Hunting Hour By Margaret Mizushima


A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery

Hunting Hour
Hunting Hour










In Hunting Hour, author Margaret Mizushima, crafted an intriguing intense suspenseful mysteryDeputy Sheriff Mattie Cobb and Robo, her K9 partner, work in a small town Sheriff Department.  In earlier books in the series, Mattie formed a relationship with divorced local vet Cole Walker and his children. Cole does not understand why during the last few months, Mattie pulled away from him and his girls.  Unbeknownst to Cole, Mattie began working with a therapist as she tries to sort out her issues stemming from childhood abuse.  

When Candace Bank’s mother reports her missing, Robo and Mattie begin the search at the school which stretches out to Smoker’s Hill; a hang out for local teens, where Maggie and Robo find Candace’s body.  Although only 13 years old and in junior high, Candace had several inappropriate relationships with male teens at the high school. Did one of them kill Candace?  When Cole’s younger daughter Sophie disappears, Mattie and Robo are back in search mode. Will Mattie and Robo find Sophie before it too late?  Who is stalking the children of this small town?  My book review of Hunting Hour follows.


While Hunting Hour is a crime thriller, it’s also a testament to the versatility of K9 partners, as well as highlighting mental health and family dynamics.  With many suspects, some with mental health issues, and an officer having mental health issues of her own, Mizushima created a solid suspense tale filled with emotion, as well as, highlighting issues pertinent to today.


The Refuge by Heidi Martin


Finalist in the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

The Refuge
The Refuge










In The Refuge, the reader finds Anne Waters, whose life imploded after the death of her unborn daughter, Claire.  As a result, becoming more and more introverted, closing off from emotion, hiding her feelings and true thoughts from everyone, Anne, finds herself divorced and without a job. 

Anne dreams vividly of an old oak tree, which starts a journey of discovery and renewal for her.  Anne researches and finds South Carolina has such trees.  Upon arrival Anne’s amazed to find the very tree with the very same bird cages hanging from the limbs.  She knows she has found the place she’s destined to stay.

Meeting Clark, Anne finds a true friend who has had his own share of a troubles and grief.  He recognizes another soul who’s lost, grieving, and alone.  As a result, Clark helps Anne finds her own spirituality again.  Along with Clark, Anne finds others along her journey of enlightenment including Lucita, an adorable girl, whose mother is dying and father’s hiding in alcohol.   Her refuge is not without problems, from jealousy to death.

Come along with Anne as she finds her the place her soul’s meant to be.  My romance book review of The Refuge follows.


The Refuge, an intense journey of self-discovery and new love,  grabbed my attention immediately.  Heidi Martin created a story-line which explores the human condition.  Without favoring any one religion, Martin, in-cooperates the essence of self-awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness; first we must learn to forgive ourselves before we can forgive others.


The Unforgettable Sheikh By Barbara McMahon


Ultimate Billionaires Book 4

The Unforgettable Sheikh
The Unforgettable Sheikh, Cover











The Unforgettable Sheikh, a wonderful continuance of Barbara McMahon’s Ultimate Billionaires Series, highlights the old adage:  What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.  In book 4 we find Sheikh Karif bin Shakirah, aka Ben, and Chloe.  While incognito at Berkley, Karif/Ben met and fell in love with Chloe;  withholding information about his family, background, and status.  Long days and nights of love, attending college and planning the future which included marriage, suddenly came to a screeching halt.  Karif/Ben disappeared from Chloe’s life without any explanation, never to contact her again;  a naïve young Chloe’s devastated for more than one reason.

Ten years later, Chloe photographing the historical oil treaty between Sheikh Karif bin Shakirah, his country, and America.  She’s beyond shocked to find Sheikh Karif bin Shakirah’s her Ben from college.  Karif recognizes Chloe in the group; he’s determined to renew the love of his life, the pursuit is on.  


Sunset Fire By Renee Vincent


Vikings of Honor, Book 1

Sunset Fire
Sunset Fire, Covr










In Sunset Fire, Mara, beloved daughter of of Irish King Cathal, finds herself running for her life with Viking Warrior Chieftain Dægan Ræliksen. Considering Vikings murderous villains, Mara fights against her savior. Dægan, watched Mara from the bushes, when marauder Vikings appear, he spirits her away from harm. She has stolen his heart and soul. Through dangers, jealousies, villains, battles, and vengeance, Dægan and Mara run for their lives, growing ever closer. Can these two forge a relationship between pagan and Christian?  Can love flourish?  Will King Cathal demand the return of his daughter and declare war?  My reviews of romance novel, Sunset Fire, follows.


Sunset Fire is an epic romance between the pagan Viking warrior chieftain and the Irish Christian daughter of a king.  With vivid descriptions, Vincent details their journey across land and sea. I could smell the salt in the air and feel the tension between Dægan and Mara. I have never read a book which had as much sexual tension between the


Last Stop At Paradise By Kristin Wallace



Shellwater Key Tales (Book 3)

Last Stop At Paradise ShellWater Key Tale Book 3
Last Stop At Paradise, Cover











Last Stop At Paradise, Book 3 of the Shellwater Key Series, has a wealth of emotions and a intense story-line relevant to today.  The backdrop in this book could appear in today’s news head lines.  Callie Dalton’s life imploded when her famous televangelist husband embezzled funds from his huge ministry and commits fraudulent acts.  Left in disgrace after he dies from a heart attack, Callie and her 2 children’s last resort’s her childhood home in Shellwater Key, which hold nightmares of its own. Meeting Noah Johnson, who she mistakes as her pool boy, goes from bad to worse as the only place to employer Callie also has Noah on staff.  Noah’s seen by the town as an angel in disguise;  kind, helpful, easy-going, and handsome as sin.  But Noah has secrets he has long harbored which could change everything.

The Paradise Dinner Theater, owned by Layla McCarthy, her friend from childhood is a lifesaver.  Callie’s given a chance to start life anew, as well as, finding a possible romance interest in the town’s resident handyman slash angel.  Can Callie let go of


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