Crescent Vendetta By Author Desiree L Scott

Crescent VendettaThis is an action packed shifter novel and author Desiree Scott’s take on that world.  This book transports you inside the wolf shifter world;  you find the inner politics, jealousies and betrayals that can exist in the shifter world.  Ms. Scott also shows us the other side of the coin with unity, family, and love.


Meet Alpha of the Crescent Ice Pack, Travis Kameron, wolf shifter.  He has been betrayed and awakes in the middle of an underground wolf fighting ring controlled by wolf shifters.

Vanessa Burns, female wolf shifter of the Outlander Pack, is in the cell near him;  she has fought and survived for months.  She is nearing the end of her strength; he is just beginning to realize what is coming.

What a great opening to a skillfully crafted novel that shows the shifter society with political intrigue and evil.  We see the wolf shifter with prejudices, political intrigue, evil intentions, psychopathic villains, and greed;  the same traits we see in humans. We also see the caring side of the shifter world. The world of a close-knit family; ready to protect its own.

This story takes us from the fighting in the underground wolf fighting ring to fighting for their life and their pack in the shifter world.  Vanessa harbors secrets.  Secrets that will impact Travis’ life and pack.

This is also a wonderful love story which high lights patience, understanding, caring, and acceptance.


I read this book in one sitting.  I thought the book well written.  The character development of the Travis and Vanessa was well done.  Ms. Scott created a strong alpha in Travis but gave him wonderful traits of leadership, kindness, and the ability to love.

Ms. Scott developed Vanessa from a rejected insecure loner to a confident woman who finally has found a home and knows her worth.

I wondered why the background life of Vanessa had not been fleshed out more as well as fleshing out the betrayer and the sexy adversity for Travis affection; I have a feeling Ms. Scott has plans to include more information and flesh out these facts in future books. She left me intrigued and wanting to read the next book as soon as possible. I had an aah moment when I realized she has more books in the works for this wolf pack.  Well done, Ms. Scott.

Of course, any good novel must have a villain and Ms. Scott created a dilly for this story.  Dominic O’Sear of the O’Sear Pack is truly evil.  He is the type of character you love to hate and hope he meets his demise quickly.

I found the plot was good and kept me interested; the story did not lag or lose its pace. This is the authors first shifter novel; I found the story line very good.  I hope to see many story lines in the future for the Crescent Ice Pack.


I liked this book and the look we received into the shifter world where elements of that world are as evil as in the human world.

If foul language offends you, (it is not used extensively) this book might be a pass for you. It also has sexual mating of a bonded pair; it is not extensive nor is it triple x rated.  I would recommend this book for Adults due to language and sexual content.

I look forward to future books that will feature more of Travis, Vanessa and the Crescent Ice Pack.  I felt she left avenues open to expand the secondary characters for future books.

I received this book from the Author in return for an honest book review.

Books reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name and on my blog are my opinion.

About The Author

Desiree L. Scott has written since she was sixteen.  She loves to write romantic/suspense/thrillers that will give you chills.  She lives on 40 acres with her daughter.  She has had many influences on her writing life but feels Andrea Kane made a great impact upon her;  read the entire story on her website.

Crescent Vendetta

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