Take and Give (Haven Seekers Book 3) by Amanda G. Stevens

Take and Give


Persecution & Hatred Of Christians


Powerful Story!


Awesome Author!


This is the 3rd installment of the Haven Series by Amanda G. Stevens. This was the first book of this series I have read.


I read as many reviews of the first two books as I could, to have a sense of the issues and back story in the books. I still felt I was missing something as I started this book, however I was soon caught up in this story.


Ms. Stevens story of government religion and Christian persecution continues in this book, the original Bible is condemned, hatred for Christians abounds, and Christians are sent to centers for reprogramming.  This is also the story of redeeming love, forgiveness, deep abiding love for God, and understanding.


Story Line:

As this book begins Texas has declared itself a separate entity from the USA, Violet, Lee and Sam are running an underground medical clinic, and Marcus is believed dead and, as such, is mourned by all.  Unbeknown to any of the group, Agent Jason Mayweather of the Constabulary held Marcus and tortured him for four months.

Agent Mayweather has kept Austin Delvecchio from investigating the disappearance of Violet, and has made a deal with Violet’s father.  Austin rescues Marcus when Mayweather revealed his torture of Marcus and he saw the inhumane conditions he was kept in; Austin was brought to the safe house clinic;  Austin must disappear before Agent Mayweather kills him for helping Marcus escape. Violet, Lee, Marcus and Austin are on the run to Texas.


Characters, Plotting And Development:


All the players in this story have deep emotional scars from the past that impact their life. Ms. Stevens has created a horrible world of intolerance, prejudice and horror. It really makes you think about could happen in the not to distance future. The plot was riveting.


She also showed Gods grace and love through the Christians strong beliefs. As in the real world, even in Texas Christians face the specter of persecution.


Ms. Stevens ended this book on a positive note, but leaves open the door for a lot more conflict and persecution in the life of our main characters.


I look forward to the next book in the series. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a good solid Christian story of what could happen in the future.  I received this book from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an honest book review.


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