Grim Angel By Dominika Waclawiak


Grim Angel
Grim Angel, Cover



Grim Angel is an intense psychological suspense thriller by author Dominika Waclawiak.  Something strange is happening in the Sunshine Assisted Living Facility in the old, famous, and haunted Bockerman Hotel.  Once a prominent hang out for the stars and famous of its day, now has hit on hard times as a senior facility.  People are dying at an alarming rate.  Resident Barney Leonard does not believe his beloved Barbara died from natural causes.  Calling in the police and ghost hunters who bring along psychic, Sara Caine, everyone will get more than they ever thought possible.  For a serial killing monster’s at work, and he’s just getting started again.  My review of psychological thriller, Grim Angel, follows


First, I must say, do not read this book late at night.  The author has a way with words which will keep you up listening for things to go bump.  Combining law enforcement, paranormal, psychological elements, historical figures, and history, Waclawiak created a roller coaster ride for her readers. This creepy mind-bending book grabs the reader in the first few sentence as Waclawiak set the hook and twists it in deep.  I had chill bumps at times.

Writing the book from present to past and back again in different chapters, was a very skillful stroke for this story.  As well as,


The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted by Lucy Lyons


Book 8

The Vampire's Spell The Hunted
The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted










In The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, Clay Masters “made werewolf“, has his hands full.  Not only the pack leader to the largest werewolf pack in America, he has to contend with the High Fae.  He works at the club Pulse, his pack has the first werewolf pregnancy ever known, and he has not bonded nor wed his mate, Ashlynn.  Then thing really begin to heat up for Clay and his pack.  The pregnant female’s kidnapped, Ashlynn’s captured trying to rescue her, and many are dead in the wake.

The divisions between, High Fae, Werewolf, Wererat, and Vampire will change as an unknown enemy tries to destroy all magical creatures;  beginning with the werewolves.  Times are changing for all magical creatures.  Will the Werewolves, High Fae, Wererats, and Vampires, survive the latest battle and struggle to live?  My paranormal book review of The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, follows.


Author Lucy Lyons created a fast-paced action paranormal book in The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted.  Basing her world loosely on our human world, with all the same prejudices, faults, jealousies, envy and greed.  As well as, the deep caring and love which is found in both worlds.  Lyons has a wonderful imagination.

Clay’s development in The Vampire’s Spell The Hunted, is awesome.  He has come into his own;  maturing as his responsibilities increase and his magic manifest more and more.  Trying to build a secure safe place in the world of magical creatures for his pack, Clay finds friends in unlikely places.


Souls Reborn By Renee Vincent


Vikings of Honor, Book 3

Souls Reborn
Souls Reborn










Leif Dæganssen, archeologist, finds a mysterious ancient chest  buried outside his house.  Leif tried for years to prove his ancestors landed on this island long ago.  This chest will help prove his theory;  he feels it called him to the island and the purchase of his land.

Lorraine dreams of a Viking warrior for as long as she can remember.  Nightly dreams and visions of him haunt her.  Always fascinated with Ireland, Lorraine receives the offer of a trip to Ireland from her best friend Patrick O’Rouke.  While vacationing, she meets Leif Dæganssen, who happens to look almost exactly like the Viking warrior of her dreams.  Having odd moments of spacing out, seeing her Viking and conversing with him during these episodes, she wonders if she’s going crazy;  it almost feels as if she is seeing her long ago past life.

Raine, as her friends call her, finds herself drawn closer and closer to Leif.  However, the oddest things seem to pop out of her mouth when she’s with him;  making her wonder where they came from.  If she told Leif what’s happening to her, will he think she’s crazy?  Will fate and the universe bring two lovers back together?  Is the old adage “true love never dies” really true?  The road ahead of Leif and Raine will be rocky and rough.  Will their love conquer all or will they be torn apart once again?  My romance book reviews of Souls Reborn follows.


