Update on orange cleaner made of orange peels and vinegar

Remember I told you about an orange cleaner recipe I was going to make and if it worked I would post the orangerecipe.  I used the recipe and I love it.  I cleaned my frig, counter tops, bathroom toilet, sinks, cutting board, and stove; it worked great.

I originally found this recipe on the following site:


She has beautiful photos of the product as well as a description.  Take a look at her site.

I am going to tell you what I did.

You will need

  1.  Vinegar, I used plain old white vinegar I brought at the grocery store in a gallon jug.  I also buy my vinegar at the big box store because it is so much cheaper and I buy lots and lots of it.
  2. Many, many, many orange and lemon peels. I peeled my oranges and lemons when making my fruity water recipe, I just know you are making that also, and then sliced the peelings into small pieces. I didn’t have any lime, so that’s not included in my jug.
  3. I used an old vinegar jug, (I know you are saving them for future use), poured in about 1/2 of a gallon of vinegar and then packed in my orange/lemon peels as I had them and when I thought I had enough I put in some more vinegar. I didn’t have a lot of lemon peels. Date your jug when you start it and you can tell approximately when to try it.
  4. Shake this VERY well everyday, more if you can.  Every time I went past the jug on my counter I would give it a good HARD shake. Let it sit at least 2 months. Strain out liquid from peels.  I have not strained my cleaner from the peels yet, but I plan to this week. Put in a spray bottle (I am sure you also save those,right?) or just pour from what you put your finished strained cleaner on to a clean cloth or mop.  I save vinegar bottles like crazy, so I always have 10-15 setting around.  Never throw those babies away,  they can be used for lots of things.  I have a new recipe on my counter as we speak.  That’s how much I like this cleaner. I plan to have one I am using and one that is waiting curing on the counter.

I LOVE THIS CLEANER. THANK YOU “A REAL FOOD LOVER” FOR POSTING THIS RECIPES. Kudos to you in a big way.  Please drop by this site and leave a comment if you make this product and thank her for this wonderful cleaner.

I haven’t brought cleaners in 15 years due to medical problems, this recipe worked exceptionally well for me.  All  DIY recipes do not work well, but this is a good one!

Now for the legal stuff

This has not been reviewed, tested nor approved by the FDA, any government organization, any medical expert, chemical expert, nor any other professional.  Make and use at your own risk.

OK that’s the legal stuff.

So, go make the cleaner and enjoy using it.



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