The President’s Shadow by Brad Meltzer

MysteriesThe President's Shadows abound in this novel.


Brad Meltzer is a very talented author; he has done it again in the latest offering for our delight.  The Culpepper Ring is back in action, hints, clues and mysteries are left all along the story.


Tot is hospitalized and in a coma, Beecher is consumed with mysteries of his father’s death, his old military unit and the White House, buried arms clutching­­­­­­­­­ something in the fist found in the Rose Garden of all places, and who was the insider that helped the culprit, a friends betrayal, Nico a psychotic killer and assassin has escaped the mental institution, Nico’s cancer ridden daughter Clementine, what’s she after?


The Knights of the Golden Circle what are they and why are they orchestrating events behind the scene and what is the final result they want?  Does the President really want Beecher to investigate and solve the mysteries; conspiracies abound. Beecher and the President are not friends and not quite the ultimate enemies; they could be described as frenemies; barely civil on the outside, killing enemies on the inside.


The President has sworn to destroy the Culpepper Ring along with Beecher; Beecher knows the President’s long buried secret that can destroy him. George Washington created the Culpepper Ring to protect the Presidency not the President. The action is fast paced with plot twists and turns and it twists again. Meltzer always grabs you from the first page and carries you for a wild ride; this book is no different.  I loved the ride. Is this believable?


Why not, anything is possible in our world.  I love a good thriller with lots of plotting and conspiracies, Meltzer delivered both. The ending was a huge surprise for me, wow!  When will the President get what he deserves; maybe in the next book.



As a fan of Mr. Meltzer, I found this book enjoyable from the first page to the last. I recommend this book for an enjoyable ride of mystery, conspiracies, and adventure in the places of power.


I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest review.


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