Casimir Bridge By Darren Beyer


casimir bridge
Casimir Bridge, Cover

A Mystery, Suspense, Techno, Thriller At Its’ Best.  Casimir Bridge is not just for the sci-fi techno audience!  Clear your schedule, take a seat, and get ready for a thrill ride through space.


In Casimir Bridge, Reporter Mandi Nkosil, receives a mind-blowing tip along with documentation from an anonymous informant which will blow the top off AIC.  AIC is one of the largest companies in the world;  the information points to their involvement in a nuclear terror plot.  They are a science and technology giant with many enemies.

Mandi has found herself on the run from killers and evil men who do not want the world to discover the evidence framing AIC was the brain child of Greg Andrews.  The evil goes all the way to the hallowed halls


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