymous.  What would you do if your family was not safe and secure?  Could you keep them safe from the evil elements following them?  What plans would you make to keep them safe?   Come along on a roller coaster ride of love, security, and happy-ever-after in this wonderful fairy-tale of love, laughter, family and the Kissing Booth.  My romance mystery novel review of Fairly Safe follows.



First of all, Fairly Safe, is a fun-filled romp;  full of laughter, love, secrets, and mystery.  I found myself laughing out loud at the antics of the siblings, Jacob, William, and their household staff;  a staff which author Deborah Ann Davis masterfully integrated into family.  As a result, Ms. Davis skillfully presented the fact that blood does not make a family.

In addition, Ms. Davis had more than a few plot threads she skillfully brought together.  Furthermore, the story-line in Fairly Safe was original and refreshing as she led us from one point to another.  As a result, I wanted to read this novel straight through.  Most noteworthy is Ms Davis’ talent of keeping the mystery, intrigue, romance, and secrets at top peak.  Consequently, the book held my interest in characters which I felt I knew and had to come to love.

What’s more, the pace of the Fairly Safe was correct for the length of the story with plot and character development which were spot on.  I found her portrayal of family unity and love endearing and realistic.  As a result, her characters are lovable and feel real to the reader.

In concluding the romance mystery review of Fairly Safe, I found this book a feel good read which is well-written and developed.  I gave a long and heartfelt sigh as I finished this book.  Ms. Davis is a talented writer with the imagination and talent to grab the reader and keep them enthralled.  In addition, Ms. Davis set the hook quickly in this story and continued to hold me until the last page.  Consequently, I was not ready to say goodbye to Cassie, Jake, and the gang. An easy review to compose, I truly say, I would not hesitate to buy Fairly Safe, for myself or a friend.



In conclusion, I highly recommend this Fairly Safe to anyone who enjoys a solid clean story filled with laughter, romance, and mystery.  As a result, I loved this book and look forward to the next installment in this series.  This book is a standalone read.

Final Note:  I received this novel from the author and chose to review the novel with an honest romance novel reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently all book reviews on line and on my blog, are my opinion.  This romance novel review was not influenced by the ARC.



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DEBORAH ANN DAVIS, M.Ed., award-winning author, speaker and personal trainer, is popular with students, parents, readers and authors alike. Setting aside teaching to deal with Lyme disease led her to Fitness for her body health, and Writing for her happy health. Her current project, Girl’s Guide to Good Guys: The Power of Being Patient and Picky, is a workbook designed to help the countless teenage girls stuck in a loop because they’re afraid to be alone, afraid of being unpopular, and afraid they’ll never find a good guy.

With an insightful and quirky approach to life, she shares life lessons with wit and compassion, providing solutions that teach girls to become comfortable with being single, to live their lives more fully, and to be patient and picky until a healthy relationship presents itself.





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