Finding You At Christmas by Kristin Wallace



Kristin Wallace, Finding You At Christmas
Finding You At Christmas




Finding You At Christmas is a clean sweet inspirational romance novel by Kristin Wallace.  Set in Shellwater Key Florida, just before Christmas, Janie Worthy, is oh so worthy.  Janie is the sister everyone wants.  Hard working, responsible, ready at a moments notice to step in, and always the one called on to head the latest project.  She is so worthy.  However, Janie wants a life.  At the wrong end of 39, she wants a man to call her own, a family and the happy ever after everyone else has.

At 17 years old Janie stepped in as the mother of the family and helped her father, the local Reverend.   Meanwhile, her life has passed her by.  Deciding to grab life by the horns, Janie heads out on a blind date orchestrated by her older sister.  Fate steps in and the rest is history.

When her car gives up the ghost, Janie is standing on the side of road when around the corner comes Bikerguy.  Handsome, gorgeous and mannerly, Bikerguy AKA Caleb Montgomery, lights a flame deep


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