Wolf’s Blade (The Paladins Book 1) By by Clare Dargin

Wolf's Balde


The Enforcer For His Wolf Pack

A Beautiful Woman

An Egomaniac

All Come Together In Willowridge In A Fight For Their Life, Love, And Pack.




Callum Blake is Paladin for his pack and 2nd son to the Alpha.  After an ancestor was cursed by the Wolf Goddess, the ancestor became a Lycan.  Callum’s bloodline has inherited the Lycan gene from this ancestor.  He fights his inner Lycan, bent on killing and terror.  He is on a mission to capture Eryx, to return him to the pack and justice.


Eryx is determined, by any means, to become King Wolf.

Everything in my life has led to this.  I was born to be king.  And nothing will stop me.


He stole the Kheta Dagger; determined to follow the legendary rituals attached to the dagger and become the king of all wolves.


Callum Blake hears a female wolf howl and knows, this one, is his mate.  After all this time, he’s on a dangerous mission, in another state, and his mates finally appears.

…Her call pierced his heart….. It awakened the heat inside of him.


Wolf Samatha Dixon is isolated and alone after her husband dies, misunderstood by her father, alpha of their pack, and pitied by the other members.  She senses her mate and howls for him.  After all this time, she will not be alone.  After Callum is injured in a fight with Eryx, she cares for him and their attraction is red hot.

Callum ignited a flame within her that she didn’t know she had.


What will become of Callum and Samantha?  Will they conquer evil, unite together and find happiness?  Samantha’s pack, almost decimated after a wolf war, is weak and has few members;  will they survive the coming evil?


Will Eryx succeed in his quest for power and control?



Ms. Dargin’s concept of Lycan and Wolf as different species was intriguing and a very different take on werewolves.  Ms. Dargin’s characters were strongly portrayed with emotion and feeling.


Callum has insecurities; he felt his father saw him as second best to his fraternal older twin brother.   Callum was the 2nd son who would be a Paladin rather than Alpha. He fights the Lycan part of his body as it tries to take control. Will he succeed or will it bring harm to all?  You will have to read the book to find the answer.


Samantha has always felt misunderstood by her father and longs for acceptance.  Samantha and Callum must come to terms with their insecurities to create a future, as well as, conquer the evil that is determined to destroy their world.  Evil that is two-fold;  the Lycan inside Callum trying to tear free and Eyrx, the would be king.


The plot and pace of the story was well done with action, violence, erotic sex scenes, and twists and turns to the story.  Ms. Dargin developed the story well, and kept my interest throughout the book.  Her take on the werewolf world was different and refreshing.  The emotion between Callum and Samantha was hot, steamy, and erotic as well as committed.


Though shorter in length, this is a full-bodied story.  The word count was just right and Ms. Dargin’s writing style was clear and easy to read and the story flowed well.



This book was plotted, paced and developed well.  I enjoyed the look into Author Clare Dargin’s werewolf world of Lycans and Wolf.  I recommend this book for adult only due to erotic sexual content and explicit language.  It should not be read by younger audiences and will appeal to anyone that likes paranormal erotic romances.  This was a great start for a new series of shapeshifters with a twist.


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About The Author

Clare Dargin was published in 2007. Her first book was Cold Warrior. She writes erotic and military romance as well as science fiction.  You can find Ms. Dargin on her facebook page, twitter or her blog.

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