War Baby by Lizzie Lane

war babyCould you survive War?

This book although fiction, demonstrates what our families had to do to survive in World War 2.
War Baby is an enlightening novel of family, love and community!

Story Line:

This is a story of war, family, pooling community resources and love. In 1941 in England, twins Mary and Ruby Sweet with their father Stan, run a bakery in a small English town.

Mary and Ruby also work for the Ministry teaching housewives how to make do with the rations they have.  Mary, introverted, is  the safe sister, always doing what’s needed, she is engaged to a Canadian Pilot, Michael Dangerfield; Ruby is out-going, you could say boy crazy and always ready to party.

Stan is also raising his niece, Frances, after her mother ran off. Mary and Ruby’s brother Charlie was lost at sea when his ship was attacked, and their father has never recovered.  He has given up on life.

However even in war, life goes on and the discovery that Charlie has a son out-of-wedlock renews Stan’s vigor for life. The entire family is renewed with the advent of little Charlie into their home. Life goes on, and Charlie brightens the sad times.

Characters, Plotting And Development:

Michael and Mary have many issues to resolve before they can find happy ever after. Mary is very sexually inexperienced and afraid, Michael will have to call on all his understanding and patience when dealing with a young inexperienced wife that also doesn’t want to leave her family hearth and home. Mary will grow to understand the meaning of home is not her father’s home, but where her husband lives. Watching Mary grow up and become a mature woman was a joy.

Ruby will have to learn a life lesson when dealing with men, as some are not what they seem, while others are much more. She will grow up and become a mature young woman.

This is story of a family that goes through the fires of war and comes out stronger. It is also the story of country and community coming together to survive and doing it well.

The author also addressed the subject of abuse, as one young member of the community, Miriam, was abuse by her religiously fanatical mother who saw nothing but sin in everything and everyone. I wanted to cry for this young woman.


The recipes in this book were a bonus and I loved reading about the things the English had to do to bake a cake and cook, and how they procured fat for baking.

This was a very enlightening book and a good solid read.  I found the story line very believable.  I would recommend this book.  I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.

Book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.


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