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Author E. E. Burke created an intriguing and satisfying novel filled with emotion in Valentine’s Rose.  The first book in a new series, the reader will find everything needed for an enjoyable and entertaining read.  Set in Kansas during the height of the railroad boom, the workers are desperate for women.  Hoping to calm down the fights and destruction, the railroad devises a plan to bring brides out west.

The men nor the brides get exactly what they thought they would.  Primarily, the men are dirty, crude, and unmannerly.   The women are from varied backgrounds and do not look fondly on a marriage raffle with themselves as the prize.

Rose Muldoon, former laundress, grew up in the Five Point District of New York.  No worse slum existed.  Rose is looking for love and security in her husband.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rose finds herself married to Constantine Valentine, formerly of the English nobility.  Can these two polar opposites forge a lasting marriage?  Will Val leave Rose to return to England if he finds his fortune?  Come and follow Rose


Crumpets And Cowpies (Baker City Brides Book 1)By Shanna Hatfield

Crumpets and cowpies


The English Spinster Aunt

Two Adorable Children

And The Handsome American Cowboy



Come along to see what happens when an English spinster is paired with a tough American cowboy.  You will howl with laughter and even cry a few tears. Sparks, snarks, and quips, are going to fly!


Americans Thane Jordan and his brother Henry parted ways years ago; Thane to the west and a ranch in Oregon, Henry to England to raise interest in his new invention for cotton mills.  Both are successful in their business adventures.

Thane receives word his brother has died and he must sail to Liverpool to settle his estate.  However,


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