Tiger In Her Bed 2: Animalistic By Lizzie Lynn Lee

Animmalistic by Lizzie lynn lee


Weretiger Hero

Curvy Woman In Need Of Rescue

Adventure and Love

Erotic Love Play



Arielle Winter’s life has gone to pot.  She loves to eat, food comforts her, and she’s gotten curvy, her job as a paralegal has gone from heaven to hell due to her boss Sabrina, she’s mugged, gets stuck in a chimney dressed as Santa trying to serve papers on a mobster, and her apartment burns down.  To make things worse she catches her on-again off-again boyfriend and her boss in flagrante delicto on the office desk.


The hero of author Lizzie Lynn Lee’s book, Trent Alexander, is wealthy, handsome, and a weretiger.   His tiger stands up and roars upon meeting curvy Arielle.  His tiger is screaming mine, mine, mine, mate.  Trent rescues Arielle from some funny situations and some serious.  Trent is Arielle’s savior in more ways than one.


Come join Arielle and Trent to an action packed, erotic, steamy, journey full of fun, love, and adventure.



Author Lizzie Lee created characters that were believable and real.  Arielle character development was skillfully crafted as she grows into a confident woman in love. Trent is the perfect hero with wonderful characteristics; he was perfect for Arielle.  When Arielle discovers about Trent’s Tiger, will she stay or go?


The pacing of book did not lag or slow as you journey with Arielle and Trent.  The story-line was interesting and kept me reading from page one. The added suspense of the mobster element was skillfully done as Ms. Lee revealed the threat to Arielle.  Her portrayal of Sabrina was well crafted as Ms. Lee reveals an insecure rich girl who needs validation and love.


The despair each felt when Trent unintentionally revealed his tiger was heartbreaking as we watch Arielle come to terms with Trent’s other side and Trent realize he could not force his nature on Arielle.  Will Arielle and Trent met in the middle and find happiness? Can Arielle accept that Trent is more than human?  Sorry, you will have to read the book.


Author Lizzie Lee created a wonderful family in the Alexander’s who are tight-knit and supportive of each other.  I loved the interaction between the brothers as it felt very real.


The sex is erotic, steamy, and hot.  The pages exploded with heat and the sexual descriptions are not for wimps.



This book though part of a series is a standalone.  This book contains erotic sex and language between two people who are mates and in love.  If you do not care for erotica or sexual language this book may not be for you.  If the sex in any book is too explicit for me, I skip over those parts to get to the story-line.  This book is well crafted and well-written with a solid story.  I recommend this book for adults due to sexual content and language.


I received this book from the author in return for an honest book reviewBook reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  all book reviews on line under my name are my opinion.








Lizzie Lynn Lee is a gutter-minded hopeless romantic who doesn’t live in this world most of the time. In her perfect utopia, her heroes never take their women for granted, love at first sight exists and soul mates always find a way to be together. She invites you to visit the world where she spins her tales. The hunky men are sizzling hot and masters of the art of sex. They are also totally into their ladies, be they slim girls or curvy, interracial, interspecies, sassy or shy. Their adventures redefine erotica. Are you ready to be thrilled?

Visit her at https://www.iLizzie.com.







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