To Love a Texas Cowboy by Julie Benson

to love a texas cowboy


A Town Wishing Well!

A Town Legend!

A Hero To Die For


Wishing, Texas has a wishing well; but legend says it only works if the wish is for someone else.  Aubrey Rogers makes a wish for her brother to have the kind of marriage he deserves, a happy marriage.


In the prologue we are introduced to Ty, Zane, Cooper and A.J, friends and pals from their first meeting at Texas A&M.  This book is the beginning of a series of each of these exceptional men.


This book is the tale of Ty Bennett, Ella a six-year-old left parent-less, and her Aunt Cassie.  Ty was left as Ella’s financial guardian and her Aunt Cassie has custody.


These two will butt heads and disagree on how to raise Ella as they have different points of view.  Ty is a grad of Texas A&M, he is a disciplined, everything in a row guy, financially smart, and a hard-working cowboy; Cassis is a free spirit, out of control, an artist, and a wisp in the wind.  Cassie and Ty get along like two speeding trucks headed straight at each other, head on; compromise doesn’t seem to be in their vocabulary.


They snip and snark at each other and can agree on very little, yet the sexual attraction is definitely there.  Cassie’s conversations with herself about Ty were hilarious. These two just don’t seem to mix well for raising a child, but each wants to do what is best for Ella, and to help a wounded child deal with loss of her parents;  you will find love has a way of bringing things right in the end.


Ty begins to see the real Cassie under all the stuff she throws up to hide behind. Cassie has insecurities of never being quite good enough to measure up to her perfect sister or what people thought she should be, of not being able to parent Ella as she should as she is not structured, she gets lost in her art. and Ella’s inheritance from her parents is a Bed and Breakfast Cassie must run; for Pete’s sake she sat the oven on fire and can’t cook.


Through all the doubts and fears the attraction between Ty and Cassie is ramping up hotter and hotter.  Cassie begins to see the real Ty, dominating, strong, shoot from the hip guy; as well as a hunk, he is a rock to lean on. He has patience with Ella, great advice, and he can cook of all things.  What a hero.



Characters, Plotting, And Development:

The Author, Julie Benson did a wonderful job of creating and keeping the attraction between the two at a high peak.  She created the perfect male hero that every woman would love to have for her own, then matched him with the perfect woman for him.  I loved watching Cassie grow to a confident woman, and Ty letting go his trust issues. Ms. Benson took two people who seemed to have it all but dealing with scars, and created a whole family unit.  Cassie and Ty will face adversity and come out the other side with a love of a life time.




This was a warm wonderful love story.  After the last page, you will just want to sigh.  I recommend this book for young adults to adults due to sexual content.  I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.


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