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Storm Of Attraction
Storm Of Attraction










Alexa Wolving, black belt martial arts instructor at night and librarian by day, has a full life without men.  Five years previously, Drew Cosimo, Army Ranger, broke her heart.  Since then, her principle’s simple:  never give men a second chance.  But that trusty rule’s about to be tested.  Drew Casimo, has come back to Willowdale;  opening a karate school in competition with Crouching Tiger.

Angry, determined to ignore Drew, and all he stands for, Alexa will find fate’s her master.  For Alexa has a stalker bent on having her at all costs.  Drew and Alexa are drawn together as the stalker comes closer and closer.   My suspense romance book reviews of Storm Of Attraction follows.


Storm Of Attraction‘s filled with suspense, mystery, emotion, and romance.  A fast paced read, it grabs the reader immediately and does not let go.  Lily Black drew the suspense and mystery out; not revealing the stalker‘s identity until the last possible moment.  What a surprise; I had no idea he was the stalker!  The romance in Storm Of Attraction‘s slow and easy; a sweet romance with heavy kissing, a little grabbing, and intense emotionLilly Black stated: it was given a four on the blush scale. For those of us who do not like descriptive or graphic sex, Storm Of Attraction hits the romance spot.  Black did not rush her characters into a relationship, as Alexa has issues she must resolve. Will she ever forgive Drew?  You will have to read the book to find out.

I loved Alexa’s character; strong, determined, independent, and caring.  As Black developed and matured Alexa, I could feel her confusion, anger, and questioning.  While Drew is uncertain of his feelings, he can not help his attraction to Alexa.  He’s a strong man with morals and principles;  a man of honor who matured and regrets his past actions with Alexa.

With a mixture of romance, suspense, mystery, and martial arts, Storm of Attraction‘s a solid well-written book.  Also, Black included secondary characters which enrich the story-line.  Black‘s characterization and creation of the stalker‘s truly vile; I rooted for him to get his ” just desserts”.  What a sick man Lily Black skillfully crafted.  Black‘s writing’s solid, easy to follow, and her scenes transition smoothly from scene to scene.  With an explosive ending, you will close this book with satisfaction.  A perfect read for a lazy afternoon in your favorite chair with a beverage by your side.


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