The Grumpface By B.C.R. Fegan


Daniela Frongia (Illustrator)

The Grumpface
The Grumpface










In The Grumpface, B. C. R. Fegan author and Daniela Frongia illustrator, crafted an entertaining book for any child.  With a premise easy to follow, the child will giggle and wiggle as they listen to this fun filled book.

A grumpy man became grumpy with a wizard.  The wizard changed him into Grumpface and placed him deep in the dark forest.  Grumpface would have to laugh before he would change back to a man.  He devised a game for the people who wandered into the forest.  They had to complete three task or stay in the forest.  Dan wanted to find a rose for the flower vender, Bella, who he loved.  Going into the forest, he meets Grumpface and laughter follows as Dan tried to complete the three task.

I love rhyming poems and stories; I am sure any child would love to have this book.  The rhyming will catch the adult or child’s attention immediately.  Children will find the rhyming easy to remember and follow.  All children love to have someone read to them; this book is perfect for any time of day as you set with your child.

With illustrations, detailed and colorful, children will love looking at the pages in The Grumpface.  I do not think they will be frighten as Grumpface resembles an old grumpy green leprechaun.  With help from the reader/adult, children will understand laughter can change a person’s attitude and outlook;  the reader/adult should explain Grumpface becomes a different person after seeing Dan’s funny attempts to complete the three task.  The reader/adult can also impress upon the child how the man became Grumpface; an excellent teaching tool.  An adult could sit with the child who’s reading age and explain the concepts of the book.


Ten Terrific Monsters By Chris Mason


A Hidden Item Book

Ten Terrific Monsters by Chris Mason
Ten Terrific Monsters, Cover











In Ten Terrific Monsters, Chris Mason and Vladimir Cebu, created a wonderful seek and find book for child and adult.  As a lover of seek and find, I am sure any child would love to have this book.  Willie the Wolf and nine of his monster friends spent a long day waiting in the unemployment line.  Each monster’s return home gives the child a list of objects to find in a picture.  The characters are as Willie the Wolf states, “cute as buttons”.  The list of items well-defined with good illustrations, will entertain even younger children.

With well-developed illustrations and good seek list, any child with supervision will have hours of fun.  Depending on the age of the child, this book helps with word recognition, counting, motor skills, and organizational skills.  The child using fine motor skills can either circle the items as found in picture or mark off the list.  Names are beside the picture of the item giving the child word recognition skills.  Counting how many items they found, will help with counting skills, and deciding in what order they will find the items, will help them develop organization skills.



I would not hesitate to buy this book for a child.  This is a great book for children and supervising adult to enjoy together.   The


To Love a Texas Cowboy by Julie Benson

to love a texas cowboy


A Town Wishing Well!

A Town Legend!

A Hero To Die For


Wishing, Texas has a wishing well; but legend says it only works if the wish is for someone else.  Aubrey Rogers makes a wish for her brother to have the kind of marriage he deserves, a happy marriage.


In the prologue we are introduced to Ty, Zane, Cooper and A.J, friends and pals from their first meeting at Texas A&M.  This book is the beginning of a series of each of these exceptional men.


This book is the tale of Ty Bennett, Ella a six-year-old left parent-less, and her Aunt Cassie.  Ty was left as Ella’s financial guardian and her Aunt Cassie has custody.



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