A Mother’s Faith By Madison Grace


A Mother's Faith
A Mother’s Faith









A Mother’s Faith has the main story and 19 more bonus stories; plus Amazon Number 1 Seller “A Run-Away Bride”.  What a deal for lovers of romance.  I chose to review A Mother’s Faith.


Bridget Johnson’s mother-in-law, Harriet Johnson, hates her because she’s Irish;  never a good word to say to her or the children.  When her husband’s killed in the line of duty as Sheriff, she’s alone and desperate.  Mrs. Johnson threw her and the children out of her mansion, leaving them almost destitute and sleeping in barns.  Knowing this is only a temporary solution, Bridget answers a mail order bride ad and heads west to Wyoming and Hank Dawson;   who’s seeking someone to help on his farm and pull their weight.

However, prejudice exist everywhere;  in the West the Indians are the recipients of everyone hatred.  Hank has nothing good to say about the Indians, making Bridget wonder if she will ever escape prejudice.  As they face a crisis, will Hank and Bridget’s marriage survive?  My romance book review of A Mother’s Faith follows.


Madison Grace‘s A Mother’s Faith is a story of second chances, prejudice, faith, and family.  Giving Bridget a nurturing personality, faith, and determination, Grace created exactly what Hank needs in his life.  Hank’s a stand-offish man, who seems to stand apart from Bridgett and the children.  However, Bridgett’s determined to forge a family unite.


Love Among the Lilacs By Jenna Victoria


Love Among The Liliacs
Love Among The Lilacs



Mollie Wright’s life has been rough and tough;  from living on the street with her drunkard mother and never do well half-brother to dumpster diving for food.  Finally, everything’s falling into place.  She’s worked hard at bookkeeping to buy her first home, Lilac Cottage, from sisters, Genevieve and Alma.  Hiding from her past, she starts a new life in Lilac Cottage.

When a legal snafu puts her ownership of Lilac Cottage at risk, Mollie comes out fighting.  With pro bono attorney services of Emily Rogers, known as the “Shark” in her heyday, things warm up in Grady Cove.  The sister’s nephew, Sean Grady’s, determined to oust Mollie from her home.  Mollie’s determined not to go.  Come along on a fun-filled romp as Mollie and Sean match wits in this match of ownership and romance.  My contemporary inspirational romance book reviews follows.


Jenna Victoria created two vastly different people in Mollie and Sean.  You know the saying:  “Opposites attract”?  Mollie and Sean feel an instant attraction both try to ignore.  Mollie’s a strong character;  looking for the American dream of security, love, family, and a home.  Creating a small town atmosphere with welcoming neighbors, typical small town attitudes of caring, and  a variety of personalities, Victoria, crafted wonderful secondary characters who enriched the story line.

With past relationship issues, strict work ethics, and principles, Sean’s character will make you laugh, as well as, bring sadness. Giving Sean a battle he’s loosing on all fronts, Victoria then added a crisis or two;  a mysterious time limited codicil, a theft, a never do well, heart breaking accusations, life changing realizations, and a few surprises.

Victoria had more than a few plot lines in Love Among The Lilacs, which she skillfully wove together to form a solid romance bookJenna Victoria‘s scenes transitioned smoothly throughout the book providing an easy to follow multi layered story.  With a satisfying and sigh worthy ending, I closed this book, looking forward to more from author Jenna Victoria.

I found Jenna Victoria‘s writing clear and easy to follow with well-developed characters.  The plot has several layers which grab and hold the reader‘s attention in this short fast paced romance.   Suitable for anyone who enjoys a sweet clean romance, Love Among Lilacs‘ is perfect for a lazy afternoon read.  I would not hesitate to buy this book for myself or a friend.


As a romance book reviews bloggers and reviewer, I am supposed to tell you what I did not like about Love Among The Lilacs, however, I can honestly say, I found no negatives.


Additionally, I borrowed this book from kindle unlimited and received this book from the author.  I chose to voluntarily review the book with honest contemporary inspirational romance book reviews.  Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion.  Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions.  In addition, no one influences my voluntary contemporary inspirational romance book reviews.





Melody’s Key By Dallas Coryell


Melody's Key by Dallas Coryel
Melody’s Key










Set in England, Melody’s Key Dallas Coryellby , an intense romance novel filled with emotion and longing, fulfills the readers desire for intrigue and romance. Tegan Lockwood is not an ordinary young woman.  She has given up her dreams and aspirations.  As a result, struggling with her family to maintain the family business, Tegan works long hard hours of endless labor while hiding a life altering trauma.  Tegan’s a multi-talented woman sacrificing everything for her family.  It’s an endless struggle to stay solvent.  Much needed resources infuse the family coffers when famous American musician Mason Keane, seeks refuge at the family excursion business.

