The Lost Prophet By Francis B. McPike

the lost prophet


Vince Ramsey And April Are Back

Fighting Evil Men Committing Atrocious Crimes

Christian Fiction At Its Best



Author James B. McPike’s latest Christian fiction book is packed with action from start to finish. I love books based on biblical facts and/or biblical prophesy.  Find a relaxing seat and get ready for a roller coaster ride.



Religious prophet’s tombs are destroyed in Jerusalem;  tombs dating back to biblical times are gone forever.  Soldiers and innocent victims are murdered in an inhuman and inconceivable manner.

Vince Ramsey and girlfriend, April, are back in action again.  Vacationing in Tahiti, Vince is contacted by Daniel Kopinsky of the counterintelligence division.  Kopinsky enlists his help in stopping the destruction and apprehending “the bandit” as the villain’s dubbed.  Vince’s skill-set is greatly needed by The Ministry and his country to solve the mystery and stop the villains.

What follows is an action packed roller coaster ride as we follow Vince and April through the Holy Lands in search of the evil genius and the reasons behind these heinous crimes.

Come along on the adventure.



Author Francis McPike has crafted a nonstop Christian action thriller that is a top-notch read.  Mr. McPike begins the action in the first pages and follows through with precision and skill.  His skill in hooking the reader and his writing skill are apparent immediately.   His descriptions are so vivid I could see the scenes in the book.  Inclusion of biblical and historical facts added an extra dimension to the story;  I found them informative and interesting.  This is a well researched book.


Mr.  McPike infused Vince’s character with courage, talent, and smarts; Vince’s character is  believable and likeable.  He is the man you want standing at your back in a time of trouble.  Author Francis McPike’s inclusion of help from “on high” was skillfully crafted.


Francis McPike continues the romantic element between April and Vince.  April’s character is strong, determined, and independent.  She is not just a beautiful face she’s the perfect romantic interest for Vince and the perfect partner in righting wrongs and fighting evil.   She is tenacious and smart.


The secondary characters, good and evil, were well-developed and added depth to the story-line.  His creation of the villains in this book were well-developed and skillfully depicted.  They were the perfect foil for Vince.  You will “love to hate” the villain and his evil cohorts.   They are truly evil with mysterious assistance with their devious plans;  is it magic, supernatural, or just expert planning?  The villains are intriguing, mysterious and willing to kill and destroy to gain their end result;  they are without conscience or moral compass.  Well done, Mr. McPike, well done.


The plot was first-rate as Mr. McPike wove the many threads in this novel together and created a novel that will hold your interest and attention;  the pace never slows or lags and the story-line is well-developed.  You will not guess the true reasons for the destruction and mayhem.  Mr. McPike kept the suspense level at high pitch.


This was an exciting book with colorful characters, an inside look at the élite Israel Military, wonderful descriptions, and a plot that will keep you reading into the night.



I highly recommend this book.  It is a clean Christian book, but does contain violence.  Though this book is part of a series, it is a standalone.  It is not necessary to read the first book, however, I feel your reading enjoyment would be greatly enhanced by doing so.  I look forward to book 3 and further adventures with Vince and April.


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest book review.  All book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion;  all book reviews on line, on my blog and under my name are my opinion.





McAuthorPhoto(1)Pike’s latest novel THE LOST PROPHET won the PACIFIC BOOK AWARD for Christian Mystery/Thrillers. It was called “Exciting and captivating” by Readers Favorite. His 700-page debut novel FINAL OUTCOME won the SILVER MEDAL from READERS’ FAVORITE in the Christian/Fantasy genre. It was also nominated with 5% (50 of a 1,000) books by the publisher for the 17th EVVY Awards. He won the Ponderosa Lion’s Club Spelling Bee Championship in 1997. A year later he was an Honorable Mention for the William Saroyan San Joaquin Valley writing contest. He currently resides in central California. Readers can visit his website at for more.
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