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Authors Kirsten Osbourne, Amelia C. Adams, Peggy L. Henderson, Kristin Holt, and Margery Scott






USA Today bestselling author Kirsten Osbourne knows how to write romance. Each book is an experience that transplants the reader, indulging them in decadence, intense emotion and sweeping love.
Hailing from the state of Wisconsin, she has lived in Texas for over thirty years as a mother, writer, and wife. Married to the love of her life for more than fifteen years, she knows that true love exists and shares that vision with the world.
She writes contemporary and historical romance as well and also ventures into the realm of paranormal romance. She invites you to join her in her world of fantasy, love, and make believe, no matter the location, where there is always a happily ever after at the end.


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Amelia C. Adams is the author of
twenty-five sweet Western romance novels, the mother of four children, and the
eater of chocolate cake and tacos. Many tacos. Too many tacos to count. Because
cheese. And meat. Meat and cheese.
She has hit the Amazon bestseller list
three times and has the screenshots to prove it. Even though she’s only been
publishing Westerns for two years, she plans to do it forever and ever, or
until the cows come home, whichever happens first. She credits her own pioneer
heritage for this new interest, and is glad that she doesn’t have to wear
twelve petticoats to be considered modest. 


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Peggy L Henderson is an award-winning, best-selling western historical and time travel romance author of the Yellowstone Romance Series, Second Chances Time Travel Romance Series, Teton Romance Trilogy, and the Blemished Brides and Wilderness Brides Western Historical Romance Series. When she’s not writing about Yellowstone, the Tetons, or the old west, she’s out hiking the trails, spending time with her family and pets, or catching up on much-needed sleep. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Along with her husband and two sons, she makes her home in Southern California. 


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Hi! I’m
Kristin Holt,
Today Bestselling Author.
write frequent
articles (or view recent
posts easily
on my
Home Page) about the nineteenth
century American West–every subject of possible interest to readers
amateur historians, authors…as all of these tidbits surfaced while researching
for my books. I blog monthly at
Romance Reads
, Sweet Americana
and Romancing the
I love to hear from readers! Please drop me a note. Or find me on Facebook.
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A transplanted
Scot, Margery now lives on a lake in Canada.
Although she grew
up as far away from the old west as possible, she’s always had a love affair
with the men and women who settled the untamed land west of the Mississippi.
Glued to TV westerns like Maverick, Rawhide and Gunsmoke, and reading stories
of Annie Oakley, Roy Rogers and Rin Tin Tin, it was only natural that when she
started writing, she wrote what she loved to watch and read. When she’s not
writing or travelling in search of the perfect setting for her next novel, you
can usually find her wielding a pair of knitting needles or a pool cue.
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MAIL-ORDER MEMORIES by KIRSTEN OSBOURNE: Mary Brown is forced to start over in Beckham, Massachusetts, when the love of her life is killed out West. She has no desire to be in the town where they grew up together and memories of him will flood through her at every turn. After five years as a cook, her employer suggests she become a mail order bride to a man who has no desire to find love…only a life partner. Unsure if she’s making a mistake, she sends a letter in reply to the ad, unsure if she’ll be able to handle marriage to a stranger after expecting a life of love.

William Jones has always known he’d marry his love, but when her father insists he goes West to make his fortune before they can marry, he reluctantly agrees. After all, he wants his love to get everything she ever wants in life. When he finds out Mary has died after a tragic illness, he gets his farm ready, but he can’t go through his entire life without love. He sends for a mail order bride, getting the biggest shock of his life. Will he ever be able to trust his bride? Or will he spend the rest of his life regretting his decision to marry?

THE ECHO OF MUSIC by AMELIA C. ADAMS: When acclaimed opera singer Orinda Lou Britt loses her voice, she leaves the stage and her home in Chicago to live in Topeka, where no one knows her and she can start over again. Along with her, she brings her cherished heirloom piano, a gift from her grandmother.

Nathan Perry travels the country tuning pianos in every town, and there is no one Orinda Lou trusts more. But when it comes time for her piano to be repaired, Nathan seems nowhere to be found, and when he does finally arrive, the reason for his absence may drive them apart forever.

TETON SEASON OF PROMISE by PEGGY L. HENDERSONOlivia Barkley knows how to take care of herself. Growing up in an orphanage, she’s learned that good things don’t come easily and certainly don’t last forever. While escaping the unwanted advances of her employer, her path crosses with a man who made a promise he didn’t keep. 