Book three in the Vikings of Honor, Souls Reborn, another epic story told skillfully by Renee Vincent, will keep you turning the pages.  With an intriguing story line, Vincent grabbed my attention from the first pages.  A standalone read, I would suggest


Guilty Deeds By Dominika Waclawiak


A Caine & Murphy Thriller Book 2

Guilty Deeds
Guilty Deeds










In Guilty Deeds Dominka Waclawiak, created another intense action packed suspense thriller which will grab the reader immediately.  Hold on tight for you are going on a roller coaster ride with Detective Eva Murphy and her partner Detective Larson; along with characters from book 1, Grim Angel.  After the conclusion of Grim Angel and finding the Jerry Killer, Eva’s returning to the LAPD from a months suspension.  Eva’s partner’s anything but thrilled to see her.  For Larson has a bad case of jealousy and insecurity.  When female torso’s begin showing up, mother’s are missing, children appear abused, and husbands which are sitting on the edge of brutality, they must try to work together again.

Eva and Larson must solve these murders quickly; before more bodies appears.  However, this serial killer’s smart; leaving no clues behind to aid in their investigation.  Eva’s running out of time to solve the case as the bodies mount.  Come along with Eva and journey through horror, spirits, and monsters.  My suspense thriller book review of Guilty Deeds follows.


What a great book two Waclawiak crafted in Guilty Deeds.  Filled with twists and turns, suspense, thrills, paranormal elements, and mystery, I could not put this book down.  Although a stand alone read, I would recommend reading book 1 to enhance your reading enjoyment as it gives the insight into the characters and story-line.  Waclawiak kept me on the edge of my seat as she


The Reader By M. K. Harkins



The Reader, Cover jpeg
The Reader, Cover










Story line The Reader:

Author M. K. Harkins, created an exciting paranormal romance thriller in her book, The Reader.  A young girl finds herself on the shore dodging bullets.  Without memory of her identity or past, two uncommonly handsome young men, Archer and Devon, come to her rescue.  Told her name’s Ann, Archer and Devon claim to be friends.  However, somethings feels off!  Still, they whisk her off to North Bend, Washington as bullets fly around them.

Upon arriving in North Bend and presented with an impossible tale, she doesn’t know what to think.  For in North Bend a compound of superior humans, live, love, work, and claim they are mind readers.  Humans who have secretly inhabited the earth for thousands of years side by side with normal humans.  Ann comes to believe this impossible tale, her part in this community, and the part she will play in destiny.  Long awaited by the Readers and others, Ann has a major role in the future.  However, evil is stalking humans, these superior beings, and Ann.  Plans are in place;  Ann, Archer, and Devon will have to come to terms with their place in history.

Come along with Ann, Archer, and Devon as they come to understand their place in the past, present and future.  Grab your favorite beverage, have a seat, and enjoy this wonderfully intriguing tale. My paranormal romance thriller novel review of The Reader follows.


Characters, Plotting, and Development:

Firstly, let me say, Author M. K. Harkins, grabs the reader from the first sentences in this paranormal romance novel.  She started her story with a bang and grabbed me right away.  The intrigue and mystery will grab your imagination and not let go.  Secondly,


Midnight Burning By Karissa Laurel



Midnight Burning by Karissa Laurel
Midnight Burning, Cover




Author Karissa Laurel creates an original paranormal mystery novel in Midnight Burning filled with humor, romance, adventure, and tension.

Raised in the foothills of North Carolina, twins Solina and Mani traveled different paths in life. Mani, seeking answers, journeyed to Alaska where he met death. Meanwhile, Solina worked with their mom and dad in the family bakery and dreamed. However, Solina’s dreams are not sweet gentle dreams of happily every after; nightmares follow sleep for Solina.

Solina travels to Alaska determined to find answers to Mani death. Seeking help from Mani’s friends and employer, Solina finds answers and unbelievable circumstances.


Flightless Bird By Kellie McAllen



Flightless Bird By Kellie McAllen
Flightless Bird, Cover











In Flightless Bird, we find a young girl on the verge of womanhood.  Raised by an abusive alcoholic mother, her father in prison, and an only child, Lexus Wren is lonely, extremely shy, very insecure, dirt poor, and the butt of jokes and demeaning comments in high school.

