A Wolfish Dilemma By Kate Palmer


A Sweet Romance (A Fairly Western Tale Book 2)

A Wolfish Dilemma
A Wolfish Dilemma










Ruby Riding meets a handsome strong man, Rolf Lowell, on the way to her granny.  Ruby Riding’s attracted and feels a tingle.  What is it about this man?  Is there more to him than meets the eye?  As Ruby Riding’s granny lay dying, she warned Ruby not to sell her land to the stranger;  he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  When Cliff Duke, representing Duke Agricultural Land Trust comes calling, Ruby gives him short riff;  stating her grandmother had changed her mind about selling the land.  Cliff tries to explain the Trust is not buying the land, but Ruby can only hear her granny saying:  don’t sell to the stranger, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

However, Cliff has her grandmother’s signature on the dotted line and he’s going to shadow her for three months.  Cliff tries to figure out Ruby’s book-keeping system of sales, producers, and buyers.  However, like Ruby, her systems very different and imaginative.  Ruby’s a free spirit, full of life and happiness; no time schedules, no restrictions, playing games with the employees at work. Cliff’s determined to take Ruby in hand and change her ways.  Cliff’s a buttoned down, hard-working, organized person, who likes schedules and organization.  Ruby thinks he needs to relax and enjoy life.

A different take on Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, Kate Palmer created a wonderful romance.  However, Cliff and Ruby are bound to butt heads.  What will be the outcome between Cliff, Ruby, and Rolf?  Who’s foe and who’s friend?  My romance book reviews of A Wolfish Dilemma follows.



Ruined And Redeemed By Bree Wolf


The Earl’s Fallen Wife

Love’s Second Chance Series Book 5

Ruined And Redeemed
Ruined And Redeemed










Lady Charlotte Frampton and Viscount Sebastian Campbell, future Earl of Weston, have starring roles in author Bree Wolf‘s Ruined and Redeemed.  Charlotte had everything a young girl could want;  loving parents and a bright future.  However, one disastrous night ruined any chance she had at happiness and changed Charlotte into a monstrous imitation of herself;  doing awful deeds she never expected herself capable.  After heinous events, Charlotte changes her name to Lotte and becomes a companion to Lord Ashwood’s sister.

Sebastian Campbell returning from a tour of the continent, finds his sister wed to a monster;  given in marriage for greed and social position, his father will pay for what he has done.  Angry and undone, Sebastian travels to Lord Ashwood’s;  where he meets Charlotte/Lotte.  Sebastian decides to hurt his father in the worse way possible.  He knows marrying Lottie will reap the repercussions against his father he so desires.  As a lowly companion, with no social standing or breeding, he hopes this will be the death of his father.

But life never runs as smoothly as we plan and Sebastian finds his vengeance must take a back seat to protecting his sister, Victoria, from the monster his father wed her.  Lotte’s past is not as far in the past as she would wish;  it comes to haunt her once again.  Can a marriage beginning under such circumstances stand a chance?  Will adversity bring them closer together or tear them further apart.  My historical Regency romance book reviews of Ruined And Redeemed follows.


Author Bree Wolf created an intensely emotional book in Ruined and Redeemed.  I don’t think I have ever felt so sorry for anyone as I did Charlotte.  From Wolf‘s vivid writing, I felt Charlotte’s guilt, pain, fear, and absolute devastationWolf‘s insightful story-line revealed the harm emotional and physical trauma can cause to our mental health; resulting in the person becoming someone they do not recognize as them-self.  As Bree Wolf developed Charlotte’s character, I found myself in tears.  How could anyone live through all Charlotte survived and ever be the same again?  As Wolf brought Charlotte from the abyss she had lived in for three years, she is like the Phoenix rising from the ashes; maturing her from a soul shattered replica of living to a woman of value.  Will Charlotte find redemption?


Wolf’s Blade (The Paladins Book 1) By by Clare Dargin

Wolf's Balde


The Enforcer For His Wolf Pack

A Beautiful Woman

An Egomaniac

All Come Together In Willowridge In A Fight For Their Life, Love, And Pack.




Callum Blake is Paladin for his pack and 2nd son to the Alpha.  After an ancestor was cursed by the Wolf Goddess, the ancestor became a Lycan.  Callum’s bloodline has inherited the Lycan gene from this ancestor.  He fights his inner Lycan, bent on killing and terror.  He is on a mission to capture Eryx, to return


Crescent Vendetta By Desiree L. Scott

Crescent Vendetta



He Awoke Caged in Wolf Form


She Was Caged Near him In Wolf Form



This is an action packed shifter novel and author Desiree Scott’s take on that world.  This book transports


Chasing Victory by Joanne Jaytanie

Chasing Victory


Paranormal Romance


Super Soldiers, Super Men


Full Of Action


Chasing Victory is an action packed paranormal romance book containing a cast of characters,  with and without paranormal abilities. It is rich in military SOCOM ops, science experiments to create super soldiers, human and animal DNA sequencing, kidnapping, murder, telepathy, hot love, and more.


Author Joanne Jaytanie catches your attention from the first chapter with a brutal murder and the action keeps coming with romance thrown in to rev up the action.  Victory Winters is on the run after seeing an old boyfriend and colleague, Jeffery Maxwell,  killed; one of


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