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Romancing the Holidays, an anthology containing seven novellas, arrives just in time for the holiday season.  Grab a cup of hot coco, relax, and enjoy this wonderful collection.  I  chose to review the novella by Kait Nolan, Dance Me A Dream.  My romance novel review follows.



Welcome back to Wishful Mississippi, where dreams come true if you wish hard enough.  Tara, latest resident of Wishful, has found life rarely fair.   Her career of dance has ended; replaced by responsibility and worry.   Caring for two young siblings on a small budget while working at The Grind, specialty coffee shop, does not lend itself to luxury items.   However, after a small wind-fall from her custom jewelry, a live Christmas tree is in order.

The local Christmas tree farm will bring changes for Tara’s family.  Unbeknownst to her, Jace’s family owns the farm.  What a surprise to find her favorite coffee customer is also part of the local tree farm.   Life could


To Love a Texas Cowboy by Julie Benson

to love a texas cowboy


A Town Wishing Well!

A Town Legend!

A Hero To Die For


Wishing, Texas has a wishing well; but legend says it only works if the wish is for someone else.  Aubrey Rogers makes a wish for her brother to have the kind of marriage he deserves, a happy marriage.


In the prologue we are introduced to Ty, Zane, Cooper and A.J, friends and pals from their first meeting at Texas A&M.  This book is the beginning of a series of each of these exceptional men.


This book is the tale of Ty Bennett, Ella a six-year-old left parent-less, and her Aunt Cassie.  Ty was left as Ella’s financial guardian and her Aunt Cassie has custody.



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