“She was like a flightless bird, her wings clipped by every cruel word and heartless action…”

Her life’s a nightmare until the day two hunky new students, twins Phoenix and Griffin Easton, transfer to her school.  Lexus can not believe they find her attractive; the odd ball of the school.  Lexus can only think:  how’s this possible? She has never had a boyfriend, and suddenly she has two boys vying for her attention.  She has nothing to recommend her as she’s white trash.  However, Phoenix and Griffin see something in Lexus no one else sees.

Phoenix and Griffin have their own set of problems and issues, the least of which is Lexus.  Both, Phoenix and Griffin, attracted to Lexus, find she has a decidedly unusual affect upon them.  Electricity and sparks flow when Lexus touches either of them. Really, actual sparks.  Drawn to Lexus and they feel protective as well.  However, each young man’s an


A Song of Shadows A Charlie Parker Thriller by John Connolly

a song of shadows

A Thrill Drive

A Song of Shadows is a crime thriller at its best!

Throw in a little paranormal, and it’s unbeatable!


Charlie Parker is back, worn and torn, but in one piece. He has come to Boreas, Maine to recuperate from a near death attack in his last book. He just wants to heal, but life has something else in mind for Charlie. Charlie Parker is a very gifted detective in more ways than one; Charlie has insights that normal humans do not have into the spirit world.


Story Line:

Mysterious happenings abound in this small seaside town and the town’s people include Charlie in those mysteries even though they have taken him in as one of their own.

Charlie has a 6-year-old daughter, Sam; Sam communicates with her dead half-sister. His neighbor, Ruth Winters and her daughter Amanda are newly arrived in town, and Ruth has


Be Careful What You Kiss For By Jane Lynne Daniels

Be careful what you kiss for


“The Do Over”  Do You Really Want It?

Paranormal Romance, One of the Best


Author Jane Daniels has crafted a story on the premise that many of us have wished for at some point in our life, get “the do over”, to do things differently than we did the first time.


However we never think about the circumstances or repercussions of the “do over”.  Do we really want a “do over”,  I think you should ask Tensley for her opinion.


Story Line:

Tensley’s ,( a business woman),  love life just never seems to jell, it started in high school with her first love


Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie

Chasing Victory


Paranormal Romance


Super Soldiers, Super Men


Full Of Action


Chasing Victory is an action packed paranormal romance book containing a cast of characters,  with and without paranormal abilities. It is rich in military SOCOM ops, science experiments to create super soldiers, human and animal DNA sequencing, kidnapping, murder, telepathy, hot love, and more.


Author Joanne Jaytanie catches your attention from the first chapter with a brutal murder and the action keeps coming with romance thrown in to rev up the action.  Victory Winters is on the run after seeing an old boyfriend and colleague, Jeffery Maxwell,  killed; one of


Into The Land Of Darkness By Kristy McCaffrey

Book Review

Ethan Barstow and  Kate Kinsella are looking for the same man, Ethan’s brother Charley, in this action into the land of shadowspacked western romance authored by Kristy McCaffrey.  They are under several misconceptions.


Kate’s looking for Charley Barstow to return him to his pregnant fiancé, Agnes. Kate mistakenly thinks Ethan is a killer and outlaw per Charley’s drunken ramblings. Ethan is looking for his brother Charley to mend fences and make peace. From conversations in town, Ethan thinks Kate is Charley’s fiancé.


They decide to continue the hunt together after an action packed rescue of Kate by Ethan.  This story features two very strong people who believe the worse of each other, but know in their hearts it can’t be true.


Author Kristy McCaffrey gives us raging river crossings, outlaws as Kate stated “the most inept outlaws ever”, mysterious appearances of  Joe the Indian,  a wolf called Bart is there when needed, attacks by Indian children, good and evil spirits, and attraction between two main characters that grows day by day until there is nothing to do but give in.


Kristy McCaffrey kept the story moving with a good plot, and sub-characters and lots of action.  The story has more than a touch of the paranormal that was very enjoyable and added flavor to the plot, as well as the mystery.  I


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