The Cowboy’s Bride Collection: 9 Historical Romances From on Old West Ranches




By Susan Davis Paige, Vickie McDonough, Susanne Dietze, Nancy J. Farrier, Miralee Ferrel, Davalynn Spender, Becca Whitham, Jaime Jo Wright.




This is a wonderful collection of western romance stories of strength, love, romance, adversity, and faith in God.  Each author is talented in story-crafting, plotting, and development.  These stories are so well written and developed, if you did not know you were reading 9 different authors, you would think one author wrote the stories contained in this book.  The authors are in harmony with each other in regard to writing style and crafting.


Each story depicts the character’s faith in God, in His love for us and His caring and each face situations that God has in hand and will direct.  The authors do not push or preach, but gracefully created stories of faith and romance.  In the 1800’s, courting was held in a different light than our day.  Courting was a very serious affair and was not entered into without marriage in mind.  Women had few choices in this time period and marriage was the only option most woman could consider.


The settlers of our country were strong faith-based people; the authors skillfully portrayed these characteristics in each book.  I loved the humor found in some of the stories.  The sweet character of the men and women was refreshing.


The stories are clean, well written, and clear.  You will find mail order brides, discouraged and desperate women (some with child to support), lonesome strong ranchers, cowboys who need mothers for their children, and you will find these characters are strong, independent, smart men and women; they will all find the love of a lifetime.



This collection was a delight to read.  This book is suitable for anyone that loves well written, well-developed, and plotted stories which contain faith, love, and strength of character.


I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest book review.


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