The Wedding Day By Sharon Kleve


the wedding day



A Reluctant Bride

A More Than Eager Groom




Cora Henley is an excellent employee at Weddings by Abby Blackwell, as well as one of her best friends.  Abby and Hunter are tying the knot in an all-out elaborate story book wedding.  Cora’s instructed to pick up Hunter’s brother Kane at the airport.  For Kane, who has been hurt in the past, it is love at first sight; for Cora, not so much.  Yes, she’s attracted to hunky, handsome, good-natured Kane, but she has hurt and rejection in her past and she must now protect her heart.

Come along with Cora and Kane for the ride towards the love of a lifetime.



This is a wonderfully sweet love story of two people meant for each other and who deserve to find that love together.  Author Sharon Kleve created a sweet lovely story for Cora and Kane in which she included three wonderful pets.  The inclusion of the Jethro, the rescued dog, was brilliant as he added much to the story and highlighted the character of Kane.

Ms. Kleve allowed Cora to develop and grow throughout the book.  She runs but can not run fast enough nor far enough to escape Kane.  Cora and Kane have both been hurt in the past;  Kane has resolved his issues and is ready for a forever love, but Cora must come to terms with her issues.  Add in a villain in the form of an old girlfriend, and you have the perfect romance novel.

The plot and pace were on target for the length of the book, and the characters were well-developed as Ms. Kleve did her usual masterful job of story-crafting.  This was a feel good book which I enjoyed very much.

What girl won’t love to have a man just like Kane?  We all dream of Prince Charming, who knows what we want before we want it and knows how to get it.  Ah, love.


RECOMMENDATION: 5 Star Sweet Romance

I highly recommend this book.  It is well-written, well-developed and as usual, it is up to Ms. Kleve’s usual high standards of story-telling.


I received this book from the author in return for an honest book review.  All book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  all book reviews on line, on my blog and under my name are my opinion.

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