Bright Morning Star: Western Historical Romance Series (Western Wives Book 4) by Janet Biery

Bright Morning Star

Powerful Emotions

Powerful Story

Will Be Your Favorite Author

The journey west continues in the latest installment of Western Wives books by Janet Biery.   This story is told from Claire’s point of view. Claire is young, spoiled, vain, and immature as she starts this journey, it is our privilege to watch Claire grow into a mature adult by the time her journey ends.


All of Ms. Biery’s stories are full of emotion and this story is no exception. You will feel every emotion available before the end of the book, from envy, sadness, joy, and even the urge to smack Claire.


This was a hard journey for everyone with endless perils and dangers whether it was from inexperience or from humans and animals.  If you have not followed these strong women across our country during the rush to the west, I highly recommend that you do so.


It is not necessary to read the earlier books, but it gives the characters more depth and you have a deeper understanding of each character as they appear in following books and their lives intermingle.


Claire is too young and immature to understand strong abiding love when this hard journey begins; she has a head full of pretty clothes, nonsense, and fairy tale love as her family travels west. As Claire matures and grows she becomes strong and loving as well as smart, she has head for business.


Claire will have to come to term with the fact she is in love with a handsome married man, Henry; he will have to forgive himself for betraying his wife Bella in his heart and for not being the husband and father he should have been. Claire and Henry will find the path to happiness is rocky before they find their happy ever after.



Characters, Plotting And Development:

Ms. Biery evokes emotions in the reader that at times are not pretty, I wanted to shake Claire rather hard at times and bang Henry in the head others. And as for Father Wimberley, I wanted to scream at him: for Pete’s sake you are going into the frontier not on a Sunday picnic!  She masterly plots this story to the end and her character development of Claire was a enjoy to read.


Although Bonnie does have a part in this story, it mainly involves Claire. Bonnie is strong, but will face many dangers and adversities on the journey west to claim land and take Lynne’s siblings to her. Bonnie’s in-depth view-point can be found in “Valley of Shadows, Western Wives Book 3” and Lynne’s story is found in “From Darkness to Glory Western Wives Book 2”, and of course the The Milch Bride started this series.




I feel privileged to have the opportunity to review this book and follow these strong determined pioneers on their journeys west; I highly recommend this book and give it 5 stars. Ms. Biery is a talented author. Kudos Ms. Biery, Kudos.


Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.  I received this book from the author in return for an honest book review.


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