Tennessee Waltz by Tana Mae Simmons

Tennessee Walt

Sweet love story set in the Tennesse mountains.   A strong man, a woman finds her worth!

Tennessee Waltz is a wonderful book of love, family, and acceptance!

(The Homespun Hearts Series Book 1)


In 1898, Sarah Channing is a very rich young woman; she is also very plain and has never been allowed to forget that she will never find a husband without the inducement of her father’s money.


New York City society is self-serving and shallow; Sarah doesn’t fit into their mold of beauty and money.  She wants a child; she must have a husband. She accepts Stephen’s proposal only to gain a family; he is shallow, conceited, greedy, two-faced, and conniving.


Upon finding a child, Mairi under a bush at the opera house, Sarah’s heart bleeds.  Over her fiancée many and loud objects, she take the child home and nurses her to health, and returns Mairi to her family in Tennessee.


Sarah’s adventure is just beginning for it is in the mountains of Tennessee that Sarah will find her true worth and value as well as a love for a lifetime.  Wyn MacIntyre, cousin to Mairi, is determined not to like Sarah and he sees her as plain until she smiles.


But Wyn will come to value Sarah above all else.  Tana Mae Simmons has a knack for a heart-felt book. The writing was clear, clean and concise. I enjoyed the interplay she created between Sarah and Wyn and the story line.


Sarah has many missteps in her involvement with the community, as mountain people are proud and independent.  Wyn will come to realize that Sarah is not your typical pampered snobby rich girl.



I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good solid story.  This is a beautiful love story; I found this story sweet and easy to read.  The day I downloaded this book, it was free on Amazon, I have placed a link for Amazon the side bar.


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