Romancing The Rogue By Erica Ridley



Gothic Historical Romance (Volume 2)

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Romancing The Rogue by Erica Ridley











Author Erica Ridley crafted a first class regency gothic historical novel in Romancing The Rogue.  Rebecca Bond’s orphaned and sent to Castle Keyvnor, Bocka Morrow, Cornwall, England.   Her Uncle, the Lord of Castle Keyvnor, promptly forgets she exists.  As a result, living in seclusion, taking over the books for the estate, leaving notes for the servants and estate manager, Rebecca’s lonely existence become the norm for her.  Seen as a shadow or ghost, Rebecca’s placed in an awful situation.  Upon the death of the old Lord, Rebecca finds a new Lord in charge of the castle and estate.  Told by the new Lord she must marry within three months and leave the castle, Rebecca’s left at sixes and nines.

Threatening to find a husband for her, Rebecca can not let him choose her husband.  Rebecca’s determined to find a good man even though she has always loved Daniel Goodenham, Lord North-Barrows.  Even after the direct cut from Daniel, she


The Bloodmoon Curse Cove Spirits Series: Book 2 by Karen Wiesner

Blood moon Curse



Love, Romance, Faith

Gothic Style Suspense, Horror, And Mystery At Its Best




What a story!  You have everything in this book by Author Karen Wiesner from deep faith in God, mystery, murder, terror, horror, suspense, and evil.  It left me gasping for breath; good heavens, what an attention grabbing novel.  What an imagination Ms. Wiesner possesses.



Cain and Amberlyn Lyons are at a cross roads in their life and marriage.  After several miscarriages and loosing a son just before birth, they are floundering in guilt, despair and grief.  Cain’s faith is


The Readaholics and the Gothic Gala: A Book Club Mystery By Laura DiSilverio


The readaholics and the gothic gala


The Readaholics, of Heaven Colorado, are in the thick things again with the Celebration of Gothic Novels.   In anticipation of the event, their latest reading, du Maurier’s Rebecca, has set the atmosphere of Gothic suspense and mystery.  The event includes authors, Gothic backdrops, costume party, and of course, murder most foul.  Who knew how hard authors were to manage and keep in line!   What follows is a first class mystery with intrigue, secrets, resentment, deception, egos, and of course, murder.


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