Waterkill By Mark J. Donovan












Author Mark J. Donovan’s Waterkill will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Starting in a small Yemeni village, the villagers sudden and unexplained horrific deaths opens this fast paced novel.  Almost everyone died in this new and unknown epidemic;  suddenly and horribly.

When a small plane crashes in Alaska with a mysterious passenger and brief case on board, CEO Dr. Dave Henson and Ron Blackwell of NSurv Inc., are given the task of finding the crashed plane.  As well as, the cause of the deaths in Yemen.  Chatter in the underground networks link the events. They must determine how all the pieces fit together.

Dave’s wife, internationally journalist Dana Cogswell kidnapped in Germany after a strange epidemic in Eberswalde, sets more events in motion;  Germany mirrors the events in Yemen.  Is this the feared pandemic?  Why kidnap Dana?  Who if


Healing Montana Sky by Debra Holland

Healing montana sky

Heart-Wrenching Story


Healing Montana Sky is an emotional roller coaster


This is the heart-wrenching story of two families from totally different backgrounds and social standings thrown into desperate circumstances by the death of their spouses. 

Through perseverance, patience, and love those families will form a new family unit made of love from forces beyond their control.


Emotions roll through this book from beginning to end. I felt sorrow, amazement at the resilience of the human spirit, and admiration. Ms. Holland’s talent as an author shines through. I could feel the sorrow


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