Mason and Tegan begin a journey of discovery and renewal.  Will Mason open Tegan’s heart to new possibilities?   What impact will the long forgotten love letters in the attic have on Tegan?  Will two scarred leery people find a common ground to happiness?  Can they overcome past crisis’ and issues to grab the happiness offered?  Grab a comfort seat, my romance book reviews of Melody’s Key follows.


Primarily a romance novel, author Dallas Coryell, filled this novel with emotion.  Emotions which grab the reader quickly and do not let go.  Coryell created two deeply scarred lonely people and developed them throughout the story.  I felt their despair and deep need just below the surface of their being.  With pasts which defined each of them, Coryell demonstrates the healing power of love.


When Leaves Fall By C. A. King


This Book’s Recommended In The Hamilton Spectator, A Major Newspaper, On June 10th, 2017!

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A Different Point of View Story Book 1

When Leaves Fall
When Leaves Fall



A short read of 56 pages, When Leaves Fall, is an intense read.  Ralph wakes in a place he does recognize. His vision’s cloudy and he’s disoriented.   Ralph realizes he’s in a poorly constructed shack, and of all things, he’s chained allowing him limited movement. He can vaguely remember his family and he knows they will search for him when they realize what has happened.  For love is a two-way street;  he loves them and they love him.

As days pass, Ralph’s beaten, he’s hungry, cold, in pain, and begins to doubt his memories.  My reviews of contemporary book, When Leaves Fall, follows.


Do not let the page count of this short book fool you.  Although short in pages, it’s packed with emotion from the first page to the last page; it packs a huge punch and will leave you emotionally spent.  My tears started almost immediately as I read of the abuse Ralph endured from his unknown assailant.  I quickly became emotionally involved in the story-line.  For such a short story, King skillfully packed as much emotion and story into the 56 pages as a lot of writers can produce in a full novel.  It takes skill to produce an intelligent, well-developed, and well-paced story in 56 pages; King managed this feat well.


Winning The Indecisive Duke By Jessie Bennett



The Fairbank Series

Winning The Indecisive Duke, Cover











Winning The Indecisive Duke, by author Jessie Bennett, a character driven story of family dynamics, love, and romance, will hold your attention;  providing hours of entertainment.  Jonah Boothe and Elizabeth Huntington engaged from the cradle, cemented families, lands, and friendship.  Both have been the best of friends their entire life.  So close, they are almost brother and sister; each feels they can not marry.  Their love is a love of siblings not romantic love of the heart.

Add in a twisted sister, Alexandra, rejected by the man she was to wed, a new arrival in the area, Daniel Forsley Duke of Athlone, and you have all the ingredients for a first-rate regency romance.  With two sisters vying for the Dukes regard, old jealousies, insecurities, and hatred will rise;  the Duke’s indecision in choosing his bride, plays one against the other.  Both sisters beautiful and poised, come from a good family;  making it hard for him to choose between them.

Who will win the Dukes hand in marriage?  Will Elizabeth and Jonah break the family contract to find their true loves?  Will Elizabeth’s sister, Alexandra, ruin any chance Elizabeth has to find happiness?  My reviews for romance novel, Winning The Indecisive Duke, follows.



Foremost, a regency romance, Bennett included suspense in her latest book.   The story-line is an intense drama between


As The Leaves Kiss The Stream By Terry Barnes



As The Leaves Kiss The Stream, Cover
As The Leaves Kiss The Stream, Cover




Kenya and Mombasa are missionary fields for the Gamble family; not only an occupation but a calling from God.  However, life for this Christian missionary family suddenly becomes a nightmare.  As The Leave Kiss The Stream is an intense drama between father and daughter.   Expelled from school, daughter Erin’s attitude is angry and self-pitying.  The family leaves their Christian missionary calling to return to America.  Erin, rebellious, verbally abusive, judgemental, and fill of teenage angst is determined to make life as miserable for her family as possible.

Determined to find common ground and healing for his family, Erin’s father’s solution is a camping and fly fishing trip in the Ozark Mountains.  A place of peace, beauty, and spiritual healing.  As Erin’s father stated:

“we reminded me of two wild animals who growled at each other, circled around, each trying to discover the other’s weakness, who swatted then yielded but always probed, and of course snarled.”

Come with Erin and her father as they traverse the high and lows of their father and daughter relationship.  Will they find common ground?  Will Erin find her way back to family and God?  Grab your favorite beverage, have seat, relax, and enjoy this wonderful story.  My Christian novel review of As The Leaves Kiss The Stream follows.




