The Wren (Wings of West): Book One by Kristy McCaffrey

the wren




A Young Woman Thought Dead

A Man Carrying Guilt For Not Saving Her





Texas:  May, 1877

Molly Hart was dead.  She died along with her parents in an attack on the family’s ranch 10 years ago. The only thing wrong with that statement:   Molly wasn’t dead and she wasn’t buried along beside her parents.  She was alive and standing in front of Matthew Ryan on her run down family ranch.


Matthew had worked for Molly’s father and had carried guilt that shadowed all aspects of his life because he did not protect her. He had been nine-year old Molly’s friend and protector until that night.  Now, in front of him,  stood a beautiful young woman dressed as a boy claiming to be Molly.


What a beginning to an addictive novel.  Kristy McCaffrey knows how to hook the reader.  Who wouldn’t be intrigued with this story line.  Matthew became a hard man who sought vengeance on all, Indian or white, who thought to prey on the Innocent.  His life took a 360 degree turn after Molly’s death.  Molly just tried to endure and stay alive through all the terror. She clung on to hope.  Now her mission is to make the murdered pay for his evil deeds.


Would these two people overcome the guilt and abuse to live life to its fullest?  Would their childhood friendship become something deeper in adulthood?  Who murdered Molly’s parent and why?  Was it greed, revenge, what was it?  I had to keep reading to find the answers.


Molly thinks she knows the why and who; she is back to make sure they pay.   She and Matt join forces along with her friend Claire Waters to find the answers.  Claire, as a secondary character, was a great addition to the story as well as Matthew’s brother Logan.  I can almost see book 2 or 3 in the making.




Author Kristy McCaffrey created two characters that are wounded spiritually and physically.  Molly has endured a life of abuse, both physically and mentally in her living situations.  She waited endlessly for rescue that never came.


Matthew is riddled by guilt because he did not save Molly, the war, the vengeance he sought for the innocent, and  then he is brutally tortured by a bandito while working as a Ranger; all have ruled his life up to this point.  His life is about to make a turn for the better.


Author Kristy McCaffrey keeps you on tether hooks of anticipation in this novel as we watch Molly and Matthew become who they were meant to be.  They had survived and life was waiting.


Ms.McCaffrey development of the characters and the story showcases her talent in story telling.  I found the plotting well done; from the murders, the suspected murderer, Claire Waters and her life mystery, Matthew’s hope for life, and the journey of Matthew and Molly to find all the answers and find love, as they fight the attraction each feels.


Ms. McCaffrey created strong characters that do not disappoint and a story line that you will not want to put down.  Murder, lives changed forever, a young woman finally feeling the emotions of a woman, a man beginning to feel again; what more could you want in a novel?  It was fun to watch Molly and Matthew dance around each other, each wanting the same thing.


Ms McCaffrey also added a huge surprise reveal in the story, well actually two.  My mouth fell open I am sure.  I was so surprised at the revelation.  What a kicker!  I am sure you will be as surprised as I was.


The novel moved along well and the pacing was good.  I never lost interest nor did the novel lag.  I had to know the answers to all the questions I had.  This was an intriguing story line and Ms. McCaffrey included all the elements this story needed to keep me reading.   The story behind the title was so sweet.




I recommend this novel to anyone that likes western romance with mystery and emotion.  I loved this novel!  I look forward to the continuation of this series.


I received this book from Reading Alley in return for an honest book review.


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Kristy McCaffrey has been writing since she was very young, but it wasn’t until she was a stay-at-home mom that kristy mccaffreyshe considered becoming published. A fascination with science led her to earn two engineering degrees—she did her undergraduate work at Arizona State University and her graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh—but storytelling was always her favorite hobby. Born and raised in Arizona, and recently returned after a 20-year absence in Pittsburgh, she writes Old West romances to capture the landscapes that were such a big part of her childhood. Her first novel, The Wren, was a CAPA winner for Best New Author Traditional, a Texas Gold finalist, and a HOLT Medallion finalist for Best First Book. The Sparrow was the 2012 Winter Rose Winner in the Published Historical Division. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband, where they frequently remove (rescue) rattlesnakes from their property. Her four teenaged children are in varying stages of flying the nest, so her two chocolate labs—Ranger and Lily—are the recipients of her maternal instincts these days. Visit her online at




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