Caleb Walker has lived a life of freedom among the spectacular Tetons, surrounded by the love of his family and friends. Unexplained restlessness prompts him to leave his beloved mountains in search of answers. When he joins an expedition into the wilderness, he is shocked to come face to face with a woman from his long-forgotten past.

Caleb and Livy must find a way to come to terms with their unexpected meeting. If they can move beyond the guilt and misunderstandings of the past, they might discover that they were meant to be together all along. 

THE GUNSMITH’S BRIDE by KRISTIN HOLT: Morgan Hudson can’t begrudge his widowed father a second chance at happiness. So when Dad’s mail-order bride arrives in Mountain Home with a beautiful daughter, Morgan’s life flips upside down. The lovesick fifty-year-olds need a chaperone, and Morgan can’t remember to treat Lizzy like a sister. Will their emergent love survive their parents’ romance, threats from the past, and a law forbidding kissing on the streets of Mountain Home?

HANNAH’S HERO by MARGERY SCOTT: US Marshal Kirby Matheson is on his way to testify at the trial of an outlaw when he comes across Hannah on the trail, unconscious and hurt. He feels a connection to her unlike any he’s never felt with another woman. He’s sure she feels the same, so why is she so frosty toward him? And why is he suddenly thinking about giving up the one thing he’s always valued – his freedom?

When Hannah Wilde is rescued by a handsome stranger after being thrown from her horse during a storm, she finds herself growing to like him, much to her dismay. He’s exactly the kind of man she’s sworn never to get involved with – a lawman! 

However, when danger follows Kirby, Hannah realizes she could lose him forever. Or is it already too late?


Amelia’s Top Ten List
When I was growing up … I loved to make things out of paper.
Little houses, dolls, books … I’ve always been in love with paper.
I once … wore a plastic alligator nose in public. Because it was
Readers would be surprised to know I … never even dreamed of
writing Westerns. I’ve done historical fiction, but Westerns had never crossed
my radar until Kirsten Osbourne suggested I give it a try. And now this novella
is my 25th Western release!
Every day I … check my emails before I do anything else. It’s
like my brain can’t function otherwise.
I like to … take really long naps during the day because I don’t
sleep well at night. I think I must be a vampire. The kind that doesn’t drink
I have always wanted to … be a singer. Sadly, that’s not a
talent I have.
I will never forget … marrying the love of my life back in 1995.
And he’s even more handsome now than he was back then.
The best thing about writing is … I can make anything in the
world happen. Oh, and I also love the surprises when the characters take over
and tell me what *really* happened.
When I am not writing, I like to … think about writing! And also
watch movies. And take naps.


I am working on … I have several more planned in the Kansas
Crossroads series, and River’s End Ranch is going strong. I have about four
more books planned for the Hearts of Nashville series, plus a secret series
that hasn’t been announced yet … kind of crazy, huh?
Snippet from The
Echo of Music
Orinda Lou Britt stood on her front
porch, scanning the horizon for the tell-tale plume of smoke that would tell
her the train was coming. She felt quite ridiculous at being so excited, but
she couldn’t help it. It had been a year since her piano had been tuned, and
she was desperate to have it done. And the fact that it was Nathan Perry who
would be tuning it had nothing to do with that excitement whatsoever.
At last she saw the smoke, and a
moment later, the whistle sounded. She imagined it would take Nathan about
fifteen minutes to disembark, grab his bag, and walk the few blocks to her
house, so she went back inside, smoothed her dark hair, and made sure the tea
kettle was hot. Then she sat on the edge of the sofa in her parlor and waited.
For forty-five minutes.
Had he missed the train? Had she read
the telegram wrong? She pulled it out and checked, but no—he gave the date and
the time. She shook her head. What could be keeping him?
At last she heard his boots crunching
up her lane, and her heart gave a mighty leap. She’d almost given in to the
belief that he’d been attacked by robbers or something.
“Miss Britt, forgive me,” Mr. Perry
said when she opened the door. “I stopped at the Brody for something to eat.”
“Of course,” she replied, holding the
door open wider so he could enter. That was a relief—his delay was perfectly
natural, and not brought about by bandits and evildoers. “I’m sure you were
quite hungry. Would you like some tea as well?”
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