I Love You Three: A Green Pines Romance By Milou Koenings



I love You Three by Milou Koenings
I Love You Three, Cover











I Love You Three is an intense story of love, lose, and forgiveness.  Mac, back from several tours in Iraq where he lost his best friend Sean, now finds himself with PTSD and no job.  Irrational anger, depression, and mood swings are ruling Mac’s life.  Needing a job, Mac finds himself in Green Pines as the new coach and teacher; Green Pines Sean’s home town.

Julie, young mother and divorcee, works in the school office.  Julie’s life is one huge conflict.  A mother just this side of crazy, very little money, a son to care for alone, and a former mother-in-law she greatly loved but now ignores her and her son; all turn Julie’s life into conflict and crisis. The attraction between


Healing Montana Sky by Debra Holland

Healing montana sky

Heart-Wrenching Story


Healing Montana Sky is an emotional roller coaster


This is the heart-wrenching story of two families from totally different backgrounds and social standings thrown into desperate circumstances by the death of their spouses. 

Through perseverance, patience, and love those families will form a new family unit made of love from forces beyond their control.


Emotions roll through this book from beginning to end. I felt sorrow, amazement at the resilience of the human spirit, and admiration. Ms. Holland’s talent as an author shines through. I could feel the sorrow


The Sweetest Rain (Flowers of Eden) Book 1 by Myra Johnson

The Sweetest Rain

Emotional Novel On Every Level!


The Sweetest Rain by Myra Johnson is a clean novel of love and families with and without family values. 

This novel is set in Eden Arkansas during a time period of great poverty and desperation. 


Story Line:

The country had survived the First World War, the stock market crash of 1929,  and now Arkansas’s tenant farmers were faced with the worst drought in its history.  Two families are featured and inter-meshed in this book; one is rich and entitled, the other poor, desperate, and giving.


The author created a story of love, lies, expectations, and secrets as the Senior Heath rules from his mansion. We watch as unrestricted power, prejudice, and inequity in the hands of the Heath patriarch ruins not only his family but others.


His son Michael will be the saving grace of the family with his gentle caring soul and artistic nature; he battles PTSD, depression, the physical effect of mustard gas, and a father that wants him to be something he is not.


Orphan Train Romance Series: 4 Books in One by Zoe Matthews



Ready Made Families

Desperate Children


This book actually contains 5 stories that are sweet romances, each story is related; it is better to read them in this one book as the minor and major characters appear in subsequent booksZoe Matthews writing talent is evident in this book.


The Unexpected Family: Amanda and Craig

Widowed Amanda and bachelor Craig each want to adopt a child from the train; they will find the love of a lifetime, as Craig has loved Amanda for years.


To Love a Texas Cowboy by Julie Benson

to love a texas cowboy


A Town Wishing Well!

A Town Legend!

A Hero To Die For


Wishing, Texas has a wishing well; but legend says it only works if the wish is for someone else.  Aubrey Rogers makes a wish for her brother to have the kind of marriage he deserves, a happy marriage.


In the prologue we are introduced to Ty, Zane, Cooper and A.J, friends and pals from their first meeting at Texas A&M.  This book is the beginning of a series of each of these exceptional men.


This book is the tale of Ty Bennett, Ella a six-year-old left parent-less, and her Aunt Cassie.  Ty was left as Ella’s financial guardian and her Aunt Cassie has custody.



The Orchard At The Edge Of Town By Shirlee McCoy

the orchard at the edge of town


What A Hoot!

You Will Love This Novel

I Laughed And Laughed Through This Book!


Story Line:

Aunt Rose’s house in Apple Valley Washington is a hideaway for Apricot Miller.  Apricot is running from a groom that didn’t know what fidelity meant; well maybe not running, when her old truck, King Henry III,  gave up the ghost and died on the side of the road, Apricot pulled her 1940 Schwinn out of the trailer attached to old Henry and pedaled off in her pink wedding gown.


Don’t you just the name for her truck!  What a beginning to this novel.  I could see her wedding gown and all peddling for all she was worth.


So, Apricot was pedaling her way to Apple Valley Washington, which is just the beginning of Apricot’s adventure in Apple Valley Washington. She peddles into an almost arrest for B&E at Aunt Roses empty house, meet her cantankerous neighbor and that handsome Deputy Simon Baylor.


Characters, Plotting And Development:

The cast of characters in Apple Valley never ends, gossips runs rampant, some are just odd, some eccentric, and some just plain crazy, oh the life of a small town.  Author Shirlee McCoy betrayed small town life so well with all its quirks.


Apricot is not what she seems, rather than being a fruit cake in a dingy pink wedding dress, she is a millionaire owner of an herbal company;  Apricot childhood was very unconventional; she was reared by hippies and an Aunt that was an original DIY herbalist.


She craves consistency, peace, quiet, and structure. Something she never had as child.  Guess what, she doesn’t get it in nosy, gossipy, interfering Apple Valley either.  This story was a riot!


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